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  • Future path of Apple's App Stores at stake in Monday's Supreme Court arguments

    A good precedent for Apple to point to is the Mac App Store. Prices on the store are the same as the prices on the developers' websites.

    For example, Affinity Photo is $47.99 on the Mac App Store, and it is also $47.99 on the developer's website.

    Developers sell their software on the Mac App Store, and pay Apple a commission for each copy of their software sold, because it is worth it for the worldwide exposure and publicity that Apple provides, and because it makes installation and updates much easier for users (which also helps sell the product).

  • Here are the five biggest iPad Pro problems, because no device is perfect

    Actually, you can use external drives with iPads (even older iPads). Instead of connecting your drives by USB-C cable, you can connecting them wirelessly! I have a 1TB Seagate drive that has a battery and Wi_Fi built into it. I've been using it for years with my iPads and iPhones. And there are relatively inexpensive flash drives that you can buy, that also have an internal battery and Wi-Fi.

    The cool thing about using external drives wirelessly is that the drive can stay in your pocket, or on a table across the room, while you access files on it with your iPad.

    But, you don't need to buy a new wireless hard drive or flash drive if you already have external portable drives. You can buy a Kwilt (or another similar portable wireless server) and connect your drives to it. Then you can access the files on those drives either locally, or remotely access files on drives connected to your Kwilt and at home while you are away.

  • Morgan Stanley sees Apple's video business rivaling Netflix by 2025, ups target to $245

    nunzy said:
    These analysts are ALWAYS wrong!

    If, as you say, analysts are always wrong... Then everybody would be billionaires by just doing the opposite of what any analyst recommends.

    But in reality saying "analysts are ALWAYS wrong!" is an untruth. The fact is that some analysts have better records of providing accurate analysis than others. Analysts prognosticate based on available data, and in general, they are neither right all of the time nor are they wrong all of the time.

  • Cellebrite executive insists iPhone unlocking has a 'public safety imperative'

    Cellebrite cracked an old iPhone 5c (the LAST iPhone with a 32-bit processor, and WITHOUT a Secure Enclave chip).

    If a criminal has an iPhone, they have probably disabled Touch ID or Face ID, since biometrics can be easily tricked. But with an iPhone that can ONLY be unlocked with a complex alpha-numeric passcode, it is impossible for Cellebrite (or anyone else) to break into it.

  • Personality model casts Apple CEO Tim Cook as 'Advisor,' emphasizing values

    "Among famous Doers are... current U.S. President Donald Trump."

    Donald Trump: "I am a doer of very biggly things, using my stable genius brain, which happens to be the most genius brain in the world... and there is no collusion!"

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