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  • No, Apple is not making better products because Jony Ive left

    I don't know about Ive, but I do know someone hasn't been paying attention when designing the new 24 inch Mac. I first orderd the yellow one, but seen from the front it's not yellow but gold that's the dominant color. I had it returned within an hour. Now I have the traditional metallic one but every time I look at it I still wonder if it's a real Mac or cheap screen with Hackintosh on it. Why is it so not distinctive? And why, darn, doens't it have an Apple-logo on it's front? That's a very big design (and marketing) blunder. 
  • Tech industry needs to rebuild user trust after privacy losses, says Tim Cook

    Well Tim, then you know what to do. Abandon the utterly stupid idea of invading every single iPhone out there. It's like declaring every user is guilty of spreading child porn unless the Apple-jury finds otherwise. It's unlawfull and a breach of every human rights-treaty. I'm a longtime shareholder but I sincerely hope the EU will ban every Apple-product with this feature, as it should. I'm shocked and appaled 'my' Apple (been a fan for 34 years) has been working actively on an ludicrous feature like this. 
  • Amazon acquiring MGM Studios in $8.45 billion deal

    I got seriously interested in Apple stock when the company considered buying MGM back in 2004. It was interesting because Apple apperently could afford it and because they must have had big plans in offering content, even then. But I bought the stock only after they decided to pass on the deal. Now it wouldn't have been such a bad move. 
  • The critics were impossibly wrong: Apple CEO Tim Cook was -- and is -- the right person fo...

    Good to underline what a terrific job this guy does. I knew he was great right from the start, when he (and not so much Jobs) saved Apple by a complete overhaul of its logistics. As a stockholder it's great to see the value of the stocks grow and grow and grow, but it is even better to see Apple is in every way a good company. Thanks Tim!
  • Chipolo announces ONE Spot tracking tag with Find My support

    If this means the Chipolo-tags out there will finally start doing their job, it would be great news for owners, but I doubt it. Used mine four months, got about a thousend falls alarms when both my tagged keys and my iPhone were in my coat pocket, and never once an alarm when it was needed. After those four months the battery was dead and that finally bought me peace. And all that for only 25 euro's. Not even going to invest in a new battery. Come on Apple, start shipping some tags that just work. Can't wait.