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  • Android creator Andy Rubin plans AI-equipped smartphone with edge-to-edge display, ceramic...

    Is this story being announced to commemorate the 10th anniversary of him deciding to copy the iPhone?

    Guess he's trying to get ahead of the curve this time around.

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  • Here's every Apple HomeKit product announced at CES 2017 coming later this year

    I've been pretty damn frustrated with homekit so far. I have a Lyric sitting in a drawer and I've been holding out on buying lighting because of the expected hassle. I installed the schlage door lock that I bought from the Apple store (in its nice, Apple-specific packaging) and the *&^%ing thing doesn't even work with iPhone 7 (the tech had me do the set up on my old iPhone 6, but the homekit was too buggy to use, and then it disconnected completely; it's now a $200 dumb lock.) An idevices outdoor plug wouldn't install. Still no homekit compatible garage door opener apparently (although one is supposedly coming). The only smoke/CO alarm I've found has terrible reviews on amazon; not reassuring for a safety device. Why bother creating a platform like this if it's going to be so difficult to use? I can't be the only one with these frustrations. The homekit app was my favorite part of iOS 10. Unfortunately it's been a huge disappointment for me.

    In case anyone is interested: I have the nanoleaf aura and it is really great and could not be easier to set up. It's the only functional item on my Apple Home control panel.
  • Google to ape Apple's 'Subscriptions 2.0' payout policy without customer retention stipulation

    I imagine google as a small child, aimlessly stumbling around the pre-school playground until they see another kid enjoying a toy, then they start throwing a tantrum because all of the sudden they have to have that toy. Hurry Phil, find a shiny object to distract them with so we don't have to hear them whining!

    Seriously though, is there an Apple product google hasn't tried to copy? They tried like 6 times with the TV. Oh, and of course they mocked Siri as useless until they saw people enjoying it, now they have entire products built around their version of it. I'd be sad if it wasn't so damn funny.
  • As Apple hypes original content, Disney & Google sever ties with popular YouTube star PewD...

    I know someone who's a big fan of PewDiePie, and so I actually watched his response videos to the sign controversy. He basically paid some guys whose entire shtick is to get paid to hold up any sign while laughing and jumping around in a silly way. It was clearly meant to be an obviously over the top joke, and I have to admit that juxtaposition of those silly guys holding up such a ridiculously morose sign was kind of funny. But, clearly, others may legitimately feel differently about it.
  • Google sells off Terra Bella satellite unit to Planet Labs

    gatorguy said:
    cali said:
    Notice something?

    Goog is always selling off companies/tech it acquired while I can't remember the last time Apple sold any part of its business. Can you?

    tells me Apple actually buys things it can utilize and....utilizes them bringing in profit. 
    Yup. Before Ruth Porat came on board so many of the Google acquisitions seemed like spur-of-the-moment buys. She's brought a little sense to it all. 
    What a relief. Now I can finally sleep at night.
  • Apple loses mechanical engineer responsible for original MacBook Air enclosure to Tesla

    asdasd said:
    I could see the appeal of wanting to join Tesla. A great case can be made for Tesla becoming very successful if you consider the synergy between EVs, powerwalls, and rooftoop solar installations. Like Apple, they're taking disparate technologies and businesses and making them work as one cohesive whole. The execution isn't exactly great, and the products not as refined as Apple's, but they still have a very compelling product portfolio.

    The typical acquisition targets people talk about for Apple are usually beyond absurd, but it may make a lot of sense for Apple to buy Tesla (assuming it's even an option). The places where Tesla is lacking is where Apple excels.
    I think myself that Tesla is all hat and no cattle. 
    That does seem to be the case right now, but that also seems like all the more reason for Apple to come in and beef up the herd, no? I'm sure there's a lot of factors that I'm not privy to, but a Tesla acquisition makes more sense to me than pretty much all the others I hear about.
  • Staff leave Google's self-driving car team after reaping massive bonuses

