34 hours with no sleep...interrsting things start to happenn



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    I'm not a regular forum poster, but I fackin' love this macbook air that I'm typin' on...
    I don't make it a habit to post in online forums, but this one here really helped me through my insomniac 2016/2017...
    You might be thinking, wow, isn't it pretty shallow dipping into 2018 and acting like those crazy days are ova'?
    What am I saying, I reread the words before me and I thought maybe I've been here and one of those old accounts was me :open_mouth: 
    It kind'a reminds me that we're all the same person, and it's all the same fuckin' day, man.

    What time is it? Holy shit I'm typing well because let me tell you, I fucked with all nighters & tri-nighters in my crazy youth (1-2 yrs ago).
    Then, I had a bouts of clinical depression, suicidal thoughts, and a hodgepodge of meds that gave me insomnia. 
    Struggled with panic disorder when I was younger, but the attacks always made me fatigued and I slept quite well in those years.
    I think my "record" was an accidental 62 or 72 hours awake straight, I can't remember now because it was a blur.
    I do remember experiencing awake dreaming and micro sleeps, and having had recurring sleep paralysis since the age of 5....
    I have ADHD, and went unmedicated for most of my life, age 0-18, and sleeping was rough, man.
    The ironic part is finally getting me some Adderall made me sleep like a baby, and the straight A's were back, baby!
    Moving abroad soon and that shit is illegal as fuck, but I get down with some melatonin and other shite too...

    I guess my point is I'm tired, and I don't know how long I've been awake.
    I was always to lazy/paranoid/maybe i already posted here, to actually post here, but here I am, live in color!
    The thing is, I'm pretty young, but I miss blaming enlightenment and ADHD on my poor sleep habits.
    Did you know that Monks achieve most of their touchy feely feelings from chronic sleep deprivation and starvation?
    Try fasting and all nighters and trust me, you'll be able to fly, and then you won't. 
    It's like doing meth, but less socially acceptable. (Not that I've done meth, just psychedelics and speed)
    Hey, ho, let's go! (to bed I'm exhausted)

    I think I'm just anxious about my flight in 32 hours and my birthday soon and moving abroad in 2 months and getting old and dying.
    I'm 20 and tired, and I wrote many a slam poem when I was depressed.
    Happy to say that I'm happy and mentally fit these days, but I'm hopelessly addicted to Monsters and Yellow American Spirits.
    I'll bank on the fact that both of those are super expensive and imported in the country where I'll be moving soon, and I'm not rich.
    I'm rich enough to pull all nighters on my old macbook air, but not for fuckin' imported energy drinks and American Spirits, I tell you 'hwat.
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    anybody call for a doctor? mmm hmm you guys got it bad...youve got the gimme some lovin syndrome anyway the cure is at the bottom of bottle or underneath somebodys clothes lol call me in the morning later

    *ps stalker magnet
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    Lack of sleep is awful. I pulled a few all-nighters in college and it was no fun. A friend of mine's roommate had such bad insomnia that he started hallucinating. Guy was sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of the day and imagined that a rabid dog was running at him full-speed...
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    I fear I have been remiss in not touching base with the immortal insomnia thread for a few years.  Time passes, glaciers recede, entire civilizations rise and fall, but the insomnia thread lingers on, groggily drifitng across the decades. It's a comfort, in these times of precipitous upheaval and debased institutions, that at least one tradition holds fast, seemingly impervious to the world outside the bedroom walls. Battles are fought and reputations destroyed; inside this thread it is always three o'clock in the morning.  Soon, I will have to appoint an heir to continue this series of meta-commentary, as the human life span is but a brief candle guttering in the long night of the sleepless and their forum, which is forever.
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    PhilanderPhilander Posts: 11member
    I think you are tired mate. You need deep and rest. 36 hours without sleeping is bit hilarious for me. 
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    Loki.s_bitchLoki.s_bitch Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    This heckin thing is 17 years old

    anyway... the night before last night I wasn’t able to sleep because I have really bad anxiety. And last night I had a panic attack so I wasn’t able to sleep at all...... idk this might be my longest rn idc 

    also so who else loves my username haha
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    Loki.s_bitchLoki.s_bitch Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    Also I’m 13 if that makes a difference to how much I should be sleeping. I forgot to mention but.....

    just now I was looking at my phone with my ears towards the door. Ok just look 
               Open bedroom door
          [___]     \| bathroom door 
    |     | bed
    |[   ]|

    so it was closed like it shows there and I was laying down with my head turned to the left and I saw the door shut partially and when I looked it emediatly stopped. 
    Doors look like this now 
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    I don't think you can do that. You should asap go to the bed. Because if you don't sleep enough you'll not get enough power or strength. 
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    This brings me back when I have depression for 4 months. I can go a day without sleeping and just doing nothing except for thinking every mistake I've done. 
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    Holy fuck... I just read this whole thing. I’m coming right up on hour 50 of being awake and I couldn’t let this thread die so here’s to the one fucking time I’ll probably use this account. Stay woke folks and greetings from 2019.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Of course this would be the first thread I see coming back here.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,508member
    Didn’t this thread used to have thousands of comments?
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