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  • Casemaker posts high-res potential look at Apple's new darker shade of 'iPhone 7'

    I just wish they'd do a BLACK front with a wider array of models - so i'm pleased to see theyre doing this - the past two - pink and gold - have both been in white. I like the white look of iPhones on the back, but cant stand the black line visible around the LCD on the white versions.
  • New 'iPhone 7' box photos appear, inconsistent with previous leaks

    Not saying it's real but 1) Would make sense to show the back of the iphone as the front hasnt changed 2) The font on iPhone has changed over the years.. Anybody remember it going ultra thin all over rhe Apple website at time of iPhone 6, then they have got fatter since?
  • Apple Q3 likely to disappoint in wake of Brexit, slower iPhone upgrade cycles, analyst says

    gwydion said:
    macxpress said:
    I don't really get how Brexit could have a huge negative effect on Apple sales...Does Britain really have that many sales to have a negative effect on Apple's bottomline? 

    The only thing I can think is that UK is the country in EU where iOS has more market share, if the prices go up because of the pound being weaker against the dollar perhaps they sell less phones there
    They may well do, but not in a material/meaingful way, in the 1 week between the vote and the reporting.
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  • Apple Q3 likely to disappoint in wake of Brexit, slower iPhone upgrade cycles, analyst says

    I used to work at one of the European institutions and believed the UK was better in the EU (and the EU better off having the UK onboard within the EU) However... To blame 3rd quarter results on Brexit is laughable. Firstly, these are results which only JUST cover, what a week?, of the post-results and currency fluctuations, secondly, Apple cant have been materially affected by the slow down which preceded the vote - with companies holding off investment decisions or could somebody actually give me a believable scenario where this is the case? it's utter BS. As I say I am FIRMLY in the 'Remain' camp, and lost it, and there are economic convulsions ongoing and will continue in the UK and across Europe , but for Apple's 3rd Quarter results to be materially affected is one piece of journalism seriously gone wrong. Now , it MAY well affected Q4 - though frankly I think Apple has bigger problems for its outlook than a weakened GBP and Euro, - namingly - and ussing the rumours of the '6SE' are accurate - a lame duck iPhone release.
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  • Apple counsel attacks Spotify complaints as 'rumors and half-truths'

    Apple could have done things differently - shown variety of streaming services (including its own) within the pop up on the Music App, so it was on an equal footing. Instead it only advertises Apple Music. Apple has an inbuilt advantage and actively exploiting it in a way which undermines competition.

    I expect, frankly, this cannot continue in the way it is now. I expect the EUropean COmmission to investigate properly and intervene like it did with IE on Windows - it'll take years and may end up a nul and void point, but i think Spotify has a point.