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  • Apple planning lower cost MacBook Air for second quarter of 2018

    After going from the Macbook Air to the Macbook Pro (fully specced out) I have wanted to go back to my Macbook Air. It was and still is a much, much better computer. The new MBP's (I'm on my 2nd) run too hot and chew through the battery. I feel like i'm typing on a sweaty ball sack. The new lineup of MBP's is absolute garbage.
  • Apple to start surveying 'Today at Apple' participants next month

    You can sure tell who has a vision and who doesn't.  All you have to do is read posts here and on other Apple centric sites, they're chock full of them.

    I'm not claiming to be privy to Apple's vision, or how good that vision is, but not knowing doesn't mean Apple doesn't have one, and I'm not going to question a firm that has grown 940% since FY2007, and in doing so became the world's richest, most valuable (by market cap) firm in the world.

    Mrarfarf, I'm very glad you aren't running Apple.
    They are the largest market cap company in the world from the cumulative wins and incredible decision making that has snowballed from the last 10 years. The decisions and product launches made this year do not reflect that. Considering the missteps recently: killing the headphone jack, a weak as piss Macbook Pro that was too little too late and too expensive with a touchbar nobody wanted, botched MacOS/iOS11 rollouts, BatteryGate, a lukewarm reception to the latest iPhone8/iPhoneX and a recent iOS date bug that completely bricked about half the population of iPhones in the wild, Apple have made a TON of fuck ups lately. We'll see how the "Market Cap" looks if they continue in this fashion, particularly if the incumbent competitors start to come out with better alternatives. Many of us are jaded that their once beloved Apple, formerly a great computer company, has now turned into an iPhone company and give no fucks about the customer base that made them who they are today, and the software quality is starting to slip to Microsoft levels.
  • Nvidia releases beta Mac graphics drivers for Pascal-based video cards

    You forgot to mention the 10s of thousands of us (100s of thousands?) that have a hackintosh build.
  • All-new Mac Pro with modular design, Apple-branded pro displays coming in 2018


  • US appeals court says public has right to sue Apple over App Store exclusivity

    I believe in consumer choice and the open web. If you want to install an app outside the store from the web then you should be able to, just like you can on a Mac. Apple could just put up a big warning saying it does not recommend installing apps from outside the app store, and to proceed at their own risk. For certain applications this could foster new forms of innovation in ways we won't know about until its available to us.