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  • Android creator Andy Rubin plans AI-equipped smartphone with edge-to-edge display, ceramic...

    Is this story being announced to commemorate the 10th anniversary of him deciding to copy the iPhone?

    Guess he's trying to get ahead of the curve this time around.

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  • Here's every Apple HomeKit product announced at CES 2017 coming later this year

    I've been pretty damn frustrated with homekit so far. I have a Lyric sitting in a drawer and I've been holding out on buying lighting because of the expected hassle. I installed the schlage door lock that I bought from the Apple store (in its nice, Apple-specific packaging) and the *&^%ing thing doesn't even work with iPhone 7 (the tech had me do the set up on my old iPhone 6, but the homekit was too buggy to use, and then it disconnected completely; it's now a $200 dumb lock.) An idevices outdoor plug wouldn't install. Still no homekit compatible garage door opener apparently (although one is supposedly coming). The only smoke/CO alarm I've found has terrible reviews on amazon; not reassuring for a safety device. Why bother creating a platform like this if it's going to be so difficult to use? I can't be the only one with these frustrations. The homekit app was my favorite part of iOS 10. Unfortunately it's been a huge disappointment for me.

    In case anyone is interested: I have the nanoleaf aura and it is really great and could not be easier to set up. It's the only functional item on my Apple Home control panel.
  • Google to ape Apple's 'Subscriptions 2.0' payout policy without customer retention stipulation

    I imagine google as a small child, aimlessly stumbling around the pre-school playground until they see another kid enjoying a toy, then they start throwing a tantrum because all of the sudden they have to have that toy. Hurry Phil, find a shiny object to distract them with so we don't have to hear them whining!

    Seriously though, is there an Apple product google hasn't tried to copy? They tried like 6 times with the TV. Oh, and of course they mocked Siri as useless until they saw people enjoying it, now they have entire products built around their version of it. I'd be sad if it wasn't so damn funny.
  • Research firm expects first annual iPhone sales drop, in growing global market

     MelS said:
    I can confirm Apple is not the cutting edge, great company it once was and it mistreats its independent dealers too. Hewlett-Packard for half a year or more has had laptops with Xeon processors, generation six i7 processors, thunderbolt version 3 ports and even touchscreen options while Apple MacBook Pros are still using generation four i7 processors, no Xeon processors, Thunderbolt version 2 and no touchscreen options. I was an independent Apple dealer for 22 years and have watched the demise of Apple since Jobs passed away. Jobs would never had let HP or any PC company come out with a better, faster computer before Apple. Jobs also would not have let Apple cancel a 22 year dealer contract when I contracted Leukemia and was unable to work full-time causing me to miss an arbitrarily set sales quote by 20%. Apple has fallen behind technically by only updating their Macs and operating system (minor upgrades at that) once per year (if that often) and are so focused on their retail Apple stores they have let the business market, which is mostly handled by independent dealers, slip away due to pencil pushing Apple Chanel Sales management and AppleCare service management personnel that put profit numbers ahead of the service provided by long-time locally owned stores focused on business market share. And even if they want to bend the rules, the middle managers are so afraid of getting in trouble they won't stray from the rigid rules set by their lawyers. Tim Cook does not get this as he is just a pencil pusher himself. Business customers like mine dread going to Apple stores and having to wait for hours to get to see a "genius." Apple is messed up and I do not see much hope for Tim Cook fixing it.
    I'm sorry to hear about your Leukemia. I hope things have improved for you.

    I agree that the delay in the MacBook Pros is interesting, but typically Apple has a credible reason for doing what they do. They're not going to sabotage current sales by talking about a future product, so I'm curious to hear what they say when the new ones are actually released.

    I disagree with your take on Tim Cook; I think he's doing an excellent job. I understand Apple wanting to consolidate control of their sales and services to their own stores as much as possible. Although, I'm sorry that that strategy hasn't worked out for you.

  • WWDC 2016: Apple's Siri and the future of voice vs. Amazon's Alexa Echo, Google Now, Microsoft Cort

    That was an incredibly enjoyable read. So many great (and well deserved) zingers, and a very helpful and informative overview and perspective, as usual.
  • Apple loses mechanical engineer responsible for original MacBook Air enclosure to Tesla

    asdasd said:
    I could see the appeal of wanting to join Tesla. A great case can be made for Tesla becoming very successful if you consider the synergy between EVs, powerwalls, and rooftoop solar installations. Like Apple, they're taking disparate technologies and businesses and making them work as one cohesive whole. The execution isn't exactly great, and the products not as refined as Apple's, but they still have a very compelling product portfolio.

    The typical acquisition targets people talk about for Apple are usually beyond absurd, but it may make a lot of sense for Apple to buy Tesla (assuming it's even an option). The places where Tesla is lacking is where Apple excels.
    I think myself that Tesla is all hat and no cattle. 
    That does seem to be the case right now, but that also seems like all the more reason for Apple to come in and beef up the herd, no? I'm sure there's a lot of factors that I'm not privy to, but a Tesla acquisition makes more sense to me than pretty much all the others I hear about.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook delivering MIT commencement speech in June

    It could be argued that Apple was played by the PRC. At the time Apple began its serious expansion in China they were feigning an open arms policy to Apple in particular. So Apples assumptions of smooth sailing in China, were warranted. Having put the machine in motion to make a serious play in China, it was only then that the PRC was going to be playing a little underhanded with Apple. By then Apple had made a 'can't turn back' move into,China, and has been trying to play nice and conform to China's cumbersome expectations, regulation and protectionism.

