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  • Video: iPhone X vs Note 8 - Real World Comparison after 1 month

    Although I don't disagree with the articles findings but nobody that uses the Note 8 is going to go back to iOS devices.  That's because most people left iPhones are for other reasons that Apple refuses to address.  I use both iPhone and Android but I prefer Android overall because it just works better for me.  I can tailor settings on Android the way I like it without dealing with Apple's their way or the high way.  I was using the iPhone 7 Plus for 3 months and I simply had it with the lack of headphone jack.  I use my BT headphones everyday but when it's out of juice I have my spare earphones that I can plug in and I simply hate using the dongle which prevents me from charging.

    The other issue that most people hate about iPhones is that truly it is the worst media unfriendly device.  You can't just stick in any media file and just open video play and play it.  You have to use iTunes.  

    Until Apple figures out nobody likes iTunes they will one day get left behind by Streaming media sites and Google.  

    Note 8 has a bad finger sensor, no doubt.  But once you get used to it, I much rather deal with that than the constant Apple Facelock challenge.   There is not one day you can just buy an app or song without having to deal with the annoyance of entering your passcode or password on the iPhone.  
  • What to expect from Apple's Sept. 12 event: iPhone X & 8, Apple Watch with LTE, 4K Apple T...

    Ever since Job's last iPhone reveal, every iPhone reveal has been dull and boring.  In general I believe the last 7 years or so, the iPhone has been more of the same.  Newer models simply more of the same people expects and less in new features.  When's the last time an Apple product amazes you out of box?    iPhone has the same screen resolution for so many years.  Battery life has been getting worse each year and Apple has not found ways to improve or simply add a bigger battery. 

    They took the headphone jack away and gave us a tiny increase in battery size?  Give me an option to get the headphone jack back.

    This year they will give wireless charging which I rarely use on the Android because it's so goddam slow.  I much rather have the OnePlus's Dash charging which I love, I can charge my phone to almost full in under an hour.  

    Samsung had the facial scan 2 years ago and nobody cared because it's simply STUPID to have to face your phone to unlock.  

    Say goodbye to waking up in the morning and just put your finger on the iPhone to unlock.  
  • Intel splits on Atom after the mobile relevance of x86 whacked by Apple's Ax

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    "Fan fiction" ha ha ha  :D
    My next door neighbor here in Cupertino is an engineer at Intel. His job is (or was) to run benchmark tests on Atom chips in Android devices.

    This guy heavily praises Apple's chips when in casual conversation with me. He says they have some kind of secret in the way they "schedule" operations through the processor. He laments that no one at Intel knows how Apple do it!

    Of course, like most engineers here in Silicon Valley, he chooses to use an iPhone. This isn't "fan boy" fiction. The Atom chip has utterly failed to compete in the tablet and smartphone market.

    The secret is simple, design the CPU and have the guys next door in your office make the OS and APIs built for it.
  • iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB RAM, is fastest iOS device ever according to benchmark

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    What is surprising is that iPhone 7 Plus is already FASTER than iPad Pro! Just think how it keeps getting faster and faster with no signs of leveling off at all. So, I can see how Apple may eventually use ARM chips in future Macs. Their chip is just way MUCH faster in terms of performance per watt. 

    Yep, the iPhone 7 is faster than the entry level MacBook, on both single (3233 vs. 2668) and multi-core (5363 vs. 4886). It's faster than the top line MacBook on single core (3233 vs. 2831) and fairly close on multi-core (5363 vc. 6008). Two more years of this kind of improvement and the iPhone might be benchmarking better than half the Mac line. Something's gotta give.
    Imagine they didn't throttle it in a device that had more cooling and wattage available (did I get that right?) with which to contend, such as the AppleTV, or perhaps one day a laptop with A-series. Wonder how this would scream in one of those housings. Very impressive to get all that in a phone, how far before these mobile devices render the need for faster machines for the masses (not those who need power for work and such, but the email/social networking/internet browsing masses) moot?
    Theres no secret to the A series, it is the transistor count. At 3.3 billion it is by far the largest cpu ever. It is quite a bit more than the A9 and 1 billion more than the A8. From Anandtech:

