Offbeat: Steve Ballmer signs MacBook Pro - running Windows, of course



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    Steve Ballmer just bought this guy a new MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Dual 30" screens, and a iPad after this sells on Ebay. Way to support the Mac ecosystem Microsoft!
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    Originally Posted by NewMacMan View Post

    You've got some kind of stick-in-the-ass fetish, lighten up, Francis.

    Your one who needs to lighten up buddy...we may not like Ballmer, but at least he got wit, not like u.

    NewMacBoy is more lik it..
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    Hey, Balmer sells operating systems, not commodity PCs. Why should he give a crap what kind of machine the kid had? The Windows profits were already in the bank!
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    Originally Posted by extremeskater View Post

    What would make even bigger news is if a student went up to Steve Jobs and said " Mr Jobs would you sign my HP Envy, its running OSX, I promise.

    Jobs would sign, no doubt... legal action.
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    Originally Posted by Doug Halfen View Post

    My, oh my, where to begin...

    If this comment alone doesn't demonstrate what's wrong with Microsoft, then I can't think of a better example.

    Talk about missing the point.

    The guy should have said Ford or Chrysler -- yet he chooses BMW, one of the finest automobile companies on the face of the planet!

    Sure, you don't dare expose the CEO to a BMW -- the comparison may cause a severe case of EPIC FAIL, followed by suicidal tendencies.

    (And, more importantly, shouldn't he be referring to the CEO of GM -- since, oh, I don't know, about 1917 ??!?!?)

    Update: after reading arlomedia's comment below, then maybe that employee has a really fine sense of humour!

    Presuming that guy is really MS employee (which I haven't find any proof for...), one can also conclude that MS employees are free to speak their mind.

    I haven't heard from too many Apple employees (short of their top brass), and last one I did heard was from the guy talking about Apple's secret-squirrel in-house inquisition. Was it here on AI or on Anandtech..?

    Again, presuming that guy was really Apple employee, which I tend to doubt in both cases.
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    Originally Posted by digitalclips View Post

    As others have said it is an Intel computer that can run his company's OS, why would he even ask if they needed a new one? Would he say that if a Dell were the computer in question? His company only makes an OS, they are supposed to be agnostic to hardware (in the computing arena). Now if he were asked to sign a boxed copy of OS X that would be the same situation of asking SJ to sign a Dell.

    Well. Mac can run Windows but is designed to run OSX, which is Windows competitor. Additionally, SB is showing solidarity with Microsoft strategic allies (like HP, Dell, Lenovo).

    I think he played this very well, on multiple levels. Including that ugly oversized over-the-logo signature, which I would not be surprised at all to find completely intentional
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    Originally Posted by newbee View Post

    Judging from the millions of ad dollars MS directs against Apple (think laptop hunter ads) I would say Steve Ballmer disagrees with you. Also, 95% vs 5% .... that's about right for iPod vs Zune, isn't it? ... and the retail value for software and hardware is almost the same.

    Well, those adds are (very late) reply to Apple's "Get a Mac" ads, after all.

    MS and Apple are not competition regarding personal computer hardware, but are competitors on OS and desktop software levels, sort of (market shares numbers are too apart for real competing). Likewise, they are competitors in MP3, smartphone software markets... but again, market share numbers are again too apart for real competition.

    Additionally, MS is making money of retail software sales to Apple users, and Apple is likely making even more money from Windows users with iPods and iPhones.

    And finally, MS is strategic partner with number of companies that are direct competitors to Apple.

    So it is pretty much not black and white between them, very complex relation.
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    Originally Posted by Quadra 610 View Post

    Certainly not in the Premium segment.

    From MS point of view, license sold is license sold... so they are probably happier with 10 entry or mid level notebooks HP sells than they would be with one premium notebook instead.

    Additionally, beside those few premium notebooks from HP, Dell and others, MS sells some licenses to Apple users, so I'd expect MS presence in premium market is not bad at all.

    For MS hardware manufacturing allies, well, that is a different story.
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    Originally Posted by amac4me View Post

    I'm sure Ballmer took the opportunity as an ideal way to mess up a Mac!

    Wonder if that voids the Apple Warranty!

    Actually, since it's previous design warranty was probably up anyway.
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    Originally Posted by mrkoolaid View Post

    What about the trillions Apple directs at MS with their lame Justin Long ads NewBEE?

    Is this the best shot you can take TS? Pathetic.
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