34 hours with no sleep...interrsting things start to happenn



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    I work full-time and study for my masters full-time, so I often have nights where I only get between 4 and 6 hours of sleep a night. On the weekends, I'll sleep 12-14 hours. Since I was a teenager, (not sure if it was before or after I caught mono) I've always needed 10 hours to feel rested. This week I had several projects due so I had to pull 2 all-nighters in a row. I used to do it occasionally as needed during undergrad, but often not making it past 8 am the next morning (hour 26ish). This time, I took Adderall everytime I started to get sleepy, so about 48 hours in I felt completely awake, but I noticed cognitive delays. Surely if my brain is not recharged then Adderall can't be doing much, so I was wide awake but working way slower. I felt like I sat and stared at my screen for hours. I stayed up on Adderall before to study, but never longer than 50 hours and I had texted my brother at the time telling him I was starting to see things move out of the corner of my eyes. Well the other day when I was 60 hours in and finally getting ready to sleep, I started seeing figures moving... people with real, distinguishable features and transparent bodies. There was an old man hobbling down my hallway and a guy standing next to my bed looking at my laptop. It was slightly trippy at first, but the longer it went on with them walking around, the more terrifying it was. At one point I put my hand through one to see if he was real. I'm not sure if it was the sleep deprivation itself, or the Adderall, but I know I couldn't make it more than 24 hours without falling the sleep standing up on the subway or falling over, so surely just the fact that I was up that many hours at all was stressful on my brain. I don't know if I was hallucinating, or if my brain activity began functioning on a wave that saw light energies that we can't normally, or if I was straight up being haunted, or dying. I honestly think it was the 2nd one though. Either way, it was creepy as shit. Has anyone else had similar experiences? I mean it was creepy enough for me to google deprivation for the last two hours!

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    adamggadamgg Posts: 1member
    i haven't slept for 12 hours and its killing me im starting to feel my body going num
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    It's been nearly 24 hours since I slept. I don't find it tiring or rough but extremely annoying. I've been laying in bed since 1am (its 7am now) with my eyes closed don't know why but when I try to sleep I feel more awake then ever but my eyes are tired. Anyone else deal with this on a nightly basis and find it a miracle when you finally do fall asleep? Also this has got to be the oldest but longest living thread I've seen. Signed up just to keep it living.
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    marvfox wrote: »

    Go see a shrink!
    Today is sunday the last day i got any sleep is last Tuesday im 22 i work full time and had to leave early im having panic attacks ill nod off for about five minutes and the panic attack is so bad i get scream. Cry and walk around shaking its the absolute worst ever im currently stuck at work as my boss wont let me drive home by myself as he had a previous associate do so and is now paralyzed im debating whether or not to cause my self some form of external pain to keep me alert long enough to get home any tips and id rather not draw blood
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    So far I'm 37 hours and counting, and honestly I'm not that tired.
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    I'm on my way to 20 hours right now, anxiety as usual... Longest I've been awake is two days playing Gauntlet: Dark Legacy with friends. Occasionally I hit 30+, but it's accompanied by nausea, nausea and exhaustion at the same time, it is a living hell, the nausea keeps you awake, and rushing to the bowl every 10 minutes. Anyway, here's my contribution. :P
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    nolannolan Posts: 1member

    I have not slept in 24 hours, I'm so tired, I think that I want to take a week off to recover at least.







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    To the Individual that said they had never gone 3 straight days but did go 70 hrs.  Umm, I am currently on 3 straight days of no sleep from an allergic reaction; that included severe insomnia from a systemic inflammatory response and even in my state of hyperbolic enchantment from my altered reality, I can shake my head at your comment cause 70 hours IS 3 days!  The insomnia "accounting" Police obviously would let the measly 2 hours slide! lol  I know the post was from over a decade ago so I can totally get away with trolling and not hurting her/his feelings.  Bwahahaha!   Life is Good.

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    *Bribes the Moderator by winking and blowing glow bug kisses in your direction.  You are so hot! Building Columns twist just to check you out!

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    Well congrats for this thread 15th birthday it is younger than me by 2 years only hhh
    I ve been awake for 20 hors now i hate sleaping i like to learn to invest in my self to create things and sleaping isn't letting me do that it is such a shame that we need it
    The longest i stayed without sleeping is 58 hours and i felt normal only some acceleration in my heart beats
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    I deprived myself of sleep a few weeks ago. A matter of seconds after I finally got to sleep, I woke up in a confusing hell, partly based on a skateboarding game, in which my existence was dependent on spinning myself into a proper position, but I couldn't do it. I went downstairs, but could only say "I don't understand anything."

