Hands on with Apple's iPad (with videos and photos)



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    Originally Posted by paxman View Post

    OK, you just gave yourself away. Why disappointed? Your Android and Win7 tablets will soon be here. Instead of complaining here go to those forums and enthuse about what is to come.

    Why disappointed? I expected that finally, after wanting one for years, a cool capable tablet computer would be available.

    But I'm still waiting. And I'm not waiting for a non-multitasking, locked down, locked-in toy.

    Damn, all really wanted was something cool to surf the web while watching TV. But no flash. And something on which I could download and process and chat and surf. But no, it cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.

    That is why I am disappointed.
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram;

    I am feeling the same way! Must be the RDF at work......

    I will be ordering one, what the heck (64GB+3G). I have no self-control whatsoever.

    Ditto. iPad is the product I've been dreaming of for a while. I spend a lot of my time in bed with my iPhone tethered to AC. $829 seems way worth it to me.

    Although I have a powerful last 13" Black MacBook, it's impractical in bed. May can't come too soon for me. The Multi-Touch Browser, 99 cents, let's me lock in the aspect so the iPhone and soon the iPad can be held on it's side in bed without going portrait. I find the nay-sayers here to have completely perplexing views about this amazing new product. \
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    Originally Posted by iGenius View Post

    I'm using irony and humor to make my point. Sorry that you were the victim. I like to lampoon.

    Ah, got ya. Hard to tell in type sometimes. For me, it'll be a very good tool, but I tend to be both operating system and hardware agnostic, and use what best fits my purpose (even legal notepads over computers sometimes ). I won't live or die without a camera (but it would be nice as I video Skype with my son a lot). For me, I've already been experimenting with e-book readers for hard copy script replacements during shoots, and this seems much better for that and all the other things it can help with. If I could get a way to stream my monitor feed (maybe via my MBP), I'd be pretty set for a shoot. We'll see how it all works. There are always "glitches" to work out with new hardware.
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    Originally Posted by tjs View Post

    Email, web, photos, music, basic word processing... all of the things she normally does now on her Mac Mini with the added benefit of being able to take it with you.

    Well, it might be good FOR HER, but for the rest of us...
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    I forgot to mention that one other aspect i really wished they'd develop, now that we have a new form-factor to deal with, would be e-notes. They could have developed a way to use hand-writing recognition to be able to use the notes function as an e-note pad. I think this is a useful technology for students and business people alike. If you're talking that paperless life is here, why not for the note taking as well. As an architect, i'd like the notes function to also be developed into a sketch pad as well. no more napkin sketches at a cafe and no more paper pads in the office. Granted SJ hates the idea of a sylus, but for many professions, drawing instuments are crutial to business.

    The inclusion of iWork apps is a huge plus, but who wants to sync documents to thier iPad all the time, or email yourself documents to bring to a meeting. What good is giving a presentation on the iPad if you can't print copies for your participant.

    I think that gets back to my point about networking this device to a home network and an office network. The iPhone was a niche market until they added exchange server to the email function. I just think these are oversights to the device that i'm hoping to see in the iPad 2.0. That woudl definately open up the market to big business and really boost support.
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    Originally Posted by mzaslove View Post

    Ah, got ya. Hard to tell in type sometimes.

    Yes it is. I am always amazed when I type some kind of fatuous fanboi crap, and folks jump on the bandwagon to agree with me.

    I guess I shouldn't be amazed anymore. Hmmmm....isn't somebody here's sig an old Elvis quote? "I used to be disgusted, but now I'm just amused"?

    I'll work on getting amused.
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    Originally Posted by mzaslove View Post


    Hey - It's YOU with the Elvis Costello quote! I'll notice your posts in the future.
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    Originally Posted by iGenius View Post

    Well, it might be good FOR HER, but for the rest of us...

    The rest of us are now 'specialized' users. Clearly Apple is thinking of the 'casual' users, which now seem to be outnumbering the 'specialized' users by a large majority.

    This is very reminiscent of what is happening in the PC gamers vs couch gamers (i.e. PC gaming vs PS3/XBOX/Wii) gaming. In that business PS3/XBox/Wii is spanking (in terms of sales) the PC gamers because many people just want the damn thing to work and casually play it from their couch. But I digress....
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    I was initially wondering what happened to the stylus with this thing. I can now see Apple or a third party providing a stylus to use with the iPad if someone so wanted. I mean with the touch screen, the technology is already there....

