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  • Apple's competition is going to have a tough year in 2016

    Virtually all of the established PC makers seemed to be evaluating how to get out of the business, even as Apple's premium-class Mac sales gained significant new ground. 
    That's something I was thinking about the other day.

    Apple has been selling Macs for over 30 years. But how many PC manufacturers have come and gone during that time?

    Either they go out of business... or they are in bad enough shape that they get acquired by another (possibly failing) PC maker.  Hell... I remember when HP was talking about getting out of the PC business because they couldn't make money. And they were one of the big ones!  Times are tough when you sell a commodity item.  There are dozens of companies making very similar PCs with little differentiation. And they are all competing (price dropping) with each other.  No one wins.

    Then there's Apple... who is the only maker of the Macintosh.  Sure they don't sell the volume of all Windows PC makers combined... but Apple sells more than enough.

    And the same thing is happening in smartphones... except there are hundreds of Android phone makers.  They're all fighting with each other to sell you an "Android phone" while slashing prices to unsustainable levels. No one wins.

    Then there's Apple... who is the only maker of the iPhone.  Sure they don't sell the volume of all Android OEMs combined... but Apple sells more than enough.

    And if you think about it... no one is really competing with Apple since they cannot sell the same things Apple is selling.  They'll sell you an Android phone or Windows laptop.... but that doesn't mean a lot if you're looking for an iPhone or Mac laptop.
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  • Broadway shows turning to iPads to simplify production & cut down on waste

    My question unfortunately would be, wasting paper is much cheaper than buying iPads for the whole production crew and cast members. While I am 100% for saving paper this just seems like an overly expensive way to waste money rather than paper. 
    I think this has more to do with convenience rather than just paper-reduction.

    As the article said... the production "Pretty Woman" was updating 30 pages per day... for 12 weeks (84 days)... among 50 people.

    You're right... paper is cheap.  But distributing 126,000 pieces of paper over 3 months is a pain in the ass.  And there could be errors/delays if some people see the new pages and others don't.

    But with this method... all 50 people would see the updates instantly on their iPads.  And they can incorporate music and video in addition to hand-written notes.

    Yes... 50 iPads aren't cheap.  $329 minimum buy-in.  Plus Apple Pencil.  Plus AppleCare.  Plus a case.  You could be spending $550 per person.

    That's $28,000.  But at least the production company can keep using the iPads for future productions.

    It might sound expensive... but so is time lost if everyone isn't on the same page due to errors and/or miscommunications.

    Again... I don't think this is necessarily about saving paper... it's about having a smooth production.

    The $28,000 cost of iPads isn't even that high on the list.  To put it into perspective... the production "Kinky Boots" spent $150,000 on just hair and makeup. (1.1% of their $13.5 million budget)

    And they spent $350,000 on just the costumes (2.5% of their $13.5 million budget)

    Suddenly those iPads don't sound too bad... :)
  • Apple grows to 7.4% of worldwide PC market as Windows continues to cede share to the Mac

    aaronj said:

    And I'm not sure that I would call 7.1% global market share a "niche" market.  Granted, I'm far from being a business man.  But I would think that most companies in most industries would be happy to have that sort of global share.  Or am I wrong?
    It's always been difficult to compare Apple to any other company (or an entire industry).  Apple simply does things differently than everyone else.

    Case in point... Apple's laptops start at $900.

    But everyone else has laptops that start at $250.  

    It doesn't take a genius to understand why the other guys sell more units and therefore captures more quarterly market share than Apple.

    To your point... I don't think it bothers Apple that they have "only" 7.1% of the computer market. They're selling exactly what THEY want to sell.  Apple is the only company selling Macintosh computers... while everyone else is selling Windows computers.  That goes back to Apple doing things differently.

    If you think about it... Apple has 100% of the Macintosh market...  a market that no one else is allowed in    :) 

    But there's more than just the market share percentage.  

    Would you rather be Dell with 14% quarterly market share selling low-margin $300 laptops?

    Or would you rather be Apple with 7% quarterly market share selling high-margin $1,000 laptops?

    The average selling price for a Windows laptop is $450... the average selling price for an Apple laptop is $1,200.  I think Apple is playing the game they want to play.
  • Apple's competition is going to have a tough year in 2016

    koop said:
    It's clear past decisions have allowed Apple to maximize their revenue and profits. They are a highly efficient company that makes a very large amount of money in the market. 

