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  • Full-screen Touch ID could come to the iPhone with acoustic fingerprint imaging

    "Face ID still has some flaws that Touch ID continues to be better at, such as unlocking the iPhone without looking at it , or with it still stored in the user's pocket."

    That doesn't make Touch ID "better". Reaching into your pocket for something else, or to adjust the position of the phone in your pocket, and accidentally "unlocking the iPhone without looking at it", only wastes battery by turning on the screen while the iPhone is in your pocket (without you being aware of it).

    And in general, "unlocking the iPhone without looking at it", even if the iPhone isn't in your pocket, doesn't make much sense. People need to look at their iPhones when they use them (if you can't see the screen it's impossible to use any apps).

  • Mac desktop shootout -- $3500 iMac 5K versus $1700 Mac mini

    "That's almost half the price the iMac and would leave you $1,600 for a monitor —except that you lose $400 of that if you add flash storage to the Mac mini that's comparable with the iMac's." "The 5K display is detailed and color-accurate, using the same exact panel that comes in LG's UltraFine 5K display. Bought separately, that display retails for $1,300. " "The iMac also comes with Apple's Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard in the box, so you don't have to worry about buying peripherals." ($178) "you can easily hook up an eGPU with the same Radeon 580 graphics card that comes in the top-spec iMac 5K for around than $500 total."

    So to bring the Mac mini up to the same features and specs as the iMac 5K it would cost $4,078 TOTAL ($1700 + $400 + $1300 + $178 + $500)! Buying the iMac 5K in this example would save you almost $800 compared to a similarly configured Mac mini!

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  • Researcher demos new macOS Keychain exploit, holds data from Apple in protest

    "1) the person trying to steal your passwords has to first have access to your Mac."

    So don't give your Mac to the hacker... Problem solved! ;-))

  • iPhone X beats out Galaxy S10+ CPU in alleged benchmark testing

    This will be Samsung’s “fastest” 2019 phone when it is eventually released for sale, but Apple’s 2017 iPhone X beats it. Apple’s 2018 iPhones with A12 are even faster than that. And when Apple’s much faster 2019 iPhones are introduced in June, with the upcoming A13 SOC, its benchmarks will put Samsung’s “fastest” 2019 phone to even greater ridicule.
  • Future path of Apple's App Stores at stake in Monday's Supreme Court arguments

    A good precedent for Apple to point to is the Mac App Store. Prices on the store are the same as the prices on the developers' websites.

    For example, Affinity Photo is $47.99 on the Mac App Store, and it is also $47.99 on the developer's website.

    Developers sell their software on the Mac App Store, and pay Apple a commission for each copy of their software sold, because it is worth it for the worldwide exposure and publicity that Apple provides, and because it makes installation and updates much easier for users (which also helps sell the product).