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  • Only 10% of analyst's survey respondents plan to buy an 'iPhone 12' in 2020

    After watching the event, I believe the camera— both hardware and computational software and the use of every specialized and general processor in Apple Silicon— is the biggest selling point. 

    I’m a recently retired NCAA Div I sports and event photographer with top-end equipment, and can honestly say I’ve wowed pro-colleagues w iPhone 11Pro photos this past year.  

    The iPhone12 new camera systems are a big advance over last year including actual shooting video in DolbyVision as well as editing, and ProRAW photos that use computational improvement as instructions, i.e. not baked into a jpeg, but full 10-bit RAW info to edit. 

    Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you. 

    This is good for my technophobe friends to take quite well exposed photos without any knowledge. The composition is what remains for skill.
    For pros like me, the dynamic range exceeds my $7,000 camera, even better than my DSLR HDR 3-exposure photos.  (Note, Canon is working on sensor with dynamic range of 20 stops ( current sensors on DSLRs range from 12 to 15 stops), ostensibly for a top of the line new R1 camera, later in 2021).

    So sensor size and interchangeable lenses are mostly what lack from DSLRs among other features.  Sensor size gap is being solved by micro-zone computational adjustments based on machine learning and the combining of up to approx. 8 photos combined to one final photo, with preview of result on screen while composing. And that’s in iPhone 11— the 12 is much better per specs and explanations in today’s event.
  • SanDisk debuts new USB-C Extreme & Extreme Pro SSDs with twice the performance

    It’s a shame they don’t have a Thunderbolt 3 version at that high price point.  USB speed will be the weak point in transfer speed with an NVMe SSD. 
  • Refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro may have 4TB storage option, 32GB memory

    I haven’t seen anyone mention the great convenience of wearing an Apple Watch to unlock your MacBook Pro. The Touch ID is also convenient in my opinion.

    A downside besides thickness issue to face ID, is the angle of the lid and the distance of your face from the emitter of dots— that would be very annoying when it’s ‘fiddely’. 
    __ A handheld iPhone is usually easy to aim at your face without a thought— it becomes automatic. 
    __ A lid sitting on a desk is stationary and you have to angle the lid with a reach and adjust it or your head to get into field of dots. 

    Btw- is the Dell Face ID solution as reliable as Apple Face ID? Can it be fooled by a 2D photo?
  • 2018 iPad Pro getting push from new Apple promotional page

    entropys said:
    I can’t fathom why Apple hasn’t really tried to make iPad better at being a PC than PCs. All it really needs is file management and proper and broad peripheral support that allows it to play well with networks etc.

    In other words, play well with others.
    I’d guess that it’s not just a file system for the iPad, but a file system that will work on the evolution of iOS to an ARM A-series desktop as well as on the iPad. Give it a year or so. It’s probably been under development and testing for many, many years.  It’s that difficult to create a file system interface we can live with for a decade or more.

    Have a little patience. Apple won’t want to just recreate the Mac on an iPad, nor have an escalated iOS file system that is not well designed to work in the iPad & iPhone ecosystem of Apps.

    The annnouncemt that a full Photoshop is coming to iPad this year in 2019, is an indication of an important long time Apple partner, Adobe, knows and has faith in the future power of the A-series chip development and an evolving or redesigned file system and interface. Adobe, by the way, is also grappling with file naming when using a cloud system for storage and syncing, as it’s CC cloud version of Lightroom does not yet let you name files. Only their Classic desktop Lightroom alllows you to name a file different than the file name the camera assigned.

    And iPad iOS being different than iOS on the iPhone will be tricky—it would be a third OS in the Apple arena in both interface and structure, yet must work well with current Apps and in the iOS and Apple ecosystem. It’s been in the works for some time, no doubt, but needs to be a next generation interface.

    I too, get frustrated by not being able to name a photo in Photos or Lightroom mobile, but that’s due to cloud syncing for multiple devices—do you change across the board or duplicate when syncing? Do you give an option in a dialog? Do you do it singly or in batches; are you connected via cell or Wi-Fi or not? There’s a lot of thought to programming and designing to keep friction low for the user. e.g. Mobile Me, an early attempt by Apple in cloud storage and syncing was a real problem, creating duplicates or worse {my contacts went from 1,100 to 12,000 with some contacts being repeated up to 150 times with others anywhere from 1 to 50 multiplicates. 

    It’s more tricky than you realize when you sync across multiple iOS and Mac OS devices. But it is inevitable and needs to be stellar—as the only problem that will be tolerated is people getting used to it. 

    Just think of what we have to look forward to: a desktop-like file system—for iPads PLUS plug-in powered A-series devices with a fan allowing higher TDP (power and thus heat). The A-series chip with multiple cores and higher power will rock the world in the computing arena. 

  • OWC launches Mercury Helios FX 650 eGPU, new portable storage, USB-C 'ClingOn' cable stabi...

    Isn’t Thunderbolt 3 at about the same speed as the internal bus (PCI Express?). I believe I’ve heard Thunderbolt 4 may be incubating in the labs, but that would imply a new internal bus, wouldn’t it? Or would TB4 just carry more lanes of data?