    How could this be!? google is such a 'fun' place to work! Their lives are going to be sooooo boring without being surrounded by large swaths of primary colors. /s
  • Apple's 'iPhone 8' to boast larger Plus-sized battery in form factor similar to 4.7" iPhon...

    melgross said:
    We continue to read about how much more efficient OLED screens are, particularly because black pixels aren't illuminated from behind. We rarely read, in those same articles, just how much more power is consumed by OLED pixels when they are at a bright level.

    apple's watch is using an OLED screen, according to Apple, because it's thinner than an LCD and LED backlight, not because it's significantly more efficient. The entire reason why OLED devices often have a black background is because of the inefficiency at brighter levels. The interesting thing here is that while, over the years, OLEDs have become more efficient, so have LCD LED backlights. The two screen types are at about the same overall efficiency, and apparently will continue to be for some time.

    OLEDs do have some other advantages, mainly the mythical edge to edge screen. And, as I've mentioned, they are thinner. The disadvantages include the still problematic burn in. While that has been improved over time, it still exists, and is part of the continued problem over shorter overall screen life. The shorter screen life, and burn in are related to the problem of why OLEDs aren't nearly as bright as LCDs. When more power is poured in, they, like every other illumination device, get hotter. But OLEDs can't get as hot as an inorganic led, so they can only have so much power. That means their brightness is restricted.

    the latest OLED screens are stuck below 400 nits in normal mode. They can jump to over 600 for a short time in direct daylight, but there is no manual control over that high brightness. LCDs can get to over 600 nits in normal mode, and up to 700 nits in bright daylight. It's true that most time that isn't needed, but when it is, it makes a big difference.

    i don't know what Apple is doing with the Apple Watch Series 2 OLED screens, as Apple states that they can reach 1,000 nits in direct daylight, and indeed, it's a lot brighter than my friends first gen Apple Watch under these conditions. Either Apple has made a breakthrough that their manufacturer uses exclusively for them, or Apple isn't worried about shortening the screen lifetime, as watches aren't used as much as a smartphone.

    but, my take on these stories is to be just a bit skeptical about the virtues of OLEDs. While they're better than they used to be, as is everything electronic, they're not yet a paragon of virtue.
    Very informative. Thank you for sharing. As LED and OLED are comparable in many ways, I feel like the most significant factor at this time is the fact that OLED can go full black, and thus blend seamlessly with the surrounding frame/bezel. This seemed like a key design point for Ive with the watch, so much so that I think he even hinted at bringing this design feature to the iPhone. Especially as bezels shrink in general, I suspect that black will be the only bezel color available in the near future, or at least with 'iPhone X.'

    BTW, I use my 4.7" iPhone 7 almost exclusively one-handed, all day long, in my non-dominant hand even, as I'm always multitasking.. checking my work computer, driving, eating.. and yes, even at the urinal! A 5"+ screen in the current 4.7" form factor is my ideal phone.
  • iOS 10 Messages gain rich links, 3X bigger emojis, bubble effects & third-party app integration

    It's hilarious how many curmudgeons, Negative Nancy's, and shut-ins there are commenting on this thread that are completely incapable of understanding how most people under the age of 40 communicate these days.
  • Google to ape Apple's 'Subscriptions 2.0' payout policy without customer retention stipulation

    techlover said:
    Good grief can we give the whole copying thing a rest already?

    Everyone copies everyone. We are all standing on the shoulders of giants.

    That being said, one thing I hope Apple will copy from Google is being able to log into any web browser from anywhere, go to the app store page, and install any app to any device I choose.

    That is one of the things Google gets right. You search for an app on the Google Play Store website from any browser, you find it easily because their search works. You then click install, and by the time you have picked up the device you installed said app to, its already downloading and installing.

    It's quite slick and seamless and I think that is well worth copying. I'd love to see Apple do that same exact thing.
    Hey charlie brown, cool it with that tired rationalization.. which does not come remotely close to the reality that the copying is extremely asymmetric. Pretty pathetic, but Apple haters have to sleep at night somehow I suppose. BTW, if Apple comes out with Apple Balloon and Apple Contact Lens I'll take my words back.