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  • The Wall Street Journal reportedly joins Apple News service, NYT and Washington Post decli...

    brucemc said:
    stevenoz said:

    Too bad Bezos won't give up his love of  profit, but that's that.
    Well, it is currently a value-add for Prime members at $3.99/mo (vs $9.99/mo), so this Apple News thing competes with that. It's understandable.

    This news doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. The New York Slimes isn’t really news anymore.  
    Absolutely ridiculous. I read the 125 Pulitzer Prize-winning NYT every day and it's chock full of news — maybe you bought a knockoff?

    You Fake News™ types are really just clearly suckers for the age-old propaganda/disinformation campaign that Trump is recycling from the Soviets, Nazis, tin pot dictatorships, etc. Oldest trick in the book.
    With a diatribe like that, jumping to all manner of conclusions with 0 facts about what the other poster meant, you might want to look in the mirror as to what the problem is...
    I took what they said at face value. Do you honestly think there are facts buried in there somewhere that I'm not aware of? I already asked for clarification on what they meant, if they're not simply jumping on the "Fake News" bandwagon, and not sure yet if that's further down this thread or not yet. Fake news isn't a new concept — Hitler called it 'lügenpresse' ('press of lies'). Trump has said "A few days ago I called the fake news the enemy of the people and they are. They are the enemy of the people." — "the enemy of the people" in itself is not new tool either, it was used in the French Revolution to suppress opponents of Robespierre with some political crimes punishable by death, including "spreading false news to divide or trouble the people". The Soviets made extensive use of that term in various forms for the purpose of "physically annihilating" individuals who disagreed with Stalin, according to Kruschev. Trump's buddy Duterte calls out "fake news" all the time when they report on stuff he doesn't like. That's not debatable, it's historical fact. So when you declare a major and reputable news outlet as "fake", take a moment to realize who you're aligning yourself with here. The New York Times does not fit in this category at all, whether you like it or not.

    How am I the problem? I didn't make any specious claims — the OP did though, and I reacted accordingly. Seems like you're triggered by this for some reason. Do you work for Breitbart or something?
  • The Wall Street Journal reportedly joins Apple News service, NYT and Washington Post decli...

    chadbag said:
    The NYT ceased being objective journalism and new reporters years ago.   Even if articles contain lots of actual facts, the headlines and ways those facts are reported are biased to push the liberal progressive or sometimes just the Democrat view.  They've long been a joke. 
    Please share with us your preferred news outlets, I'm dying to know.
  • Final Cut Pro & iMovie for Mac update preps for macOS dropping 32-bit support

    You forgot Motion was also updated.
    And Compressor.
  • Apple looking at ways to simplify device connectivity, including generating a mesh network...

    I'm perplexed how an Apple Watch or any other device would "know" an emergency or natural disaster has occurred. How is that emergency status communicated to the device? And who decides what's an "emergency"? Right now the US President has declared an emergency and not everyone agrees with him on that. Does Tim Apple trigger the emergency event that causes our Watches to behave differently?
    The word "emergency" isn't found in the three patents this article links to. AI presumably used it in the headline as a speculative use for the technology, and the natural disaster example they give is but one application, don't stress out about it.
  • AirPower reference and image discovered in Apple's Australian website

    Uh oh, only 2 devices on the mat? 
    It’s an AirPods-specific page (hence the “Learn more about AirPods” text in the other image), showing how AirPods can charge on it.