ITC rules HTC violating two of Apple's iPhone-related patents



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    Everyone taking this at face value and not investigating the patents themselves -- good old Apple Insider.

    "System and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data" and "Real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data.", really?

    I wonder if I've violated those accidentally while writing this post.

    Software patents are silly and get in the way of real progress, they only exist by trickery in the first place -- algorithms aren't patentable, and that's what software is at the core, you'll hear that in the first ten minutes of any CS 101. They simply stick "in a computer" into it, bloat it to a few dozen pages and make pretty diagrams, and shove it through the beleaguered Patent Office which takes thousands upon thousands in constantly.

    To make matters worse, patents are often not visible while being decided for approval, yet they can still be violated and sued for if they are indeed accepted (these are known as "submarine patents"). Let alone being able to find any possible patents you might infringe using a search, given the millions out there.

    Write a useful program without violating a single patent, I dare you.

    And yes, that means I think any counter-suit HTC may file against Apple regarding patents is equally silly and should be disregarded.

    I'm not a fanboy.

    A much more thorough examination of the follies of software patents:
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    jahonenjahonen Posts: 364member
    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    So none of them have a real 4G network built yet, right?

    So what's the point of an LTE iPhone yet?

    As noted in my post, several already have and most will have "soon".

    l But the main reasons for not having an LTE phone is that voice call continuity (VCC) is not yet mature. Thus you can think of LTE as "data only" for a few more years. Add the fact that proper HSPA+ networks give you the same de facto service, LTE chipsets use more power at the moment etc. means that there really is no hurry to build LTE phones other than bragging rights.

    Regs, Jarkko
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