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  • What to expect at Apple's September event - and what not to

    "Last updated: iMac 4K and iMac 5K in March 2019"

    So should we really be referring to these as 4K and 5K as neither seem usable out of the box at even 4K using scaling ?

    Yes one can use aftermarket software such as SwitchResX to force the resolution however is it usable at such high dpi?

    What are you talking about? They literally have 4K and 5K displays that function as such out of the box. Changing scaling later doesn't change that fact.
  • This 'iPhone 11' case manufacturer is expecting a shorter Apple Pencil

    urahara said:
    Year 2007. Steve Jobs: "We will use a stylus.... Neah... We have a better tool. 10 of them, which we wer born with. Who needs a stylus..."
    He very clearly meant as a primary input device. The Pencil is not a primary input device.
  • Huge lineup of new 2019 iPhone & Apple Watch models revealed by regulatory filings [u]

    blah64 said:
    You actually had me a little excited there for a minute.  Then I read the FAQ on the listing page:

    -- Do I need internet access to run Office?

    Internet access is required to install and activate Office, but not to use Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint once you have these fully installed on your computer.

    -- How do I download, install, reinstall, activate or update Office?

    Once you have purchased Office, you can install it from the Services & subscriptions section of your Microsoft Account page.

    So I have to create a Microsoft account and associate my computer with that account and let it talk to Microsoft?  No thanks.  I'm okay paying $150 for Office, but I'm not okay letting *any* software on my computers phone home.  Ever.  If you're a dev, you'll understand that there's absolutely no way to know what information an app can gather and transmit back to the home office.

    I do appreciate the link though, I was not aware of this product.
    Software activation over the internet is nothing new. It's not even a continuous thing in this case, as it is with many other types of software, you just activate it and leave it be. I don't share your paranoia especially with regard to a major well-known software provider.

    The above info was appreciated, but this is just a rude and unjustified comment.  The whole "get over it" theme hails from the hugest asshole Scott McNealy, with his "You have no privacy, get over it" comment.  When things are getting worse, it's not okay to tell people to "get over it".  It's reminiscent of when another asshole, Bobby Knight said "If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it".  That's bullshit.

    Hell, I use an older version than CS6, for exactly the reasons zoetmb brought up.  The entire mindset is wrong.  Spyware, surveillance-ware, subscription-ware that phones home, none of it is okay.  But so many people have just rolled over while they being taken advantage of and told to "just enjoy it", that it's becoming the norm.  Company after company wants to have their software phone home (for a huge variety of reasons), personal data is being harvested in hundreds of different ways, and everyone seems to think they can just add free revenue streams by moving to subscriptions instead of actually delivering software worth paying to upgrade.

    When people say "get over it", they're contributing to the problem by helping normalize bad behavior.  
    Although I'm sympathetic so a bunch of zoetmb's points, I do agree with your last bit, the "Apple is arrogant" comment was too much.

    You're projecting, and quite a bit at that. Rape? Get out of here.

    My point is that you can't expect Apple to care about supporting 7 year old software. You literally do not have to update to Catalina, so in your case, just don't. You'll be fine. Just don't expect sympathy from normal users who simply keep up with the times.

    Adobe CC is a tool. I have no problems subscribing to it as it allows me to do my job, like most normal people. In no way do I feel like Adobe is "taking advantage" of me. Again, I do not share your paranoia about Adobe harvesting my data. What do you think they're doing, exactly? 

    Unfortunately, running Parallels (Desktop Lite) has now become yet another dead-to-me piece of software after they pushed an update that killed basic functionality and replaced it with a required subscription to continue using their software.  Sound familiar?

    Dunno what you're on about. You can still buy Parallels Desktop without a subscription. In my case, I plan to upgrade to the latest version for $50 from the years-old version I already have to run a Mojave VM for my 32bit Steam games. No subscription required.
  • British Airways buys 15,000 iPhone XR units for cabin crew

    Weird. Why not lower tier iPhones or iPads and spend half as much?
    Because they can afford it.

    Makes me wish Apple took iPod more serious for restaurants and retail.
    Actually this raises a better point: why not iPods? You’re not going to be using cellular data in the air. 
  • Apple refining methods to reset & calibrate future iPhone toxic gas sensors

    Looking forward to watching people fart on their phones to try and trigger a warning.