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  • Series of fraudulent iTunes charges reported in Singapore

    mcdave said:
    Duh! Use a different password for you AppleID and the other-service email address?  If (or when if it’s Yahoo) that email service gets hacked they can’t just use the combo on you AppleID account.

    this doesn't have to be a case of the same email at all. someone uses a computer program to generate thousands of possible emails for a local ISP and phishes them claiming to be Apple. they log in and there's how someone can get in. a fake 'confirm your payment info' page would get them the bank info
  • Apple sued by patent troll over 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' tech

    longpath said:
    Does the suit in question seek to invalidate Apple's own patent for their own DNDWD feature? If not, wouldn't that be tacit admission by the NPE that their patent is not at work in Apple's DNDWD?
    on the contrary, they will argue that Apple never should have received a patent because the idea wasn't actually new. but what this NPE may have forgotten is that part of the process in applying for a patent is to research any related or possibly related patents and answer how yours is unique or expands the patent to the point of deserving its own patent. so even if Apple knew about this Bovis patent, if it was just the idea, then they could have filed for a patent for their way of fulfilling the idea and gotten a patent for their advancement of the idea. and if the idea was vague enough they can argue that it wasn't actually worthy of a patent so they don't know Bovis etc anything. 

    patent law is weird and mind boggling and kind of fun (if you are a masochist)
  • Apple disputes claims of iOS 'vulnerability' to brute force passcode hack

    backstab said:
    Kind of confusing. Is Apple suggesting that the guy is lying? Or was he, in fact, able to break into the phone; or not?
    Which is it?
    in regards to the notion that he found a bug etc, there was no suggestion. they flat out said he was lying. they just said it very politely. 
  • Apple isn't doomed because it didn't release new Macs and iPads at WWDC

    cropr said:

    •  The moment you want to develop a high quality Mac app, making using of the features of a Mac, you will need more than just repackaging the iOS app

    the whole UIKit situation isn't about making 'high quality mac apps' but rather for those folks that want to port their iOS apps to a desktop. like many games, Procreate etc. even facebook and twitter might actually create desktop apps rather than just using safari (for those that want to go that route) if it was easier
  • Apple isn't doomed because it didn't release new Macs and iPads at WWDC

    personally i'm thrilled they didn't release any hardware at WWDC. I have wanted it to be software and only software focused for ages. they can have a separate keynote for hardware