Twitter users' biggest complaint with iPad: it can't replace an iPhone



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    Originally Posted by ajmas View Post

    Anyone thinking this would be an iPhone replacement, must be kidding themselves. The primary task of each of these devices just isn't the same. There is cross-over, but that isn't the same.

    As for the "no flash support", I would be curious to see in what contexts and on which sites.

    That's actually what is interesting to learn from this analysis. Users realized that device as it is today can replace their iPhone, but it needs to be able to pass phone calls.

    If they want their iPad to be able to call, that's because they are carrying it everywhere like a telephone and then they are wondering why Apple didn't bring this last functionality to it.
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    Why would anyone ever want a three pound, ten inch phone?
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    Originally Posted by tundraboy View Post

    Nope, it is dumb. Yeah there is a huge overlap between the devices but making phone calls is not part of that overlap. Nobody from Apple ever said the iPad was meant to replace a phone. From day one, they said the iPad sits between the iPhone and a laptop. People who get an iPad and complain that a device with a 10-inch screen and no 3G is unable to replace their phones are being dumb. It's time we speak up when someone says something dumb, instead of pretending that what is being said isn't a stupid, asinine idea. If more of us did that in 2002, we wouldn't be in such a mess in Iraq.

    Yeah I woke up grumpy today.

    Uh, no, it is not dumb. Some people are going to take the iPad with them everywhere, and some of those people would be really happy if they could just use it to replace their iPhone. They are not saying that they expected the current iPad to be able to make calls, they are wishing that it had that capability.

    Personally, when I get my iPad I do not envision carrying it everywhere, so it would not work for me, but I can understand the desire. With the use of a bluetooth headset a phone version of the IPad would work out well for a lot of people.
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