    Things will be shaken up by the new Administration. Hopefully a more just relationship we evolve for US commerce in China.

    also, to sogs ongoing shit storm on Mr. Cook. Can Tim Cook be held accountable for the problems Apple has faced? To some extent yes, could he do better, yes. But the predominant hurdles, roadblocks and and limitations in Apples forward progress are beyond Apples control.

    Here is a partial list of problems that have held Apple back which were substantially outside of their control.
    A.)Chinese never ending movement of the legal, political, consumer sentiment, corporate expectation boundaries. Must be dealt with by Apple but can't tangibly prevent these substantial changes from having an impact.
    B.)the malaise in the Global sentiment, weakened consumer finances, regulatory changes in many nation states, regions and nation blocks.
    C.)Very significant Forex difficulties that cannot be completely rectified.
    D.)of course a downturn in the volume of devices needed by consumers, for various reasons.
    E.) Important elections, power struggles and crises throughout the world.
    F.) and the never ending dint of naysayers  throughout the readable universe looking for Apple to fail.
    Great post. It's not like Apple's growth has been slowing at the expense of others, which just shows that the bigger issues are macro, as you described so well. And looking at Apple products, they are clearly best-in-class by a wide margin in all the areas they compete (aside from a few service categories). Apple is making very sensible choices. The only 2 things I really find fault with is:
    1) that maybe they could do something to shake it up a bit, something that will be more overtly "innovative," along with the substantial, but more subtle innovation that they continue to excel at (it does seem as though Apple is about to make an interesting move with the iPhone in the near future).
    2) Your "F" bullet point. The amount of bashing, crying, whining, complaining, snickering, spiteful comments... being made about Apple on a regular basis are not just annoying, but I think they are damaging to the company. As an example, no "normal" consumers I talk to have any appreciation or knowledge of Apple's stance on privacy and Apple's great security, but almost everyone I talk to feels Apple is responsible for workers killing themselves (which, with a little information, is of course beyond absurd). It seems like Apple creates a webpage or makes an occasional statement and that's it. I'm not sure what the answer is, but it doesn't seem like Apple cares much about this negativity, which only reinforces its validity in people's minds, no matter how ridiculous.  
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  • Larry Jackson, Zane Lowe, Bozoma Saint John interview addresses ambitions, goals for Apple...

    I use and enjoy Apple Music pretty much on a daily basis.

    I think a lot of the issues people have with Apple Music can be explained by this: Apple Music / Beats 1 are an excellent service, better than the others, but because they try to do so much, they also have more flaws.

    The glaring flaw, which would make up for most of the other, minor flaws (and which would be so, so simple to resolve), is lack of sufficient social engagement [you can't create a personalized page, which makes it near-impossible to effectively express yourself to others, which is the root of social engagement (just look at Facebook)]; how Apple still doesn't seem to understand this is beyond me.

    It also seems like Apple Music / Beats suffers from a lack of promotion, something that is especially needed when you're battling terrestrial radio, which doesn't require an iPhone/app and and internet connection. Bozoma is an excellent Apple Music ambassador (loved her presentation at WWDC); but I don't think too many tweens and teens are going to be following her twitter feed anytime soon. I'm actually kind of shocked that Apple hasn't started hosting Beats branded concerts.

    Those issues aside, Apple Music /Beats 1 are pretty remarkable. However, relying so much on curation is both a blessing and a curse: although Apple Music hits more home runs than the other services, it also strikes out more often. For Apple Music the playlists do flow very well together, and I come across some obscure, yet excellent music that I would not have otherwise found. However, there is a lot of inconsistency and bias still evident (even in the algorithm based radio stations, strangely). And some of the strikeouts are very frustrating to the user, who expects a personalized experience. For instance, Apple Music employees seem to have a strong bias towards pop and hip-hop, which affects the playlist suggestions focused on other genres. Speaking from my own experience, I listen to the EDM genre almost exclusively (a huge genre, believe it or not; Ive is also a fan, as I've read that he plays techno in the design studio). The "for you" playlists, and other playlists, can be really hit or miss. It seems as if there's only one person at Apple Music that is a genuine EDM fan and makes great selections, and then a lot of the time it sounds like the songs are being chosen by people not familiar with the genre due to the generic sounds and non-engaging tracks (in addition to annoying pop and hip-hop bias). It shouldn't be hard to hire people with a more diverse music experience/taste, especially if Apple is going for universal appeal, which it should. While pop and hip-hop are more popular, there should be more pop/hip-hop fans working at Apple Music; just please don't let those people pick music for people that like other genres (I wouldn't pretend to know what good pop, hip-hop, country, or indie music is).

  • iOS 10 Messages gain rich links, 3X bigger emojis, bubble effects & third-party app integration

    It's hilarious how many curmudgeons, Negative Nancy's, and shut-ins there are commenting on this thread that are completely incapable of understanding how most people under the age of 40 communicate these days.
  • Google to ape Apple's 'Subscriptions 2.0' payout policy without customer retention stipulation

    techlover said:
    Good grief can we give the whole copying thing a rest already?

    Everyone copies everyone. We are all standing on the shoulders of giants.

    That being said, one thing I hope Apple will copy from Google is being able to log into any web browser from anywhere, go to the app store page, and install any app to any device I choose.

    That is one of the things Google gets right. You search for an app on the Google Play Store website from any browser, you find it easily because their search works. You then click install, and by the time you have picked up the device you installed said app to, its already downloading and installing.

    It's quite slick and seamless and I think that is well worth copying. I'd love to see Apple do that same exact thing.
    Hey charlie brown, cool it with that tired rationalization.. which does not come remotely close to the reality that the copying is extremely asymmetric. Pretty pathetic, but Apple haters have to sleep at night somehow I suppose. BTW, if Apple comes out with Apple Balloon and Apple Contact Lens I'll take my words back.