    Now to work on the handwriting character recognition element......
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    Originally Posted by brit120666 View Post

    Started the day like - hmm - don't know about this. Tonight - different story. Looking back on my day and thinking how the iPad would fit in. I kind of get sick & tired of carrying my Pro around to each room I'm in throughout the day in order to e-mail, twit and read the constant drivel that the Apple naysayers have continued to write since Steve came back. This will be so much better for the things I use my Pro for - I have an iMac for my computing needs & the iPhone - to friggin' small for my tired old eyes. Plus, I have the "cloud". Finally, a netbook-esque solution without Windows! Sure, maybe a little light on computing-style apps. However, I think we will see an entire new family of "super apps" - photoshop lite and the like making their entrance in the next few months. Remember when the nayasayers said that apps are a gimmick - now look. The iPad will, like the iPhone, change the way we do things. The iPad today - just the beginning - and I can't wait for what's next. On a different note - aapl closed at $207+. Not bad. Analysts are already upping their forecasts on units that will sell in '10. Me - just happy I got into appl in December '06 when everything changed for the better.

    Dang--you saved me from having to write a full post: I agree with everything you wrote above. My story exactly. I work from home, go from room to room through out the day, and have been dreaming about a magazine style computing device for over ten years. Real tired of lugging my laptop around the house, not so convenient. I am ready to buy one today.

    Jobs hit the nail on the head - for me. I think the naysayers will always be around, and you know what, for all their doom and gloom, when by next year this thing is bigger than anyone expected you surely will not see them apologise, they'll simply distance themselves from what they said and find other reasons why the product sucks. But, much as I don't like some of what they write, these pundits are required. Everything should be questioned. And I may take one of these critics a little more seriously when they launch their own world-changing, computing device, as Jobs has done a couple times now. Ain't gonna happen.
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    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    i've never seen a demo model in the stores this far before the release. a week or two before perhaps but over a month away.

    so probably not .

    as for the camera, I expect that someone will come out with one that works with the dock connector, hopefully for still and web cam and out when the actual ipad comes out or very very shortly after.

    So the camera accessory would plug in the bottom 30 pin socket, you hold it in portrait orientation, and the camera is giving your audience a nice shot up your unkempt nostrils!

    I dont get all this "to do" over a camera. Video conferencing on a handheld device is a recipe for nausea at the other end.
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    I'm still looking for a comparison photo of both Steves holding their tablets. Then we can talk about where Apple is and where everyone else wishes they could be, okay? Okay!
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    Originally Posted by iGenius View Post

    Did everybody transition to "the paperless office" ten years ago? I think I missed that.

    The thing can neither multitask nor print. These are defects, not features.

    Why can't it print? I Have a blue tooth printer, this thing has a USB adapter - there are two potential ways to print already. A lot of people making assumptions based on zero facts.

    Why does it need to multitask - can you see two applications on this screen at the same time? I think not, so quickly flick between open apps. Easy.
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    Stephen Fry on the iPad

    Stephen Fry:

    You know how everyone who has ever done Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? always says, ?It?s not the same when you?re actually here. So different from when you?re sitting at home watching.?? You know how often you?ve heard that? Well, you?ll hear the same from anyone who?s handled an iPad. The moment you experience it in your hands you know this is class. This is a different order of experience. The speed, the responsiveness, the smooth glide of it, the richness and detail of the display, the heft in your hand, the rightness of the actions and gestures that you employ, untutored and instinctively, it?s not just a scaled up iPhone or a scaled-down multitouch enhanced laptop ? it is a whole new kind of device.

    I found myself nodding my head in agreement from start to finish.

    Daring Fireball 10-01-28 11:51 AM John Gruber http://daringfireball.net/
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    Originally Posted by m2002brian View Post

    if farmville was actually worthy of being played you would have a point. BUT consider you can play games like simcity on the Touch, and I'm sure an even better version will become available. Why don't you just tell your wife to play simfarm?

