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  • US House to deliver final report on big tech antitrust probe in 'first part' of 2020

    The house and basically all politicians are completely clueless on this matter. All you have to do is watch the testimony and hearings. Regardless of party affiliation, they are generally clueless about how these things actually work. From algorithms, to curated feeds, to shadow banning, etc.  

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  • Samsung admits a screen protector defeats Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor

    I am literally laughing out loud right now.  This is a security breach and "fail" of EPIC proportions.  It may be the absolute worst vulnerability I have ever seen with a technology product.  It would be like getting root access to your Mac by putting a piece of tape over the camera, or saying "bloody mary" three times to defeat voice recognition. The worse part is until Samsung can figure out a patch, ALL owners of the devices are vulnerable.  Any person with malicious intent can buy a gel protector and grab the phone.  It sounds like it's almost guaranteed to unlock.  And why wouldn't it?  You're going to put your finger over the fingerprint area, ESPECIALLY if you don't have protector.  

    Good lord.  

  • Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL boasts first radar-based depth-sensing functionality

    tzeshan said:
    Google showing/teaching Apple how to design a smartphone? 

    Um, judging by the fact that previous Pixels were garbage next to an iPhone, I'd say not.  
  • Inside Apple's fantastically fast new Mac Pro

    I can't get over what a monster this thing is.  Apple's "pro" machines have always been more marketed to prosumers/power users rather than true workstation users.  This machine changes everything.  

    I'm not up on PC workstation class machines, so a question for someone who is:  Is there anything even close to this?  
  • Here's what it's like when Apple wants to buy your company

    sdw2001 said:
    I'm sure the process isn't easy.  However, this really comes off as whining to me.  Oh, you were stressed in your business life because an international company wanted to acquire your firm?  You're kidding.  You let it seep into your professional life?  Go figure.  The owner's entire story comes across like something that happened to him, as if he had no control whatsoever.  Any business owner should go in with eyes wide open.  Did he not anticipate legal fees and stress and the possibility the deal would fall through?  Did he not have contingency plans?  Did he not get some kind of assurance from Apple that they would help make him whole if it didn't come to pass?  Responsible owners do these things.  He obviously was interested, otherwise he would have shut it down right away.  I don't see any accusation that Apple made him sell or threatened his existing relationship.  

    Now, as a former Apple employee, he gets to talk about how hard it was.  I'm just not sympathetic.  
    And you come across as a callous un empathic person to say the least. 

    Who certainly seems to be unaware of the pressures of running a small business, gambling your financial position, your families position, your colleagues and potentially friends, your work life balance of running a company and dealing with all of this. In a cloud of secrecy without any guarantees trying to do what's best with an incredibly difficult and often seemingly deliberately obstructive company.

    I'd wager you don't have experience of the above or dealing with Apple in this regard.

    Fair play to him for speaking out, it must of been difficult trying to work out if what was happening is the best thing to do or worthwhile.

    1.  You are free to interpret my comments any way you chose.  My opinion won't change.  
    2.  You don't know me.  
    3.  Ad hominem attacks are not allowed on the boards.  

    He certainly is able to speak out.  And I get to use my freedom to criticize what I view as whining.  I acknowledged it was likely difficult, and I'm sure stressful.  But no, I'm not going to have empathy for him beyond that.  This guy sold his business to Apple and then was was employed by the company.  Now he's crying about how hard it was.  Nope.