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  • MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro: which one is right for you?

    jdw said:
    MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro: which is right for you?
    The answer is "NONE."

    Virtually no keyboard tactile feedback, no SD card slot (yes, Cupertino worshipers, some of us really use it and want it built-in), not even one USB-A port (which is still ubiquitous today and shall be 10 years hence), no MagSafe, no LED on charging cable, no extended power cord in the box, no glowing Apple logo on back (not necessary, but even Apple showed it off those machines their latest keynote video because they look lovely to behold), and ever thinning designs that leave little room for adequate cooling on higher performance MacBook "Pro" models -- all spell a BIG "NO!" when it comes to this veteran Mac lover choosing any of Apple's notebooks today.

    The mid-2015 15" MBP top end model with dGPU is the last great MacBook Pro that really is "Pro" in terms of practical usability that allows me to lead a largely dongle free life.  Performance even today isn't that bad either.  I DARE Apple to bring it back with a modern GPU and CPU and one USB-C/TB3 port added (and nothing else taken away), and see how well it sales FAR OUTSHINE any other MacBook Pro.  I DARE APPLE TO DO IT.  I dare Apple to finally THINK DIFFERENT on behalf The Rest of Us rather themselves.

  • Apple isn't doomed because it didn't release new Macs and iPads at WWDC

    mattinoz said:
    Apple didn’t say boo about cloud or data storage services. No what’s new in CloudKit no what’s new in coreData. Surely that is a bigger problem than no new hardware at the hardware agnostic event. 
    Yeah, huge problem. You know WWDC is a week long, right?

    TUESDAY, 10:00 AM

    iCloud and CloudKit Lab

    Technology Lab 9 — 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

    Talk with CloudKit engineers to understand how you can leverage the CloudKit APIs in your app and on your website. Get advice on how to model your data, save and query records, subscribe to updates, create custom record zones, and share your records with other users. Talk to Apple experts about how to make the most of all the iCloud technologies. Bring all your CloudKit and iCloud questions, your laptop, and your code.

    Lab 2020

    TUESDAY, 3:00 PM

    Core Data Lab

    Technology Lab 7 — 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM

    Core Data is a framework that manages object graphs, relationships, and persistence of those objects. Apple engineers will be on hand to answer questions about Core Data and how it reduces the amount of code you have to write to manage your model. We're here to help you get answers, learn about the latest development techniques and tools, and improve your code and apps.

    Lab 2090

    THURSDAY, 2:00 PM

    Core Data Best Practices

    Executive Ballroom — 2:00 PM to 2:40 PM

    As your app gains more customers and becomes more feature-rich, you may find yourself with new problems to solve. Core Data is a powerful tool that has changed a lot over the years. Learn about the new best practices in Core Data, such as how to use concurrency and persistent history, and discover how to test for, and resolve, common problems using familiar technologies.

    Session 224 View video and resources 

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  • iPhone replacement cycles slowing down to four years, pose threat to services, analyst say...

    jaiello said:
    Could it be that the cellular companies no longer offer a discounted price for the phone?  In the old days I could get a new iPhone every two years for $200.  Now I have to pay full price.  Makes me keep my iPhone longer.  They had to see that coming?   
    You never paid $200, you paid full price spread out over 24 months rolled into your plan. You can do the exact same thing now — I put down about 1/3 of my iPhone X and am paying the rest off interest free over 24 months on T-Mobile. It's the exact same thing.
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  • Trump calls Apple CEO Tim Cook 'Tim Apple' at advisory meeting

  • Apple executive team shakeups causing multiple projects to be put on hold

    dneesley said:
    Predicting this means no change to the non-functional iPad iOS that is universally denigrated with respect to the awesome hardware.
    Yeah, I'm sure the iOS dev teams are totally sitting on their thumbs. /eyeroll
  • Apple's new Mac mini finally arrives with 5X performance, Thunderbolt 3, more

    SODIMMs! Who saw that coming? Can’t wait to hear all the bitching that the storage is soldered. 

    No display though? That’s probably the biggest surprise to me. 
  • Inductive Apple Pencil charging tech reportedly too expensive for 2019 iPad Air & mini

    chasm said:
    Also, there kinda needs to be some distinguishing features in the Pro line besides four speakers, USB-C and a bit more screen. The Apple Pencil gen1 is still an amazing tool that revolutionized the storyboard and tablet-sketching industry and is way more than adequate for people like me who don't use one for a living. So it's perfect for the non-Pro iPad line.
    120Hz display, better camera, Face ID, video out over USB-C, more RAM...
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  • Rumor claims 2019 iPhone will get 10MP TrueDepth camera, stick to Lightning

    tokyojimu said:
    I like the way Lightning clicks into place (and stays there). If I move my MacBook 0 ever so slightly on my desk, the USB-C disconnects momentarily and all my drives unmount uncleanly. 
    This must be a cable thing, I’ve seen it mentioned before but literally all of my USB-C cables/adapters I have so far all click snugly into place and require a fair amount of force to remove from my 2018 MBP. 
  • Apple stock claws back to very nearly where it was before the revenue revision

    tbornot said:
    President Trump said the stock correction was a gift for those wanting to buy.  Correct again!
    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
  • The Wall Street Journal reportedly joins Apple News service, NYT and Washington Post decli...

    stevenoz said:

    Too bad Bezos won't give up his love of  profit, but that's that.
    Well, it is currently a value-add for Prime members at $3.99/mo (vs $9.99/mo), so this Apple News thing competes with that. It's understandable.

    This news doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. The New York Slimes isn’t really news anymore.  
    Absolutely ridiculous. I read the 125 Pulitzer Prize-winning NYT every day and it's chock full of news — maybe you bought a knockoff?

    You Fake News™ types are really just clearly suckers for the age-old propaganda/disinformation campaign that Trump is recycling from the Soviets, Nazis, tin pot dictatorships, etc. Oldest trick in the book.