Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies



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    Reincarnate, Steven P. Jobs, and lead another revolution of Human-Technology coexistence.

    To the best boss I've ever known and the only one I've ever admired and respected across the board.

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    Probably just a crazy dream of mine, but it would almost not surprise me if it turned out that a "One More Thing" finale was planned for yesterday's Apple event?in classic Steve style. The pic of the empty 'reserved' chair at the front of the auditorium is very telling.

    It's nearly 5:30 am in the UK and I haven't slept a wink.

    Still can't quite believe Steve is gone.
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    tt92618tt92618 Posts: 444member
    Here's to the crazy ones - the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers; the round pegs in the square holes - the ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them, because they change things; they push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius... because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world... are the ones who do.

    in piam memoriam, Steve.
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    R.I.P. Steve Jobs. You will be missed.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    I want to see the original Think Different commercial redone so as to include a clip of Steve at the end.
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    mobiusmobius Posts: 380member
    Oh my...what a shock.

    It wasn't your time man...56 years old?! Just too young for anyone to die in the 21st century.

    You did good Steve.


    You will be missed by millions.
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    Steve was my inspiration for years. I re-watched his speech to Stanford students in 2005 a few times and recommended to many. I love computers more because of Mac OS X.

    I knew there was almost no chance to ever meet him in person, but now even that slimmest chance has completely disappeared. It is a very sad day for me.

    Rest in peace, Steve.
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    Originally Posted by Lukeskymac View Post

    A tear? I've been crying non stop for an hour. I think I won't be able to do my Chemistry test tomorrow.

    ...seriously? He was a great man and a visionary but he's not your brother.
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    Originally Posted by MaroonMushroom View Post

    ...seriously? He was a great man and a visionary but he's not your brother.

    This is not the place or time. Leave him alone, please.

    Thank you.
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    hankx32hankx32 Posts: 121member
    thanks for everything steve, genius, may apple continue to flourish in your honor forever...
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    alfiejralfiejr Posts: 1,524member
    watching his Stanford commencement address, it's maybe the best commencement address of all time. he talked from the heart about the human spirit of openness and genuine inspiration, not (Stanford standard) success. the last words of the address are "Stay foolish."

    it was a brief speech, just 15 minutes, and received only polite applause and little attention at the time. like the Gettysburg Address.
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    sipadansipadan Posts: 107member
    Thank you Steve, may you rest in peace.
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    ericblrericblr Posts: 172member
    Originally Posted by xymox View Post

    he polluted the world. He used a labor force in china never creating any jobs in the us. Moving production to china he shifted the taxes paid by apple. He enable inept users to infest the internet. He created a cult and brainwashed millions of people into feeding a monopolistic corporation that did nothing but move jobs and increase the trade deficit with china. He was responsible for moving thousands of tech jobs offshore.. Apple was anything but green by polluting the planet in voluminous amounts. He suppressed competition, he tailored his product to only the rich, he dominated the apple store in a way that was almost illegal and clearly non-competitive. He crushed the hackintosh.. He was well know to be a tyrannical, obnoxious, self centered, abhorrent leader.

    God removed him from the planet, praise the lord. Karma removed him from the world and no doubt he will reincarnate as a virus, funny as he is a buddhist and in fact never donated even one penny.

    Hopefully apple will die a quick death. But sadly i see it staggering along for decades.

    go away troll!!
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    Your legacy will endure!

    There are very few people in the world that I really feel I want to meet because of the profound effect they have on myself or the world but Steve Jobs is and was one of them. I will have to wait a bit longer but I look forward to meeting and to see what your greatness can create.

    When you can't walk, crawl

    When you can't crawl get someone to carry you

    Rest now Steve, we will carry it forward from here.

    Your legacy will endure
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    bagmanbagman Posts: 349member
    Rest in peace in your own cloud, surrounded by loved ones.
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    user23user23 Posts: 199member
    I never feel depressed. Yet...Today, I feel like something really important has left my life and I am..damn..depressed.

    As a taoist, I have been endeavoring to cultivate a mindset of non-attachment to events such as that of Steve Jobs' passing. It is, after all, part of the wonder of life. But...ugh. I can only cry as I think and think about this. So much for years of, ahem, cultivation.

    It was thanks to a power mac and photoshop and a pilfered computer lab account at a local university (years and decades ago) which led to a career in graphic design...and the subsequent dollars earned which let me purchase a house..put my (now ex-) wife through acupuncture school, etc. etc. etc. The years of my life..which directly benefited from learning layout, design, the wonder of fonts, the infinitude of photoshop's flexibility...were the best I have spent on this planet thus far.

    I think..I think sadness really comes from understanding..deeply and with a lamentable finality..that those days are gone. Yet, still...I can't help but directly attribute the wonder-years of my beingness to the life of Steve Jobs and his vision which resulted in similar tales for so many others..of course there were others like him who accomplished similar things...but...His belief in his vision was of such breadth that I was able to butter my bread for years and years. For, should have Bill Gates and Windows been the only option...well, hell, I probably would have ended up flipping burgers or something.

    damn. It's complicated, I don't understand entirely. I'm grieving for something...Steve Jobs..a former life. Who knows. All I know is that some thing is missing..and it hit me like a hammer to the head when I walked by an LCD t.v. in Metrotown mall announcing that Steve was dead. fuck.

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    Originally Posted by delreyjones View Post

    I haven't felt so sad about the loss of a public figure since the day John Lennon died.

    So very true, though for me the first loss was JFK, I was only five years old but that death was imprinted on me at such a young age. Also Bob Marley, but John Lennon was the one that was the most life changing, and now Steve. But his life is such an inspiration that his spirit, as was John Lennon's, Bob Marley's and JFK, their spirits will remain with us forever, that is as close to immortality as any corporal being can get! But still, been crying on and off for hours...
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    tyler82tyler82 Posts: 1,094member
    Mr. Jobs, or shall I call you, Steve, since I feel like you have been a close friend through most of my life.

    I remember waking up early with anticipation as a teenager to watch the Apple presentations at the MacWorld expos twice a year. Each presentation was a performance of creative genius and passion. The products that Apple creates have soul, vitality, and practicality.

    The world needs more passionate geniuses.

    I will miss you and forever remember you!
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    Like many others, I feel an inexplicable sense of loss for someone I didn't know, never met and never spoke to. I think that speaks volumes for the respect and admiration we have for Steve Jobs. To us he was a visionary, an innovator and an inspiration. To others he was a husband, a father, or a friend. My sincere condolences to all his family, friends and colleagues.

    RIP Steve. You'll be sorely missed but you've left a memorable legacy that will not be forgotten.

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    Oh no. Rest in Peace Steve. Thanks for everything.
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