Nest Learning Thermostat reportedly taken off Apple Store shelves



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    Originally Posted by moosebreath View Post

    draconian means to set death as a punishment for even the most minor infractions of law. they removed items from their shelves.


     1. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Draco, archon at Athens in 621 b.c., or the severe code of laws said to have been established by him; rigorous, harsh, severe, cruel.


    while 'death' was the most severe and probably(?) the most common, it is quite normal to use the term to describe overly harsh tactics.  In some cases, Apple rejecting something could lead to the actual 'death' of a product just by swaying consumers notions of the product. Your 'it can only be used literally' notion does not hold up.

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,347member


    Originally Posted by eksodos View Post

    I'm very concerned this may be the result of draconian Apple store policies.


    Hear that folks? Now a retailer that has the audacity to choose what to stock in its own physical retail stores is the definition of 'draconian'. Incredible how something thats the norm is suddenly twisted into scary language when it comes to Apple. 

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    dbtinc wrote: »
    Sorry a $250 thermostat? No matter how "cool" it's still a programmable thermostat. My top of the line wired thermo controls fans, heat, cooling programmable for each of seven days? I mean, come on now. Is this a real product with a real need excepting those that need a non-Apple Apple product?
    As far as I can tell there are two ways to look at it, setting aside luxury benefits:

    If you don't effectively program your programmable thermostat it will pay for itself in short order. Easily.

    If you do effectively program your home thermostat, and have a home thermostat decent enough to program effectively around a schedule, you may not save a whole lot more with the nest. Technically you should be able to save more if you wanted simply from scheduling because the nest provides such amazing control over programming, but it would definitely take a good amount of time to pay for itself. The exception would be if your home is empty with some degree of regularity you can't program around, and you don't turn off your thermostat when you leave (frequently annoying on some more sophisticated thermostats) you have found another avenue through which the nest can pay for itself in a decent period of time.

    And then there are luxury features. The nest is incredibly easy and enjoyable to work with, whether programming or adjusting your schedule, viewing history, or simply setting it to away. The wireless controls through the app are also absolutely fantastic. It is easy to program and change settings, and also nice to set it away as you leave (or manage while on vacation), or to have it start warming while on your way home on a cold winter's day. In these regards it has luxury value which does not translate directly into money saved.

    So not necessarily for everyone.
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    This is most probably got to do with those who bought the item are idiots and contacted Apple to help them get them working instead of phoning the manufacturer. Sure it can be controlled by iOS devices but this is not an exclusive app-enabled product. It goes with and operating with other products in a system that a DIY store have better place for it rather than an Apple store.
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    Originally Posted by super8sean View Post

    Wow this dude is paranoid. Only the router gives off a wireless signal. Everything else receives it. You get more radiation per by going through the checkpoints at a airport.

    Wait, you mean this MacBook Pro I'm typing on only receives WiFi? Then how am I uploading this post? I knew it was all voodoo magic!!!

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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    Could this be due to Honeywell's patent claim against Nest?
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,585member
    wozwoz wrote: »
    It might looook cool, but it's just more wireless junk unnecessarily radiating your brain in your own home ... I need it like a tumour. No wireless in my house.

    A little tinfoil shaped into a cloche hat will take care of your concerns nicely.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,364member

    Nice guess Soli! Apple is fairly quick to pull product apps that have any IP challenges. I would imagine they have the same attitude towards 3rd party products sold within their stores. 

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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    Could this be due to Honeywell's patent claim against Nest?

    I'd wager no.  First Apple is the honey badger of patent claims, and second it wasn't removed from the online Apple Store.

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    super8sean wrote: »
    Wow this dude is paranoid. Only the router gives off a wireless signal. Everything else receives it.
    So devices using wifi don't send stuff to the router?
    And even if the device is not a transmitter, if it uses electricity, it radiates some type/amount of signal.
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,585member

    Some people do, and they probably will be proven right in 30 years or so...
    You know, 30 years ago, it was impossible that  plastics could have any effect on human health. It was absurd to even suggest it. Where are we now? Same situation.

    I'm guessing you dozed off during that logic class when fallacies were being covered.
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    xzuxzu Posts: 139member

    I have three.  I also purchase an additional three thermostats for some of my clients and they are all EXTREMELY pleased.  The auto away, app, reporting features are well worth the price. $250 for a device like this is reasonable, but not everyone needs a thermostat like this. Like a smart phone, not everyone needs one, yet. If you have a home with multiple mechanical systems, multiple floors, a second home, small office... it has cut my energy usage by about 15% over the past year in both my home and office. 


