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  • Director Steven Soderbergh calls shooting on Apple's iPhone a 'gamechanger,' wants to use ...

    IF i had to take a guess, it’s liberating. Because if have him more control. What is one of the reasons a regular shoot takes 6-8 weeks. Set up, and multiple takes. And large crews and casts.  Remember he wrote sex lies and videotape in a single week.  Using iPhones probably gives him freedom to move around and not lug around 10k cameras on tracks and Dolly’s and such.  It also allows for him to shoot in an unobtrusive way which. Helps get more realistic performances becuase they may or may not realize the camera is there. 
  • Wireless charging and new glass casing will require heat compensation in Apple's 'iPhone X...

    volcan said:
    One down side to wireless charging is that you can't pick up the phone and use it while charging. Might be convenient for cars that offer that capability because you are not supposed to pick up the phone while driving anyway, but I'd rather just have a battery that lasts all day under heavy usage so that I only need to charge at night where plugging it in is no big deal. I imagine a wireless charger is going to be a bit bulky, so not really that convenient to carry around.
    Apple is working with 2 different companies to release a wireless charging capable of using radio waves and not the induction method. Rumor has it you will be able to charge your phone with in up to 15 feet of the charging plug.  
  • Apple pulls app for finding lost AirPods from App Store

    There is a simple explanation why this app was yanked. This company doesn't have the rights to sell this app. They haven't veen granted permission to associate themselves with the product.  In some ways it can be seen as copyright infringement
  • Apple predicted to ditch Touch ID for Face ID with 2018 iPhone lineup

    I suspect face id is a bi product of the true depth camera. I suspect apple really developed the 3D truedepth camera for 3D AR purposes and possible gestures.   

    After all, do you think Apple purchase Matiao and face shift and all those machine learning companies just so they can create face id? Or do you think they purchased them so they can create an improved and better AR platform and product that they can subsequently profit from! I vote for the later. I think stuff like animoji and other ar things are the real reason behind the purchase. 

    Also consisder, Apple innovative products incrementally.  Touch ID was released in the 5s so they can perfect it and work out all the bugs  before they launched Apple Pay with the 6/+  and so on. This is released this year and next year Apple will build upon it and probably reveal a wider purpose.  
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  • Apple suppliers Foxconn & TSMC partnering on bid for Toshiba's memory business - report

    I suspect Foxconn and tsmc with an Apple cash contribution in return for a well priced product 
  • iPhone X sightings on the rise in San Francisco

    mubaili said:
    The notch certainly grows on me; it is changing from a ugly duckling to a delight white swan; it is daring, it is to make things difficult and different and surprise; it is not settling; it is challenging; it stirs up the placid app community; it let the best developers shine through. Less than 3 weeks to go. Can’t wait.
    I think it’s more along the lines, of future parent wars. It’s hard to directly copy that with out blatant ip infringement 
  • T-Mobile & Sprint said nearing agreement on merger, could sign deal in October

    cornchip said:
    As long as it’s basically T-Mobile getting Sprint’s coverage and customers & basically nothing else, great. If they are taking on management, corporate attitude & customer service, then no thank you.
    According to the article, T-Mobile will hold the controlling stake.  So they will buy sprints customers and spectrum. Then I would imagine the stores, management and customer service would convert to And be absorbed by t-Mobile.
  • First look: Hands-on with Apple's iPhone X

    There are two ways to look at it, Face id takes off and next year Apple ditches Touch ID in the standard iPhone. Or face id flops and Apple has an extra year to figure out how to built the Touch ID into the next generation iPhone X 
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  • Apple memo reveals 29 leakers caught last year, urges staff to stop leaking confidential i...

    They probably use zero space ( or what ever they are called) characters. 
  • Apple unlikely to include Lightning-to-headphone jack converter with 2018 iPhones, analyst...

    So, a Trillion dollar company won't include the dongle with their newest, most expensive 2018 phones.   I wonder if we will be able to buy it at the Apple store for $39.99?    I see how they have become a trillion dollar company.    Ugh.....it may be time to reevaluate my loyalty to Apple....  
    If the rumor is true, they probably did the statistical calculations and determined that people who will but the phone, either already have the dongle, will buy the dongle based off sales records or  Won’t use the dongle based off research.