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  • Director Steven Soderbergh calls shooting on Apple's iPhone a 'gamechanger,' wants to use ...

    IF i had to take a guess, it’s liberating. Because if have him more control. What is one of the reasons a regular shoot takes 6-8 weeks. Set up, and multiple takes. And large crews and casts.  Remember he wrote sex lies and videotape in a single week.  Using iPhones probably gives him freedom to move around and not lug around 10k cameras on tracks and Dolly’s and such.  It also allows for him to shoot in an unobtrusive way which. Helps get more realistic performances becuase they may or may not realize the camera is there. 
  • Apple AR headset codenamed 'T288' said to run new 'rOS' operating system, launch as soon a...

    Soli said:

    2) You can't have AR without a camera, but as we saw with Google Glass a camera just makes it creepy. Can Apple overcome that stigma?
    Is this actually true?  Couldn’t many of the things that are shown using AR be done without a camera?  Granted, on an iPhone/iPad the camera is required to see put, say, my kitchen table, on the screen.  But if I was wearing glasses couldn’t the AR information just be projected onto the lens that I’m already looking through?

    How much of what we currently view as AR relies on the camera for reasons other than showing what we can already see with our own eyes?  It seems to me that the other sensors are doing most of the AR work.  The camera is just there to supply an image.  Right?  So, couldn’t the camera potentially be eliminated while the other sensors still do their jobs in the same fashion?
    If will still require a phone. The watch required a nearby phone for cellular. This most likely be the same until they conquer battery issues. 
  • iPhone X sightings on the rise in San Francisco

    mubaili said:
    The notch certainly grows on me; it is changing from a ugly duckling to a delight white swan; it is daring, it is to make things difficult and different and surprise; it is not settling; it is challenging; it stirs up the placid app community; it let the best developers shine through. Less than 3 weeks to go. Can’t wait.
    I think it’s more along the lines, of future parent wars. It’s hard to directly copy that with out blatant ip infringement 
  • T-Mobile & Sprint said nearing agreement on merger, could sign deal in October

    cornchip said:
    As long as it’s basically T-Mobile getting Sprint’s coverage and customers & basically nothing else, great. If they are taking on management, corporate attitude & customer service, then no thank you.
    According to the article, T-Mobile will hold the controlling stake.  So they will buy sprints customers and spectrum. Then I would imagine the stores, management and customer service would convert to And be absorbed by t-Mobile.
  • 'iPhone 8' software bar expected to replace Apple's iconic home button with gesture contro...

    Why do YOU buy an iPhone ? Is what it comes down to