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  • Broadway shows turning to iPads to simplify production & cut down on waste

    My question unfortunately would be, wasting paper is much cheaper than buying iPads for the whole production crew and cast members. While I am 100% for saving paper this just seems like an overly expensive way to waste money rather than paper. 
    I think this has more to do with convenience rather than just paper-reduction.

    As the article said... the production "Pretty Woman" was updating 30 pages per day... for 12 weeks (84 days)... among 50 people.

    You're right... paper is cheap.  But distributing 126,000 pieces of paper over 3 months is a pain in the ass.  And there could be errors/delays if some people see the new pages and others don't.

    But with this method... all 50 people would see the updates instantly on their iPads.  And they can incorporate music and video in addition to hand-written notes.

    Yes... 50 iPads aren't cheap.  $329 minimum buy-in.  Plus Apple Pencil.  Plus AppleCare.  Plus a case.  You could be spending $550 per person.

    That's $28,000.  But at least the production company can keep using the iPads for future productions.

    It might sound expensive... but so is time lost if everyone isn't on the same page due to errors and/or miscommunications.

    Again... I don't think this is necessarily about saving paper... it's about having a smooth production.

    The $28,000 cost of iPads isn't even that high on the list.  To put it into perspective... the production "Kinky Boots" spent $150,000 on just hair and makeup. (1.1% of their $13.5 million budget)

    And they spent $350,000 on just the costumes (2.5% of their $13.5 million budget)

    Suddenly those iPads don't sound too bad... :)
  • Apple's Worldwide Video hires former Broadway Video, Netflix executives [u]

    They named it “worldwide video?”


    must have been trying to fly under the radar. 

    Thats such a microsoft name. Like “windows media player.”

    Nothing really wrong with "Windows Media Player". It pretty much lets you know right off the bat what the app does.

    If you tell someone who hasn't been exposed to the apps before, "QuickTime" and "Windows Media Player", chances are that he'd probably know what WMP does but may struggle a bit with QT.

    That said, I agree with you on your first statement. "Worldwide Video" doesn't sound very good. Heck, even "Apple Video Worldwide" sounds better!

    Let's not forget Apple's most creative name: App Store

    BTW... when I hear "Apple Video Worldwide"... I think of Step Brothers... "Prestige Worldwide"

  • Apple Pay likely to get boost from Visa & Mastercard mandating contactless payment termina...

    mike1 said:
    mknelson said:
    Slower speeds of chip card transactions? Do you guys process them "weird" in the US?

    Insert card, hit OK, enter PIN, done. Doesn't really take any more time than signing.
    The process is more like...

    Take wallet out of pocket/purse.
    Remove card from wallet and insert in POS device.
    Stand there for 10 seconds with open wallet in hand.
    Enter PIN if required. (Stores have minimums that require a PIN, so it's not always ncessary)
    Stand there are another 5-10 seconds with wallet in hand and wait for annoying sound telling you you can remove the card.
    Insert card in wallet and replace in pocket/purse.

    Using Apple Pay on my phone is a one-handed operation. That's my favorite part of it.

    Sure... it's not exactly difficult to remove your debit card with one hand and hold your wallet with the other... but it's using 100% more hands!

    And I love efficiency! :)
  • Steve Jobs wanted Jeff Goldblum to be 'voice of Apple'

    Must go faster... must go faster...

  • Apple Music rival Spotify on verge of turning a profit, board member says

    Spotify might become profitable (actually making a profit after all their expenses are paid)

    But how soon until they pay back the BILLIONS in venture capital money they've taken over the years?

    They gotta pay that money back, right?