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  • These are the best USB-C Lightning cables released so far

    melgross said:
    I doubt it. Some things just cost more. People are so jaded and suspicious these days. Cables used to cost $200 when $200 was worth a lot more. These are still cheap. The problem is that people are even cheaper.
    Used to own a computer store.  The markup on cables is insane.  $40 printer cables cost me $1.20.  Was a great way to have a lot of stock on the wall to fill out the store though.  I wanted to fill an empty wall so I started stocking a couple of each cable and all kinds of adapters and I ended up getting more foot traffic from that wall of cables and adapters.  As an early Mac adopter, getting SCSI cables at cost was a huge boon (those suckers were expensive - but they had lots of lines and pins/expensive connectors).

    But I digress - high quality well made cables don't have to cost an arm and leg if you just shop around a bit.  For example I found monoprice's old dock connectors for the iPod/pre-lightning iPhones to be way more durable than Apple's for a fraction of the cost and I really like their lightning cables with the LEDs that let you see the charge status.  
  • Review: The Apple Watch Series 5 leaves the competition in the dust

    Upgraded from a series 2 with a gimpy display.  Display issues aside, it's still a night and day difference.  Thought I would be indifferent to the always on screen, but it's crazy useful.  Who knew, having a watch that actually tells time without having to lift or wave your arm around is incredibly useful after all  >:)
  • Review: The Apple Watch Series 5 leaves the competition in the dust

    hentaiboy said:
    I presume Series 6 will ship with 5G?
    Why?  Want the battery to last for 2 hours and the watch to be three times the thickness?  How many torrents are you really going to download on your watch?

    The watch will get 5G well after anything else.
  • How to use Apple's Low Data Mode in iOS 13, and what you get

    azentropy said:
    I was traveling this week end ended up needing to tether my iPad to my iPhone.  Was surprised to see it automatically set it to "Low Data Mode" on the iPad.  Seems like a great feature.
    Yup!  I have asked for this feature for at least the last four iOS betas over the years and could't believe when it showed up in iOS 13.  Now if we could just have it for macOS for the same reasons (weathering!) too.  Then again I could go back to LittleSnitch (not a choice on iOS without jailbreaking).
  • Hollywood studios hit by Avid shutdowns on Mac Pro [u]

    Note the mention of iLok copy protection.  Copy protection software is basically a root kit running on your machine.  If there's any shade to be thrown I'd start focusing on that crap first.