Apple says white iPhone 4 won't arrive until later this year



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    Originally Posted by BUSHMAN4 View Post

    In the end APPLE will be one of the few companies that has a solution for the alleged antenna problem and will patent the idea. So what starts out as a black eye for APPLE may turn out to be a Gold Star.

    First of all, it isn't 'alleged', it is proven and even Apple admits to a problem, though has shown the general attenuation is not limited to their models.

    Secondly, what exactly did they provide as a solution that the other companies did not? The attenuation caused by squeezing the phones will happen regardless of there being a bumper or case. All of the models they are showcasing have a built in case, that being their shell. The bumpers and cases Apple is providing provide no more protection from a tight grasp at the bottom of the phone than the shells built into the other phones. What the bumper does protect from is the detuning caused by touching the antenna and bridging the gap between the two antennas. The other companies do not have this problem, as their shells prevent direct contact with the antennas. So why would they be expected to provide a solution?
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    Originally Posted by justflybob View Post

    I would have to agree. Very cool for those that understand what all those little thingies are doing in there.

    Agreed. Or something not completely clear but just slightly opaque.
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    Originally Posted by brucep View Post

    The more that you protest, the more you feed the trolls yourself.

    I made a long double that I forgot to delete . I am very sorry ,and my bad spelling also will be fixed .

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