    Apple SoC Evolution
     Die SizeTransistorsProcess

    For some other reference. The quad core i7 in my 2012 macbook pro retina has a paltry 1.4 billion transistors with a 1.2 billion transistor GPU. The thing is positively massive. Remember when the A7 came out and Apple said they were building desktop class CPUs, it is quite true.
    Apples vs Oranges, you're comparing a CPU vs a SOC.  Of course a SOC will have more transistors.

    Intel CPUs do not have radios, BT, nor disk controllers.  
  • Intel promises to support two-year transition to Apple Silicon

    I wonder whether or not we’ll see Apple get back into the server business. Either way I think they’ll release a version of the Mac mini (hopefully with a silver option) that destroys Intel’s NUC line and allows early adopters to dip their toes in without ponying you for the expensive machines (like they did when they went Intel) then I suspect the MacBook line will follow, either with the Air or the Air and the Pro. Then the iMac, and then the Mac Pro and iMac Pro (assuming the iMac Pro continues to be a line.)
    You know what is stupid about the Intel NUCs?  People are spend $500+ to dress up an Intel NUC just to play videos and use as Media player.  You can simply buy all those Android media devices that cost less than $100 that runs ARM and does perfect decoding and uses less than 20watts.  As for using NUCs as a light duty PC, you can use Android devices against to do light browsing.  That is why Apple moving their devices to ARM makes a lot of sense since majority of their customers are using Macs for web and email.  Not for heavy processing, the Macbook Pro and iMac Pro market is very low volume compared to Dell, HP, and Lenovo.  Which is why Tim Cook is so reluctant to develop more Macs when iPhones, Watch, iPads sells by the boatload vs Intel based offerings.
  • Cupertino mayor accuses Apple, responsible for nearly 20% of the city's tax revenue, of not paying

    Consider the accounting flexibility that gives businesses all sorts of creative tax advantages.  Paying more taxes won't hurt them, they always find ways to save or cheat the system.
  • Apple reportedly planning $1B database center and R&D facility in Vietnam

    One reason is that the EU is pushing companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook to comply with fair taxation.  It's not right when all these big companies are in Ireland which has a lower corporate tax than all other industrial nations so Apple forwards their EU profits over there.  With Asia they don't want to work with China in the long term because China steals their trade secrets and wants to control information.  I think going to Vietnam would not end well because they are very corrupt country and it's business as usual for Apple to keep exploiting weak labor and tax laws.
  • Tim Cook's crucial role at Apple extends well beyond his 5 years as CEO

    Tim is better than Steve at growing Apple profits that's about it.  Apple is at the middle or end of their cycle.  It doesn't have the identity it used to under Steve, it is now a stable matured company waiting for it's next big hit if it ever can find one to buy.  Google has outpaced Apple in innovation because they've taken a few pages from Steve.  

    Google realize that it needs to spin off it's business to different parts just like Steve left Apple to start neXT in order to be innovative.  

    The next 20 years, Google will outpace both Apple and Microsoft combined because it has set the right pieces in motion and just a matter of time it give them the next big innovation.  

    The only thing Tim has done was grow profits with the same product line with more variations.  There has been no big hit since the iPad.  
  • Apple's rumored 4" iPhone to launch with hot pink color option, report says

    There's very little market left for a 4" phone, there's more market for a 5.7" or larger phone than the 4" one.  Even kids these days favor the bigger phones than small ones.

    They could do a 4.7" but 4" won't be a hot seller.
  • Apple announces 4" iPhone SE with A9 CPU, same design as iPhone 5s, starting at $399

    The Nexus 5x costs just $249 last week in a promo with all the features of a flagship, this is likely to compete.  In this game, Apple will get dragged down with lower profits.