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  • New MacBook Pros are coming Oct. 18 and the design remains a mystery

    darkvader said:
    neilm said:
    I'm pretty much in the "Ain't broke/don't fix it camp" as far as the MBP form factor goes. Sure, eke out a bit more screen real estate, and definitely upgrade the built in camera, but neither of those things requires any sort of wholesale redesign. My 2016 MBP is still elegantly simple and entirely functional in its design.

    But that brings up a few things that Apple actually did break with the current M1 MacBook Pro compared to my old Intel version:
    - Multi-monitor support
    - High RAM option
    - 4 TB ports
    - Meaningful market differentiation from the M1 Air.

    It's understandable why that was, based on the new M1 processor being the first and only one of its kind. But now's the time for a significant step forward.

    I'm in the "really broke/needs fixed" camp.  Apple broke a lot of things with the Retina MBPs, and broke a lot more with the horrible 2016 redesigns.

    - It's way too thin.  Yeah, thin is great for looking 'sleek' and being lightweight, but it's absolutely AWFUL for everything else.
    - It's too fragile.  See thin above, and then add in material strength.  Also, would it really be that hard to make the keyboard and trackpad at least a little bit water resistant?
    - Soldered storage.  This really is a massive mistake.  SSDs wear out, and drives are the component most people want to upgrade.
    - Soldered RAM.  The second-most desired upgrade, and RAM sometimes fails too.
    - Ports.  I mean, seriously, it won't hurt anything to put more on the computers, and a USB-A port and a Magsafe port (bring back the original, not Magsafe 2) would be amazing.
    - Batteries.  I know I don't have to tell anybody that a glued-in battery is just plain idiotic.

    I'd like to see a new Mac laptop that's at least as thick as the 2012 15" MBP that I'm using right now.  I'd like to see a Blu-ray drive in it.  I'd like a return to the battery of the 2008 MBP, with a little latch on the bottom and a quick-change battery.  I want to be able to drop in 128GB RAM and 10TB storage, using industry standard NVMe and DDR5 boards.

    Apple used to build good hardware.  I wish they'd do that again.

    And for people who really love thin, they can do that too.  Make a MacBook Executive that's stupid thin so I can hand that to the guys in suits who only care about word processing, spreadsheets, and their hairdo, and a REAL MacBook Pro for people who need power.
    You might as well start building a time machine.
  • Is iPhone still cool? Maybe Apple should flip the script

    Yeah, no thank you. This has been going on for the entirety of the folding phone fad, and it’s not getting much better:

    Apple is absolutely right to stay tf out of this area until there’s some material breakthrough (no pun intended). 
  • Is iPhone still cool? Maybe Apple should flip the script

    iPhones would be extremely cool if Apple could find a way to allow creativity back into the app ecosystem. The iPhone was exciting in the first few years because every day there would be new amazing apps that did things no one had expected a smart device to do. There were apps that could listen to music and tell you what song it was. Another app looked at signs in different languages and turned them into English. There were highly addictive new games to play. Now all of that creative explosion is pretty much dead. The reason is that as soon as some new and exciting app becomes popular, like iDos for example, Apple kills it. Never mind that it had been in the App Store for years and got popular because it could run an extremely early version of Windows, it had violated the rules that Apple made up out of thin air and so had to die. Who is going to risk wasting years of their lives to produce an exciting new app in an ecosystem like that? No one that's who.

    If Apple could carve out a space on the iPhone for risky apps to do risky things without access to the rest of the phone's data or iCloud, excitement could return to iOS. Oculus does this with the Quest. It has a separate app store for apps that are not quite ready to appear on the main app store or do things that Facebook is not yet comfortable with. The user takes the risk but the apps are there and some of them are wonderful. This will not happen on the iPhone because Apple's rules have very little to do with user safety. They are almost all about preserving Apple's control over the iPhone. The need for control is a kind of addiction for Apple's executives. Like other addictions, they are very harmful for both the addict and anyone around them. In this case, it is systematically killing the iPhone platform. Yes the new iPhones have nice new hardware features but when was the last time you bought an iPhone to get access to some amazing new app?
    Unadulterated horseshit as usual. Apparently you haven’t used any LIDAR scanning apps, AR apps, ML app etc. I couldn’t point my camera at plants and get an instant identification, or 3D scan and texture an entire room and send it to my desktop 3D modeling software, or get real-time AR text translation replacement on my old iPhones. 
  • Apple Silicon MacBook Pro and AirPods event is on October 18

    davgreg said:
    I am not a hard core gamer but like to relax with games and the state of games on the Macintosh is pretty abysmal and it is not much better on iOS. Ad supported crap and “pay to win” games designed to mine your wallet. 

    It’s weird how people download these F2P games and then complain that they’re F2P games. I have a sizable Steam library on my Mac and absolutely none of it is that kind of game. 

    And, there are tons of multiplayer games out there. 
  • Apple Silicon MacBook Pro and AirPods event is on October 18

    Japhey said:
    I strongly believe we are about to get a surprise from Apple that people aren’t expecting. It might be the AR/VR unveiling everyone has been waiting for. 
    AR/VR? Hmm, I've been wrong before, and my prediction today is the biggest longshot I've ever predicted, but here goes.... A few weeks ago ABBA announced new virtual reality ABBAtars of themselves, but they didn't mention any hardware platform that their VR Abbatars would be available on. The timing might be coincidental, but I'm predicting that (a) Apple will release a VR/AR device, and I also predict that (b) the first app Apple will announce for their new AR/VR device will be "ABBAtars," which will allow people to see themselves right in the midst of ABBA's performances. I've never stood in line for any product before, but I'd stand in a long line for that one.
    Uh, gee — it says all over their website what this is for — a series of concerts in London using their avatars as stand-ins for the band. There's absolutely no mention of AR/VR anywhere to be found:
    Of course they didn't say it was for any sort of AR/VR! That's my whole point - I'm making a prediction. You should look up the word "prediction" in the dictionary. I enjoy when other people misinterpret me and I get to tell them.
    You said they announced a VR product but not the hardware it’d run on. That’s a false premise to start, so your “prediction” is meaningless. It’s not a VR product. It’s a show.