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  • High-end 2019 Apple iPhone lineup may shift to 'Pro' branding

    roake said:
    I have purchased a new iPhone every year since 2007.  This time, though, none of the rumors include a compelling reason to upgrade.  Hopefully, Apple has a surprise or two in store for us.
    Incremental, iterative iPhone improvements aren’t designed to make people upgrade every single year. Normal people don’t do that. Phone nerds like us may, but that isn’t how most people spend. The idea with iterative development is when you do upgrade, it will be much better than the model several past. That’s how we get from there to here. 
    I have purchased an iPhone almost every year side 2009!  With the exception of the 7 and the Xs. I am thinking of just waiting til 2020 for the next true redesign. It’s apparent to me Apple has switched to a 3 year redesign cycle!

     If Apple uses pro for the iPhone, then I feel it’s official that Apple will go with the iPhone and iPhone pro and no #s or additives. 
  • Apple Watch growth, physician access to data likely to become major Apple healthcare reven...

    I'm really skeptical of Apple selling health data.
    Not selling persay, you have a watch. With all that valuable data and you want to share it with your doctor . If would cost your doctor $10 to directly obtain that data from Apple. Or your doctor would pay $10 to Apple and request you provide that info to him to maintain your health. Thats how I perceive it would happen.  Apple is too big a company to just sell its data. If would set up a patient approval process. 
  • User guide suggests Apple expected AirPower to ship with iPhone XS

    matrix077 said:
    matrix077 said:
    oodlum said:
    matrix077 said:
    ...and 2nd gen AirPods. 

    Must be something very recent. That would mean product was ready to ship at one point..
    Has there been any official announcement other than the wireless charging case?
    “Hey Siri” in intro video. Didn’t you watch?
    There is an intro video with 2nd gen AirPods?   (I think you're talking about something different Matrix.)
    Yes, when she clearly said Hey Siri to AirPods which the current version can’t do. 
    That could just be a software update 
  • iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Battery sizes, RAM revealed by Chinese regulator

    I don’t understand how the LCD should account for the longer battery life in the XR as opposed to the OLED. I thought the whole point of OLES (or at least one of the major ones) is the absence of the backlight Illini sting only the “non black pixels” and thus saving significant power?
    Oled itself is power hungry, the reason it can be a battery saver is if the user consistently opts to keep as mug of the screen as black as possible.  
  • Apple unlikely to include Lightning-to-headphone jack converter with 2018 iPhones, analyst...

    So, a Trillion dollar company won't include the dongle with their newest, most expensive 2018 phones.   I wonder if we will be able to buy it at the Apple store for $39.99?    I see how they have become a trillion dollar company.    Ugh.....it may be time to reevaluate my loyalty to Apple....  
    If the rumor is true, they probably did the statistical calculations and determined that people who will but the phone, either already have the dongle, will buy the dongle based off sales records or  Won’t use the dongle based off research.