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  • Intel promises to support two-year transition to Apple Silicon

    I wonder whether or not we’ll see Apple get back into the server business. Either way I think they’ll release a version of the Mac mini (hopefully with a silver option) that destroys Intel’s NUC line and allows early adopters to dip their toes in without ponying you for the expensive machines (like they did when they went Intel) then I suspect the MacBook line will follow, either with the Air or the Air and the Pro. Then the iMac, and then the Mac Pro and iMac Pro (assuming the iMac Pro continues to be a line.)
    You know what is stupid about the Intel NUCs?  People are spend $500+ to dress up an Intel NUC just to play videos and use as Media player.  You can simply buy all those Android media devices that cost less than $100 that runs ARM and does perfect decoding and uses less than 20watts.  As for using NUCs as a light duty PC, you can use Android devices against to do light browsing.  That is why Apple moving their devices to ARM makes a lot of sense since majority of their customers are using Macs for web and email.  Not for heavy processing, the Macbook Pro and iMac Pro market is very low volume compared to Dell, HP, and Lenovo.  Which is why Tim Cook is so reluctant to develop more Macs when iPhones, Watch, iPads sells by the boatload vs Intel based offerings.
  • Intel promises to support two-year transition to Apple Silicon

    Apple has a very small marketshare compared to Intel's windows and servers business. Intel will do just fine, what Apple needs is more efficient processors and not the same design philosophy with Intel which keeps pushing out CPUs that are meant for higher workloads.  Intel's CPU designs doesn't match with Apple's devices.
  • Kano launches new educational DIY computer kit with 10.1-inch touchscreen

    I bought the earlier kits, unfortunately it was basically a 1st gen RPi and the performance was just so slow.  The documentation on it was really weak.  The hardware is easy to put together but the software install was super slow I could've installed Windows 10 or macOS twice before the package was complete.

    I ended up building a separate RPi gen 3 box for the kids to play with but they are already spoiled by iPad.
  • Court rejects US bid to intervene in Apple's appeal of EU tax ruling

    EU took in over 1 million Syrian refugees they can't support them without taxing somebody.  
  • Tim Cook email claims Mac mini 'important part' of Apple's product matrix

    Apple as usual is waiting for Intel to give them a volume discount to make any production worth doing.  That's Tim Cook's known for.