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  • DuckDuckGo announces new Apple MapKit fueled search improvements

    I tried switching to DDG as my default search engine on my iPhone earlier this year and gave it a month. I really wanted to like it but I ended up going back to Google. I found DDG’s results to be very US focused and since I don’t live in the US a lot of the results weren’t relevant to me. I don’t use any of Google’s other services except YouTube and search. I really want DDG to get better so I can ditch Google for good, so I’m pleased they’re still improving. I’ll give them another try later in the year. I think Apple will end up snapping up DDG. It’s also a terrible name for a search engine, here’s hoping for Apple Search one day!
    You can always use a bang to have it jump you over to Google if you feel like you’re not finding the result you want, if you wanted to keep it as your default search still. Just do “underwater basket weaving !g” 

    For those don’t know about the bang shortcuts, there are tons of the, of them, !yt for YouTube, !w for Wikipedia, etc:
  • MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro: which one is right for you?

    jdw said:
    MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro: which is right for you?
    The answer is "NONE."

    Virtually no keyboard tactile feedback, no SD card slot (yes, Cupertino worshipers, some of us really use it and want it built-in), not even one USB-A port (which is still ubiquitous today and shall be 10 years hence), no MagSafe, no LED on charging cable, no extended power cord in the box, no glowing Apple logo on back (not necessary, but even Apple showed it off those machines their latest keynote video because they look lovely to behold), and ever thinning designs that leave little room for adequate cooling on higher performance MacBook "Pro" models -- all spell a BIG "NO!" when it comes to this veteran Mac lover choosing any of Apple's notebooks today.

    The mid-2015 15" MBP top end model with dGPU is the last great MacBook Pro that really is "Pro" in terms of practical usability that allows me to lead a largely dongle free life.  Performance even today isn't that bad either.  I DARE Apple to bring it back with a modern GPU and CPU and one USB-C/TB3 port added (and nothing else taken away), and see how well it sales FAR OUTSHINE any other MacBook Pro.  I DARE APPLE TO DO IT.  I dare Apple to finally THINK DIFFERENT on behalf The Rest of Us rather themselves.

  • Apple announces Apple TV+ service with Apple's unique programming, coming this Fall

    Oprah?  LOL.    Apple TV+ sounds like it's going to be trash. 

    Honestly the Apple Credit Card was the most exciting announcement.  The rest of the stuff is stuff looks standard fare  B List Actors and Directors.  
    Probably just save my money and watch it grow in the Apple Wallet app.  
    Spielberg is B List? Abrams? Howard? Hahaha okay, wow. Nobody is forcing you to watch Oprah’s documentaries, but get real. 
  • iPhone replacement cycles slowing down to four years, pose threat to services, analyst say...

    jaiello said:
    Could it be that the cellular companies no longer offer a discounted price for the phone?  In the old days I could get a new iPhone every two years for $200.  Now I have to pay full price.  Makes me keep my iPhone longer.  They had to see that coming?   
    You never paid $200, you paid full price spread out over 24 months rolled into your plan. You can do the exact same thing now — I put down about 1/3 of my iPhone X and am paying the rest off interest free over 24 months on T-Mobile. It's the exact same thing.
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  • Trump calls Apple CEO Tim Cook 'Tim Apple' at advisory meeting

  • Apple's Find My feature requires two devices, boasts extreme security safeguards

    It’s seemingly small stuff like this that’s really at the heart of Apple’s innovation. This is amazingly cool stuff. 
  • Apple's quiet update to Siri Shortcuts brings the niche tool into the mainstream

    I wonder how many of you know that you can go into Settings > Siri & Search and see a ton of suggested Siri Shortcuts based on common actions or ones that you perform regularly, assign a voice trigger for it in a second, and have a new Shortcut set up? You don’t even need to mess with the workflow stuff in the app at all. It’s great.
  • Inductive Apple Pencil charging tech reportedly too expensive for 2019 iPad Air & mini

    chasm said:
    Also, there kinda needs to be some distinguishing features in the Pro line besides four speakers, USB-C and a bit more screen. The Apple Pencil gen1 is still an amazing tool that revolutionized the storyboard and tablet-sketching industry and is way more than adequate for people like me who don't use one for a living. So it's perfect for the non-Pro iPad line.
    120Hz display, better camera, Face ID, video out over USB-C, more RAM...
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  • How to stop getting the 'Storage Full' message on your iPhone

    ...put the phone down and pick up a Mac. [...] Log on to in a browser and click on the Photos app.

    What, why the hell would you do that? Why would you use the web and not just use the Photos app on iOS or macOS?

    Also, in the Settings > General > iPhone Storage panel which you partially showed, there's literally a "Review x" suggestion to go through all your things that iOS has determined to be taking up the most space, including "Review Personal Videos". Not to mention, also, that it lists all your apps with the amount of storage each is using. 

    Also missing: mention of Music's Optimize Storage setting.

  • Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro coming in October for over $3000, claims report

    jdiamond said:
    tomahawk said:
    McJobs said:
    I'm so sick of the Tim Cook era, where every product redesign comes with a substantial price increase over previous model. When Steve was there, products got better at the same price points (e.g. MBP--->unibody MBP), or even were less expensive at the same time (e.g. polycarbonate iMac--->aluminum iMac).
    Why wouldn't a new device, with a larger screen, and likely a true "Pro" version of the Pro, cost more? It's going to have a more expensive screen, likely larger battery and potentially more powerful CPU/GPU combos.  It should cost more...  Even if it has the same config as the "better" 15" (8-core, 16GB and 512GB SSD) it would only be ~$200 more than the 15".

    And Jobs raised prices too.  Look at the Mac mini. Started at $499, raised to $599 in 2006, and raised again to $699 in 2010.
    Because technology gets better and therefore cheaper over time. I paid $3,000 for a top of the line Macbook Pro from 2007 through 2015, and it kept getting better and better.  Now, the minimum Macbook Pro that matches those old specs and meets my needs cost over $4,000, but it actually performs worse than before due to thermal issues and is less useful due to connectivity options.