    Over a period of about ten minutes I woke myself from the indefinite hell. Still not completely out, I went back downstairs, saying something like "There are too many skateboarders." I tried in vain to get back to sleep for about an hour, unable to think of anything but how to remove the skateboarders crossing my bed.

    That experience, which was rather torturous, is still causing me mild flashbacks. I have a feeling that people will label this post as bullshit... sure comes off as it to me.
    I don't see this as bullshit. At all. Hallucinations after one night have happened to me, seeing things that i knew weren't there. It gets to the point that you start to not tell the difference between real and hallucination.

    Although, what you described to me sounds exactly what i used to get.

    Did you have an overwhelming feeling of utter dread?

    It could be a chance that what you had was a panic attack/ night terror that was obviously brought on by lack sleep,
    With all the unbalance that does to our adrenaline, which a panic attack is a major adrenaline response brought on by something abnormal (one off drug experience, months or years of worry and anxiety, potentially your case

    Mine used to be only a night thing, id wake up in terror, feeling severely trapped in time, or in some big evil process. Everything is fast and slow at the same time.

    I then got one one day when i smoked bit of pot. I had a full on, complete bad trip, trapped in time, minut feels like eternity

    The problem with Panic attacks: they are so terrifying, you never want to feel like that again (fells what hell would feel like) and that fear of having another sparks of the next, and the next.

    It can also become conditional where for example i once went to the gym, I had one, and I never went back to that gym again. Doesnt matter that it sounds stupid, you do it anyway. You would do anything to avoid one.

    Anyway maybe I'm wrong.

    All the best
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    So I got like 2 hours of sleep and tomorrow is my first day at a new school. I also have PE im the morning. Wish me luck lol
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    I only got two hours of sleep, and today is my first day at a new school. It's 6:09 AM. Wish me luck
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    No sleep and today is first day of Sophomore year. I read through all these posts and made an account just to post on this thread.

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    I took some Ecstasy about 3 and a half days ago maybe 4 and a half its all starting to blend together, without sleeping for a day before hand and haven't slept since. The effects of the drug have yet to wear off completely.. Yet it's no longer enjoyable in facts it's just down right annoying. I can't sleep even though I've spent every night in a bed trying sleep and all day smoking some good ole cannabis to tire me out.. I have yet to start hallucinating and I'm not looking forward to it. I feel so weak and nauseous but at the same time I feel like I could keep going. Starting to get relatively worried about my health to be completely honest. Was pretty dope to find this thread that's been going on for so long. Fellow Insomniacs sharing their stories. I also have I so,Mia but I generally Medicare with cannabis to help with it. Lastly I apologize if this didn't make sense my vision has been distorted/ blurry for quite awhile now. Well thanks for the read and stories guys. -IrishStoner
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    My son has not slept in 84 hour and now he is in the illusion all and angry state, he is not able to be comforted and asking him to take trazadone or cloniphen just makes him angrier . I feel sad for him and worry a seizure will come
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    I like sleep but sometimes do not like dreams. I watch u son go through many times of sleep depravation started by abuse of Ritalin but now a low dose keeps him up for this time 82 hours no appetite and first he is happy busy singing or painting but this day he is negative and talking to half and irritable and delusional he is in a separate reality unfortunately he seems sad and angry I wonder the pay off some kind of purge I do not understand please be careful friends and Ty for letting r share and read
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    I went two day without sleep and at the time i was watching alot of naruto and around season 10 it went to japenese with eng subs so i went to school and it sounded like everyone was speaking japenese and i was looking at this girls hair and it turned into a scary mouth like i was shocked and this one girl i was talking to her face turned into a friend of mines.
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    what happening with you dear friend ?

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    Well I'm a college student and due to having several midterms, a paper, a lot of homework, and poor time management skills I am now on day three of no sleep, it's funny I felt like a zombie for the first two days and needed all the caffeine I could get to keep functioning, but now I'm starting to perk up. The dizziness, mild auditory hallucinations, and struggle to put thoughts into words is annoying, but I'm feeling a mild euphoria as well, I may be losing my mind.

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