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  • Apple's second-generation AirPods with health tracking features coming first half 2019

    leeeh2 said:
    I am kind of surprised at the comment about waiting till Apple adds silicon. I’ve been happy with my AirPods, and I realize that they are not a good fit for everyone, but there are so many third party accessories for the AirPod. I think that there are a lot of options to help have them fit. I am personally waiting till the 2nd generation, but if fit is your concern, you may want to look at the huge 3rd party accessories market for the AirPod. I looked and tried some out. There are probably 1/2 a dozen products to help with fiting. Maybe a little gross, but I find that after a little sweating or a wet willy, they stay put without the accessories. I have only thought of getting over the ear clips and maybe a leash. 
    The problem with third party ones is that the case fits the airpods so tightly that you have to remove most of the accessories to charge them.   That's a pain in the butt and why I have stuck with my Bose Soundsport Wireless Free buds.  They sound superior to the air pods and stay in my ears, but they are much more bulky (both the buds and the case) and continue to drain the battery even when in the case.  I like everything about the air pods, but the fit.
  • Sprint and T-Mobile could reach merger deal by next week, report says

    My vote is that TMo buys Sprint.** Then it stays TMo and they just add TMo radios onto all Sprint towers and slowly phase out all legacy Sprint, well, pretty much everything.  I'd be pretty happy with any additional coverage that could bring as long as they don't change anything else about the company.  I'm a fan of TMo since I switch over a year ago.

    **Not that anyone at either company care about my vote.
  • iPhone 8, iPhone X lack support for T-Mobile's new 600 MHz extended LTE network

    It's a non-story unless you live in one of the areas that could use better rural coverage which this appears to offer.  I live in central PA which is on the list for deployment later this year.  Not that I won't be getting the iPhone 9/iPhone XI or whatever is out next year (I love Jump on Demand!), but it would be nice to have the support with the new handset BEFORE the spectrum is live rather than after.  That way when they roll it out, the hardware is ready to go,  Not going to change carriers or devices over it, just saying this would be a nice to have.