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  • Apple Stores suffering from 'cult' atmosphere, advancement barriers, says UK staffer

    This was a filthy, unprofessional, agenda-driven interview by Business Insider. A sampling of the Qs posed, meant to shit on Apple and elicit negative responses. In 90% of the cases, the interviewee didn't bite. I've never, ever seen a less professional interview with so little journalistic integrity and contempt for objectivity. He actually disagrees with and argues with the interviewee whenever he says something positive about the working environment or Apple, and tries to swing things back to negativity. 

    BI: So why is Apple not promoting these people?
    BI: I struggle to understand why Apple wouldn’t promote from within.
    BI: How do the staff internally talk about that? The retail staff can’t afford the products.
    BI: But it’s still the case that the majority of the people working at the store simply cannot afford the products on a regular basis.
    BI: Do staff talk about how ridiculous it is to work for Apple and not be able to buy anything?
    BI: Do Apple employees regard this as political in any way? Because this is how inequality works. You’re selling devices worth thousands every day and you’re not being paid enough to live in a one-room flat near the store.
    BI: £8 an hour — that is sad.
    BI: Is it like a cult?
    BI: There’s almost a Thought Police aspect to it.
    BI: At Business Insider we give feedback to people, but we don’t have a ritual where I’m forced to give positive and negative feedback to every single employee every single day. That would be insane.
    BI: Wow, it’s like Maoist China where you sit in a circle and critique your comrades.
    BI: So let me just show you this massive, beautiful phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, in ivory gold, with a stylus. You don’t look at this and go, “Wow, if only Apple could design a phone like that”?
    BI: So you’re being paid £7 an hour, and a customer comes in looking for, say, a cable, and you’ve upsold them into a sale over £100,000. And there was no bonus or recognition for this whatsoever?

    Case closed. This interview was nothing but a hit job meant to generate a few clickbait quotes. 

    I've been to dozens of Apple stories, in many cities and countries. If employees are truly unhappy, they do a hell of a job hiding it, since they almost always have the best attitude and the most enthusiasm and helpfulness I ever experience in ANY store. 

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  • CVS continues Apple Pay snub, launches barcode-based 'CVS Pay'

    Fuck CVS, and fuck Walmart. Consumers don't want this trash. This is just contempt towards the consumers, intentionally disabling Apple Pay even though their machines support it, to push their own insecure,
    unintuitive garbage. 
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  • Cupertino mayor accuses Apple, responsible for nearly 20% of the city's tax revenue, of not paying

    sog35 said:
    Is this guy an idiot or what?

    So he wants to piss off the biggest employer in the county?

    I wish Bezo's was Apple's CEO. He would have ripped this guy a new one.

    yes this guy. This is the guy that Tim cook is allowing to heap crap on the Apple name.

    I'm getting sick of Tim Cook being such a push over and allowing small fry to crap on Apple's brand. Weird that when Steve Jobs was CEO hardly anyone in media/politics/Wall Street crapped on Apple. Yet now Apple is more powerful and richer than ever it gets crapped on all the time.

    You need some help, seriously. What do you want Cook to do, go to the guy's house, tie him up along with his family, and threaten him? The guy is the fucking Mayor, he has freedom of speech like anyone else. As far as I know, Cook hasn't caved in or agreed with any demands or proposals, so don't know WTF you're talking about. He's a tech CEO, not a mob boss. In regards to "crapping on Apple" (a term you've repeated like 5 times in your post), ironic coming from you, as you often have the most unfair, unhinged and unsubstantiated attacks on Cook and the company, that have literally NOTHING to do with their performance or anything under their control- this post being a prime example. Oh, and you have a horrible or selective memory. Apple was "crapped on" substantially under Jobs, there's no reason to expect it to lessen with time and as the company has exploded in size and success.
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  • All the TV shows Apple has in the works for Apple TV+

    nunzy said:
    These are some of the freshest and most original ideas I have ever seen. And they are family friendly!

    Look out HBO. You're about to get Appled!

    Whenever Apple enters an idustry, they change it forever  and then take all the profits.
    Calling these upcoming shows "the freshest and most original ideas" is a bit of a stretch. There is nothing really new and original here. Amazing Stories is a reboot from a failed series. The Durant show is nothing new and original. There are already a ton of those shows that follow sports athletes. HBO has already done a documentary similar to the show on immigrants. The show on unique houses sounds basically the same as Extreme Homes on HGTV. Looking at these shows, HBO has nothing to fear here. Out of this whole list, the only show that has peaked my interest is the thriller by Shyamalan. Shantaram sounds interesting I guess. 
    Nunzy is a troll. He comes into every thread, says something random, and makes a statement about profits. Every single time. 
  • Purported 'iPhone 8' production photo shows L-shaped battery, wireless charging coil

    What I find more interesting is WHY is Foxconn still using Wndows XP?!?
    Windows XP is still widely used in factory settings. 
  • Apple's Tim Cook says iPhone 8 & Apple Watch Series 3 seeing localized sellouts

    Just passed by an Apple Store to buy my 4K Apple TV (it was completely packed) and played around with the iPhone 8 (which was sold out). Its really a gorgeous phone, the glass makes it look and feel that much better. Portrait mode is also really need, and the UI is very slick. I'd buy this phone ASAP, if I wasn't considering the X.
  • 'Severe supply shortages' of Apple's 'iPhone 8' said to be a major concern through end of ...

    Don't we get this fucking rumor before every SINGLE iPhone launch? "Severe" manufacturing issues, then it goes to sell 10M+ in a weekend. But hey, let's do it again this yr, just in case. One day, its bound to come true. 
  • Samsung manufacturing arms poised to make $4 billion more from iPhone X than Galaxy S8

    sog35 said:
    No wonder I have not seen any Samsung ad bashing Apple lately.......

    Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

    Same with Google.  Dropping Bing for Google for Siri search.

    Timmy is finally playing chess instead of checkers.
    How the fuck is "Timmy" (love how you love to use that nickname in a condescending fashion, as if he's beneath you in some way) "finally" playing chess instead of checkers, when Apple has been using Samsung components in its phones since the very first iPhone, and Samsung has always made billions doing so? What exactly has changed in Apple's strategy so that it is akin to "checkers vs chess"? What are you even talking about? How come your posts never make a lick of sense? Why do you contradict yourself every 10 seconds?
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  • Apple's quiet update to Siri Shortcuts brings the niche tool into the mainstream

    Time for a poll:
    Siri disabled 
    Siri Shortcuts (active user)
    Siri Shortcuts (didn’t know it existed)
    Siri Shortcuts (to much trouble)

    +1 Siri disabled 
    dougd said:
    I always turn Siri OFF.  No use for this nonsense

    You guys are so edgy and awesome, just on another plane of humanity. Let me know how I can subscribe to your newsletter. 
  • Google Stadia game streaming launching in November with $129 'Founder's Edition' hardware

    In case it isn't clear to anyone, the monthly subscription fee does NOT cover the games, unlike Apple Arcade.  These still need to be purchased at retail pricing. And obviously nothing can be played offline.