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  • Most of this week's iPhone 15 Pro & iOS 17 rumors are lies & fabrications

    Thanks for this. As Jodywoodcock noted, it’s very common and frustrating to see all of the news articles that conflate rumors with fact with sloppy or intentionally misleading wording. Rumor websites like AI probably deserve a little more leeway in that respect than sites that claim to be primarily focused on news, but it’s always preferable to have the material presented as it is, with as much detail and analysis as possible, and let the reader decide what to do with it. 
  • M2 Pro & Max GPUs are fast -- but not faster than M1 Ultra

    I’ll be interested to see if anyone does benchmarks comparing the top two processors available in the new Mac Mini. I’m wondering if the fastest one will have any issues with throttling due to overheating in that small enclosure. 
  • Spotify rant demands decisive action against Apple

    Apple should sell a version of iPhone with no OS or other software installed, for a much higher price than the current offerings. Almost nobody would buy it, but it would add some clarity to the discussion, in terms of how their business model works. If you sign up for the free iOS with free updates, and a device that’s partially subsidized by App Store earnings, you get all of the benefits of the ecosystem but agree to Apple’s rules about what can be run within their free software platform. It’s not like I can sell any song I want on Spotify and set my own terms for how much of a cut Spotify gets. 
  • Kuo doubles down on iPhone 15 Pro having no physical buttons

    If I can no longer press the volume buttons through fabric when the phone is in my pocket, that would be an added inconvenience, and if I can no longer glance at the ringer switch to see if the ringer is on, that too would be a step in the wrong direction. It’s hard to imagine any advantages to the user that would more than make up for these drawbacks. It’s not like the current waterproofing is insufficient for my needs.
  • Organize archived reviews as a buyers’ guide

    It would be helpful if reviews were archived in the format of a buyers’ guide, categorized and then ranked by rating, so if I were, say, in the market for a new wireless keyboard, I could see links to all of the recent wireless keyboard reviews, starting with your top recommendation. This would also help draw in readers from beyond the usual AI audience.