    Is this really what people do? Play games on the internet? No reading, no imagination fascination? No interest in figuring out how the ACTUAL world works? Just plain boring flash games. Of coarse I find gaming on a PS3 boring. The best game = tetris. What else would a person need?

    tens of millions of people play Zynga games. their visitor count is something like 1 billion a month and they are very profitable with hundreds of millions of $$$ in revenue. farmville is their biggest hit so far. i don't play but tens of millions of people do
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    Originally Posted by philipm View Post

    One of the strengths of Kindle is anyone can publish a book. I've done one (check out my blog in my sig if curious). The tools when I used them were clunky but not too hard. If this is only open to big publishers, it will stifle the kind of creativity you should be able to get from electronic publishing with almost zero cost if a book doesn't sell.

    I can't find any info on how to publish (though that hasn't stopped several people advertising services to do so for you).

    Start here

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    Originally Posted by TEKSTUD View Post

    Have you ever seen a $500 Netbook though? Big difference. Why do you think people buy them? If they were as horrible as you state they would not be selling this well.

    $500 Netbook is design for just surfing and light work. It's cheaply built and doesn't last. When you hold one, you know it's cheap.

    $500 Ipad from what I've seen is better at what it's designed to do, surf/email/photos/gaming/applications/music/eReader. It probably won't do as well on purely word processing/excel/powerpoint but it's purpose is to edit existing ones.

    For $500, you WILL get more use out of an iPad than Netbook (90% of the people). Better use and better value.

    Oh....which Netbook do you know can run as many applications as it's available on app store and run them well? Netbook gets bogged down easily when you start using intensive editing programs.
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    Originally Posted by tonton View Post

    For a two year-old to "hate" anything is a very bad indicator of how he's being brought up.

    best case is my son will treat the iPad like my blackberry. boooring

    he'll want his Thomas the Train and Dora and the websites won't work. He'll say broken. and i'll have to teach him a new word, crippled
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    Originally Posted by Dickprinter View Post

    I see your point but i think the point Stevegmu is trying to make is that his 10 year old iBook performs better than a new netbook. Divide the cost if the iBook over 10 years and tell me where the better deal is....not to mention the better user experience. iBook.....10 years old. After 10 years of service, Stevemgu has a FREE netbook. Ever think of that?

    And in a couple years, he could still probably get $50-$75 for it on EBay.


    Now that's value!!!


    I've got a 7 or 8 year old 1Ghz Titanium PowerBook that I use like that. I bought a QuickerTek "n" wireless PC Card and it does just fine for wandering around my apartment and web surfing when my MacBook Pro is tied up to my big monitor and doing actual work. It's my MacBook Air!

    The iPad will replace the old TiBook for wandering around. I can even take in to Starbucks or a local park (with open wi-fi networks) to escape the effects of cabin fever.

    I'm getting one!
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    Originally Posted by MacTripper View Post

    Yea the built in apps, fine, not really needing a lot of FPS anyway, and Apple isn't going to slow the machine down anyway with a lot of fancy GUI eye candy anyway.

    But as developers scale up their software to meet the capabilities of the iPad, it's going to slow it down in performance later is my point.

    Since most software sold for iPods/iPhones is games, you better believe the same will be for the iPad. And 3D games are taxing to machines, always pushing the limits of quality detail etc.

    I got up to a 9 core Cell processor in my PS3, NINE CORES, to drive the High Definition realistic 3D games. How is some 1Ghz air cooled with integrated graphics single core processor going to compete with that? It can't. The iPad doesn't even have a decent resolution screen.

    So games and software is going to hit the wall real fast and stop, because any faster will cause too much heat.

    Originally Posted by MacTripper View Post

    Look up "Cell processor" in Wikipedia yourself, my point was that although the iPad looks fast now, it's not going to be the case once apps are scaled up to meet it's limited performance and heat capability.

    It's only 1 Ghz, not very much, even if they put a lot of bandwidth in the thing.

    Again, you proved that you don't know anything. 1 ghz is not too much? There are no specific benchmarks or specs on the A4. Put a Pentium 4 2.5 vs a 1.6 now and see which processor wins. But 2.5 is HIGHER than 1.6 so it MUST win. Clock speed is not everything now. People like you just want to complain to complain. And if you don't like the iPad, don't buy it. Millions will though.
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