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  • Lamenting the loss of the adorable 12-inch MacBook

    McJobs said:
    Maybe, just maybe this is one of the reasons why Jony Ive has decided to leave the company. The 12-inch MacBook was his baby and vision of a perfect consumer laptop of the future.
    There's not a fucking chance in hell that THIS is why Ive left the company. Maybe, just MAYBE he left because he wanted to be independent and do something different, after 30 years at a single company? Maybe, just MAYBE he holds no ill will towards Apple or its leadership, and is actually extremely optimistic about it's future? But keep trolling.
  • Apple's iOS 13 beta 3 FaceTime gaze magic is triumph of tech evolution

    sfolax said:
    lol, what a stupid article.
    Snapchat has got gender swop and other extreme filters - DED loses his shit because Apple can change your eyes.

    And these lies "Google has shown advanced ML tech, but mostly in apps designed to collect your data" what another joke. Google Cloud, Azure etc all have these incredible image,video and cognition APIs - It can literally take you half an hour to do what Apple did with Facetime.

    Wow, what a fucking troll you are. If it can take "half an hour" to do what they did, why hasn't anyone done it yet with ANY other video chatting app? If it was so easy, why has apparently nobody even thought of this, or had the technical ability to do it, except for Apple? If it's just a "joke", why is everyone who has experienced it so impressed by it?

    You're utterly clueless. There's a reason why this requires the A12 processor, which is because it's HIGHLY cpu intensive, and not in any way comparable to throwing on shitty snapchat filters. 
  • In iOS 13, Apple applies Machine Learning to find cats and dogs

    wozwoz said:
    For a computer to distinguish between a cat and a dog is very impressive.
    Not to rain on Apple's parade but Google Photos has done this for quite a while now. Of course you have to use Google so there is Glad to see Apple Photos get some good improvements though. I just wish we had library sharing but maybe next year.
    Google does this by uploading all your data and analyzing it on their servers. Apple does it on your actual device. MASSIVE difference. The latter is a lot more impressive. Also, let’s not pretend this concept is new for iOS13. Apple photos has done object identification for a while now. 
  • Apple warning customers that App Store gift cards can't pay income taxes

    Blows my fucking mind that some people can fall for these. It also saddens me that there are older people who don't even have someone they trust (ie. a family member) and can consult with before giving in to one of these scams.
  • Apple publicly acknowledges contributors to iCloud

    iCloud has made massive leaps and bounds over the last few years. It's truly impressive. It gives me so much peace of mind knowing all my documents are in iCloud, seamlessly accessible and synced on all devices. Same with photos, etc.