    As an investor, i'd probably be less fixated on that however. The current stock price already reflects these realities, and has already rewarded those who had the foresight to invest years ago. What the stock price will respond to is if Apple is shepherding new product categories, and diversifying for long term growth. Nobody is saying the iPhone is dying tomorrow, but there's a ceiling and growth will come from other opportunities. It's easy to say how Apple has captured the smartwatch market or the tablet market, but it's misleading because relative to the success of the iPhone, those are small potatoes to Apple itself, and those markets are simply too small or contracting in the the case of the tablet. Apple can dominate small markets all day if they want, but that's not going to make investors feel better. I also don't think a car is the answer but that's another argument for another time. I'd look at what Facebook did with Oculus, I think that has the potential to be a massive market, and Apple isn't particularly interested. Just a thought. 

    It's fun to crap on Samsung when trying to shrug off investment worries, but the stock market would be a much simpler place if it were just "your numbers vs my numbers" game between competitors. Apple still hasn't convinced the market their company is worth more than it is right now, and I agree.
    Since you're an investor... maybe you can answer this:

    If you could pull all your money out of Apple... who would you put it in instead?

    Apple makes a lot of money by selling tons of high-margin products.  But it apparently it doesn't move their stock price up.

    So who would move the stock price up?
  • First video of functional Lightning EarPods hits the web

    jakeb said:

    Fascinating. So we're really going to have earphones that can only be used on iOS devices, not Macbooks. 

    Are we going to see lightning ports on Macbooks now?
    Oh man... what if Apple doesn't put a Lightning port on Macbooks... but instead makes a dongle that goes the other direction!

    You'd need a 3.5mm to Lightning dongle to use your traditional headphones on the next iPhone... then you'd need a Lightning to 3.5mm dongle to use your Lightning headphones on a Macbook.

  • Shipping delays continue to dog Apple's 4" iPhone SE

    wood1208 said:

    Since IOS 10 will let you remove native/stock Apps and replace with the 3rd party Apps than iphone SE 16GB storage for the normal usage will not be as problematic as we think now. Those with lots of Apps,photos,videos will go with 64GB iphone SE so no debate their.
    Even if you have a 16GB iPhone... the stock apps aren't anywhere close to taking up a lot of space.

    I've seen people with 5,000 photos on their phone.  THAT'S the problem.

    It's not the Calculator app or Tips app taking up all that space. :) 
  • Steve Jobs wanted Jeff Goldblum to be 'voice of Apple'

    Must go faster... must go faster...

  • Apple Pay likely to get boost from Visa & Mastercard mandating contactless payment termina...

    mike1 said:
    mknelson said:
    Slower speeds of chip card transactions? Do you guys process them "weird" in the US?

    Insert card, hit OK, enter PIN, done. Doesn't really take any more time than signing.
    The process is more like...

    Take wallet out of pocket/purse.
    Remove card from wallet and insert in POS device.
    Stand there for 10 seconds with open wallet in hand.
    Enter PIN if required. (Stores have minimums that require a PIN, so it's not always ncessary)
    Stand there are another 5-10 seconds with wallet in hand and wait for annoying sound telling you you can remove the card.
    Insert card in wallet and replace in pocket/purse.

    Using Apple Pay on my phone is a one-handed operation. That's my favorite part of it.

    Sure... it's not exactly difficult to remove your debit card with one hand and hold your wallet with the other... but it's using 100% more hands!

    And I love efficiency! :)
  • Apple's Worldwide Video hires former Broadway Video, Netflix executives [u]

    They named it “worldwide video?”


    must have been trying to fly under the radar. 

    Thats such a microsoft name. Like “windows media player.”

    Nothing really wrong with "Windows Media Player". It pretty much lets you know right off the bat what the app does.

    If you tell someone who hasn't been exposed to the apps before, "QuickTime" and "Windows Media Player", chances are that he'd probably know what WMP does but may struggle a bit with QT.

    That said, I agree with you on your first statement. "Worldwide Video" doesn't sound very good. Heck, even "Apple Video Worldwide" sounds better!

    Let's not forget Apple's most creative name: App Store

    BTW... when I hear "Apple Video Worldwide"... I think of Step Brothers... "Prestige Worldwide"

  • Apple rival Samsung posts high Q2 profits on rebounding phone division

    Although the company won't post in-depth results until later this month, Samsung said that its Q2 profits are estimated to have grown 17.4 percent year-over-year to 8.1 trillion won ($7 billion), according to Reuters. The company's mobile division is thought to have been the top profit driver.
    Ok... so their profits grew year-over-year... but they still aren't as big as they were two years ago.

    Samsung made 8.49 trillion won in profit in early 2014... compared to a projected 8.1 trillion this quarter.

    I wonder if that's Samsung's ceiling?

     It will happen to every company eventually… some say we’re reaching peak-smartphone.