Steve Wozniak open to returning to Apple if asked



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    rtm135rtm135 Posts: 310member
    speaking of negative IQ's, you're clearly deficient for not grasping basic sarcasm and colloquialisms.

    with that said, your comparisons fail in a couple key areas

    1) Henry Ford is dead and can't contribute anything. Woz, on the other hand, very much alive.

    2) I don't know Woz personally, do you? Who is to say that he hasn't kept up on technology and isn't the useless relic you suggest he is?

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    So anyone who disagrees with you has a negative IQ? What do you call a person who doesn't even comprehend that it's impossible for an IQ number to be negative?

    What you're suggesting is the equivalent of hiring Henry Ford to assist Mercedes or Ferrari with engine design today. The fact that he was once an innovator doesn't mean that he's able to contribute anything a few dozen generations later.

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