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  • Facebook smartwatch could feature removable display with cameras, heart rate monitor

    Maybe I can trade in my discontinued FB phone for a FB watch. :-)  /s
  • PowerBen 40,200mAh 200W USB-C PD review: wants to charge the world

    To me Indigogo and everything similar is essentially vaporware.  Too many things either never arrive or arrive so late they are obsolete.  Buyer beware.  Why review such things????
  • Taika Waititi slams Apple's MacBook Pro keyboards in Oscar speech

    I’m not a hater. I spent a ton of money on a 2017 15” MacBook Pro.  Between the crazy huge trackpad that constantly moved my cursor to new and unhelpful locations and the stupid keyboard I finally recently sold it at a loss.  I love the Apple universe, but the drive to be the coolest and thinnest, started with the first MB Air, caused me to lose work time (keyboard replacement) and to be inefficient. And to lose about $2000 selling it to someone who does not mind, not a daily heavy typer. So the whole experience is being ripped off, not hating, so they could brag thin and light.  Not good. Inappropriate. No meaningful effort to rectify the situation.  I am fine with him saying something. I wish whoever made that decision to suffer much like those who blew the Maps rollout suffered. And this is, based on my $ investment, far worse.  Mostly Apple is great, but sometimes they suck.   To stay in the Apple universe we don’t really have meaningful choices.  So I greatly resent them for the sucky keyboard indeed.  
  • How Steve Jobs saved Apple with the online Apple Store

    You left out the oddest interesting moment in the transition to the official Apple stores. Volunteers who went to CompUSA and helped promote the Apple section. I know, as I was one.  We got free shirts and encouragement, but what other company could motivate volunteers to support their cause?  It was fun and interesting and we did what we could to help folks. And, indeed, many salespersons at those stores wanted to sell PCs to earn their $50.  And then more for the special coverage package.  Ugh!  But at least to some degree it worked, for the price of shirts.  
  • Apple replaces 3D Touch with Haptic Touch on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

    I tried using 3D touch for a while. Completely annoying and not for me useful. Have had it turned off in my last two iPhones.