    It will drop in price, but it is a really great product and fills a need for a device like this in a sea of other really crappy products.


    They are worth it in some situations but not for everyone until the price drops.

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    Why has this thread been hijacked by Wi-Fi conspiracy theorists?

    Not one person claiming to be capable of feeling or being affected by Wi-Fi has ever been able to prove it in testing. Laugh in your neighbor's face if he comes to you and tells you to shut off your Wi-Fi.


    I don't think this has happened due to 'overextension' or what have you. The two ideas I buy are the Honeywell lawsuit and morons coming to Apple for tech support.
    markwagner wrote: »
    I suggest this may be as simple realizing the real estate (space) in an Apple store is very valuable and should be allocated to products with high demand and turnover.

    That's not the case. Case in point, cases. And printers, backpacks, hard drives, etc.
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    This was one of the many reasons I've seen in reading reviews online from various sources why the Nest is an iffy purchase.  It seems to have some bugs (either with the device or the user themself) that need to be worked out despite its ease of install and use.

    Sometimes it can be as simple as which brand of hvac equipment you have.
    When i wired up a new programmable stat it wasn't hard but....most heat pumps use a certain wire color for each function. I get about halfway through when I find out Rheem/Ruud banded ones use a few different colors depending what year they were made. Luckily I have this neat thing called Google that pointed me to the right direction as to which color went with what terminal on the tstat. Little things like that can screw up what should otherwise be an easy instillation. Maybe Apple got to many calls asking for help. Supporting a tstat installation has got to be easier than supporting Windows installs but still...
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    freediverx wrote: »
    Purchased a Nest thermostat but had to return it because I couldn't get it to work properly with my building's HVAC system. It would either blow hot air or lukewarm air but never cold, even after changing the wiring five times per the advice of their phone support team. The product is slick and comes with clear instructions and great phone support, but it just didn't work for me, and I live in a 3 year old building so it's not a matter of dealing with outdated technology.

    Perhaps the Nest isn't as widely compatible as originally thought and Apple had to take it off the shelves after receiving complaints? I always wondered if the limited availability of the Nest enabled the company to keep complaints out of the public eye...

    Nest offers free installation within 72 hours of delivery/purchase. There was a card with a number in the box. Did you ask them to come out?
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    dcgoo wrote: »
    If I was going to guess,  I imagine it has to do with the standard return policy in the stores, and how they could even begin to test the device upon return.  It is a great product IMO (I have two of them). But it would be very difficult for the in-store staff (geniuses) to deal with the plethora of installation related questions.  Think of how difficult it would be just to train the floor staff how to answer basic questions about the device. The questionnaire and installation instructions on the website are vastly superior. No disrespect to anyone, but HVAC is not what they are there to do.  

    I was a bit suprised hearing it would be available in the Apple stores. It probably detracted from the "retail experience"

    We love out Nest, but it just seems an odd fit for the Apple store. The app connection doesn't really make it that integrated to apple... You can run it just fine without an app... Physically or via web. And it brings up a lot of wiring questions tha Apple may not want to deal with.
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    Originally Posted by Sensi View Post

    Well I love domotics but a $250 thermostat is just a ridiculous price to start with...


    Maybe you haven't bought a thermostat in a while, but it's actually only slightly higher than the average semi-decent thermostat of the same type.  


    For the extra money it looks a whole lot nicer and works a whole lot better.  

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    mysticmystic Posts: 514member

    Just buy one at Lowes if you want one.

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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    Could this be due to Honeywell's patent claim against Nest?


    I doubt it.  That claim is simply because the Nest is round.  Honeywell claims they own the "round" shape

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    Originally Posted by lightknight View Post

    Some people do, and they probably will be proven right in 30 years or so...

    You know, 30 years ago, it was impossible that  plastics could have any effect on human health. It was absurd to even suggest it. Where are we now? Same situation.


    It's clear you are a loonie, but aside from that your statement about plastics is completely made up.  


    You are confabulating recent public opinion (many people being surprised or unaware of the fact that plastic is bad for you), with scientific or public opinion at the time of it's introduction.  You also can't just go back in history and say "everyone at this time thought this," or words to that effect.  Its unreasonable.  


    It wasn't absurd to suggest at the time that plastics were bad for you.  Common sense alone dictated that whatever you eat off of, you are also eating in small amounts, and that the result of eating even small amounts of various plastics were unknown at the time.  Lots of people raised a lot of concerns at the time, but we live in a society dominated by industry and under capitalist rule so they were over-ruled and out advertised.  

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