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  • Editorial: Can Apple News+ kill 'fake news' and save journalism?

    I have issues with Apple News that goes even more basic than whether they are politically bias. 

    First the UI blows. Especially the magazine side. 

    Second, they say that their machine learning figures out what each of us wants to read about. Yeah right. I continue to get the same crap that I scroll right past and nothing like the topics I saved or anything like what I have liked. 

    third. What if I don’t want them curating what I read about. What if I want to add my own sources etc. there should be an option but there isn’t
  • Tim Cook wanted Apple to fight US DOJ in court over encryption

    Johan42 said:
    tzm41 said:
    Cue "Timmy should stay out of politics" comments in 3...2...1
    He should stay out of politics.
    he's an american citizen, he has every right to have and speak his opinions. same as you. 

  • Massachusetts judge granted warrant to unlock suspects iPhone with Touch ID

    designr said:
    As I understand it though, current legal doctrine and precedent in the US at least, is they cannot compel you to enter or otherwise give your passcode. Is that correct?
    correct. and by the time they get a warrant the device might actually power off, time out etc and require the passcode. heck someone could be shown a warrant and say they use their left thumb fully knowing they use their right and lock up the system that way. as long as they can pull off sounding innocent when it doesn't work. "geez i don't know why it's not working. my hands must be dry. it messes up the finger print. anyone got some lotion?"
  • Apple & other tech companies lobby efforts kill Ontario 'Right to Repair' bill

    i say Apple should let this go. as long as they get some details added to the laws. 

    my thoughts
    1. apple isn't forced to design for customers to be able to repair, as long as it can't be shown that they did something just to make it harder
    2. apple isn't forced to sell the tools, parts or provide training in stores. folks can order by contacting Apple Care
    3 apple isn't held liable if someone doesn't follow instructions and damages their device or gets hurt. so no having to pay because someone didn't read the warnings and left a screw under a battery and it caught fire. and liability includes servicing the device. 
    4. there are no extensions to the whole vintage/obsolete rules. 
  • iPhone 7 'Loop Disease' audio chip issue targeted in class action complaint

    viclauyyc said:
    When I see reports like this, I don’t always think it is the problem of the manufacturer, in this case Apple, but rather it is American justice system. 

    This is is no longer about consumer rights, it is all about blood sucking lawyers and lobbyists.

    Hot coffee can’t be hot. Knife need a warning label about it will cut you open. It makes me wonder if gun manufacturers put warning on guns about it can kill people. But I guess it doesn’t matter.

    Sorry for bad English.
    the coffee you speak of was exceeding hot. which is why it caused 2nd and 3rd degree burns. so that one was called for. and they could have saved a lot of money just paying the woman the money for her medical bills which was like 1/10th what she was awarded. 

    as for this. if the issue was caused by Apple doing a shit job then they deserve to be sued. saying folks had a one year warranty shouldn't deal with the fact that Apple may not have done their proper QA testing when they designed it. we'll see how many devices, what serial runs etc come up. if this turns out to be a faction of the total units manufactured then it might not be design issue but rather an assembly issue, which is still on Apple but not as bad