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  • Apple Park worth $4.17 billion, is one of the world's most expensive buildings

    Bay Area real estate prices are completely out of control. The shack I grew up in next to Stanford is now worth $2.5m, and it's just an old rancher with no AC and a tiny lot - but location, location, location. Even if it were a smoking crater, would still be worth $2m. It's insane.
  • Jamf data claims most students would use a Mac - if they could afford it [u]

    Besides this company, I've only seen the term "JAMF" used one other time - by Dirty Harry in the movie Sudden Impact, where he calls Horace King a JAMF, prompting Horace to ask "what the hell is a JAMF?", too which Harry responds "jive a__ m__ f___". Horace cuts off the last word with "forget I asked". So of course I see Horace every time I see this company mentioned.
  • Former Apple retail head Angela Ahrendts upset 'finely tuned balance'

    She needs to lose those glasses. This trend of women wearing men's glasses, or that closely resemble them, can work quite well on younger women. At her age - not so much. I echo what others have said - I've seen the decline in the store experience too. They had a great formula and screwed it up, for the sake of tinkering. They could probably do better than AA at 1/50th of the ridiculous salary she was earning.
  • Student sues Apple for $1 billion over false arrest linked to facial recognition tech

    One Billion Dollars?? Who's his lawyer, Avenatti?? He'd better hope not - he'll run off with the settlement money, if there is any.
  • Samsung delays launch of Galaxy Fold after review unit screen failures [u]

    I read a few of the reviews, and it's comical how kind and sympathetic various reviewers were, while "reviewing" a turd that just broke on them with zero abuse, in a span of 24-48 hours. Every single review should have been absolutely brutal on this thing - but the ones I saw weren't at all. I have no idea who would buy this device even if it were proven durable. 2 grand? Are you kidding me? For a fat, heavy phone with an off-center display with huge bezels, that opens up into a bad version of a mini tablet? People still laugh at the notation of a $1k phone, then turd comes along and doubles that figure. I have NO idea what these guys are thinking.