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  • In iOS 13, Apple applies Machine Learning to find cats and dogs

    wozwoz said:
    For a computer to distinguish between a cat and a dog is very impressive.
    Not to rain on Apple's parade but Google Photos has done this for quite a while now. Of course you have to use Google so there is Glad to see Apple Photos get some good improvements though. I just wish we had library sharing but maybe next year.
    Google does this by uploading all your data and analyzing it on their servers. Apple does it on your actual device. MASSIVE difference. The latter is a lot more impressive. Also, let’s not pretend this concept is new for iOS13. Apple photos has done object identification for a while now. 
  • Google Stadia game streaming launching in November with $129 'Founder's Edition' hardware

    gatorguy said:
    slurpy said:
    In case it isn't clear to anyone, the monthly subscription fee does NOT cover the games, unlike Apple Arcade.  These still need to be purchased at retail pricing. And obviously nothing can be played offline. 

    Oh screw that.
    He wasn't correct.

    It was based on this, so I'm not that far off. Only 1 game included so far with sub. 

    While you’ve probably heard predictions that Google’s Stadia will be the “Netflix of games,” it turns out the analogy only goes so far. While Google intends to eventually have a back catalog of free games included for your $10 monthly fee, Stadia is not primarily a subscription service. The subscription only includes a single game as of today — Destiny 2. Primarily, Google tells us you should expect to buy, not rent cloud games for the same retail prices you’d find on other platforms like PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam.

    “We will sell these games like any other digital storefront,” Google’s director of games Jack Buser tells The Verge.

  • Google Stadia game streaming launching in November with $129 'Founder's Edition' hardware

    In case it isn't clear to anyone, the monthly subscription fee does NOT cover the games, unlike Apple Arcade.  These still need to be purchased at retail pricing. And obviously nothing can be played offline. 
  • App & Web developers asked to put 'Sign in with Apple' above all other sign-in buttons

    gatorguy said:
    sflocal said:
     CEO Tim Cook has called this examination "fair," but insisted that Apple doesn't have any sort of monopoly, even though it bans iPhone and iPad developers from selling apps anywhere but the App Store.
    Wait, so app devs can't sell their apps on the Android Play store or other platforms? News to me.
    I found this odd too... 

    is it during those rimes when Apple signs an exclusivity agreement maybe?
    You and StrangeDays seem so confused about it all. Such a mystery why ANYONE could possible think Apple had a lock on approving and selling 3rd party apps to half the US smartphone installed base, and by far the most potentially profitable segment of US consumers.
    I'm very curious about something. Do you ACTUALLY think that even if Apple allowed 3rd party appstores on iOS, that they would get ANY kind of mainstream usage? Why the hell would 99.99% of people want to use these stores, instead of the appstore? Do you honestly think developers would find ANY success using an unofficial store? The apps that would be sold there will most likely all be relegated to trash-tier garbage that would not be fit for the official apptore (which doesn't have very high standards to begin with), and shady shit. It would compromise iOS security, add customer confusion, and provide little to no benefit to the VAST majority of Apple's customers. And for what?

    To superficially please a TINY, vocal percentage of people clamoring for this online, almost all of whom probably hate Apple to begin with and aren't arguing in good faith, and will just move on to the next thing to whine about? I fail to see how any reasonable person could think that 3rd party appstores would be a net advantage to anyone, except those with the desire to sell shady stuff with no rules.  

    Also, it's funny how you and people like you claim that Apple is a monopoly when it's convenient (like in this case) and then mock them for their "low marketshare" when THAT is convenient (ie. comparing iPhone sales to total number of all Android devices sold by every single manufacturer, worldwide). So which is it? 
  • Apple unveils 5th-gen iPad mini with Apple Pencil support, better Retina display

    The new Pencil is a much more premium experience for Pro iPads. The 1st Gen Pencil still is industry leading & its cheaper for regular note taking.
    No argument on its premium status but it’s a stagnant step as opposed to being progressive.  I generally feel like Apple isn’t pushing hard enough for tech advances anymore - I get it but as I admitted, it also feels like a slap in the face to me having purchased all new equipment.  

    Can someone please explain to me why Apple would release new devices with the old tools (Apple Pencil).  I upgraded my pro and kinda feel slapped in the face by this but love the size of the mini.    
    That's twice you mention who you got "slapped in the face", and for the life of me I can't fucking understand what you're referring to, since you already purchased new stuff. 

    So if you have the latest Pro and also would like a mini for portability you can’t share a Pencil across the devices. How ridiculous.
    You really have crazy use case scenarios.

    Yep, you know it's rogifan with the never-ending, fake concern-trolling and the weird-ass scenarios he conjures up to justify that trolling. How many people who use a new iPad Pro with a pencil, also have an ADDITIONAL iPad mini for "portability" that they also use the pencil with? Like, what percentage of people is this? Like 0.000001%? And it's "ridiculous" that this may not be ideal for that cross-section of maybe 4 people in the world? Ok.