Apple takes number two spot behind Samsung for all US mobile marketshare



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    sr2012sr2012 Posts: 896member
    First, you do realize that android 4.0 is already 2 generations behind, right?.

    Hmm... funny, I have features like Swype, advanced notifications, customisable widgets, screen calibration, etc. etc.
    Your phone is slow, bad quality and obsolete. It might be cheap, but sh*t is sh*t, expensive or not.

    The Xperia S screen is nice indoor and outdoor, it has hardware light notifications, quite cool.
    Android is not on par with anything, because it suffers from huge performance problems. That's why you see huge plastic cheap quality phones selling at iPhone-level prices with lag, poor battery life, etc.

    Not with Android 4.0 and above, particularly with 4.2 ... "Bad Performance, Laggy, Poor Battery Life" ~ that's now FUD for anything Android 4.0 and above.
    What "bothers" me...

    You seem to be bothered quite a bit... that you preferred a much inferior product, a sh*t level product (compared to an iPhone) and you are now trying to justify it with "android is wining" and giving warnings and supposing stupid things. Please, I have a brain and I am an intelligent man. I know how to choose, I know witch phone/platform is better. 

    I didn't say Android is "winning", "warning" is fair because users like yourself are in somewhat the dark, like the days when Apple started getting better than windows (eg. 2002-2004). No one is telling you "witch" is better.
    "Yes, my phone is a disgusting piece of garbage, but things are not that bad and are only going to be better. Apple must be afraid. do you want proof? I don't even have ads inside the OS!"

    "Disgusting piece of garbage"... LOL. Erm, iOS has ads "inside the OS" too... As in apps, have ads in iOS and Android.
    You are the reason that makes it funny to trash Android and it's fandroids...

    If it is easy/funny for you to "trash" me now, I'd say quit while you're "ahead".
    If you want a cheap phone, go with it, but don't try to make it look like you did a great and smart thing and apple's doomed.

    I didn't say it was cheap. It isn't. Did I do something great? I didn't say so. Did I say Apple is doomed? Nope.
    Inform yourself, ignorant.

    More insults. Nice.
    P.S: I bought this medium (at the time) range android phone at the beginning of 2010. (see what i did here? the usual irrational fandroid BS trick to try and talk something bad about Apple, while giving legitimacy to it). I know a lot about Android and I see the right android experience as a positive thing (nexus devices). But iPhone and iOS platform are just on another galaxy (lol) of quality, even if android manages to have 99.999999999999999% market share.

    Last time I checked it is December 2012. Also, if you did actually buy an Android phone and you regretted it because of a "BS fandroid trick", then, hmm... perhaps clarify your dissatisfaction?

    So if you think Nexus is fine, what exactly are you ridiculing me about? Sony Xperia? Nexus 7? Galaxy S2 and S3? Not getting you on this one. You need to separate out whether you are insulting me, my devices, Sony, Samsung, Google, Android, "fanboys", Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10... Please clarify.
    Macs also have lower market share than Windows but are much better and only s*ckers and irrational trolls buy 800+ windows machines. 

    Right... "irrational trolls" use Windows. 8-)

    Edit: Also Nexus 7 has good ambient light adjustment. I've never seen ambient light adjustment work properly or fast enough in all the iPhones and iPads I've owned. Honestly.
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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member

    Why do you trolls talk like if Apple is losing sales or something similar? They can't ramp up production, for now.

    Obviously Android will surpass Apple's market share until markets saturate, after all Apple is always catching up to demand and their products are premium only. In countries where the smartphone market is getting saturated, Apple's market share (that means nothing, only to fandroids, so when this happens is very funny) is only going up. You talk like if Android is rolling over Apple, like if Apple was for once the number 1 in sales and it isn't, but they never were. They never sold as many devices, and they are only going up.

    So, again, what's your point?

    You do realize that if any innovation comes to the phone market, it will be Apple doing it, right? You do realize that almost all android OEMs are in tremendous difficulty (Sony being one of them, with their shitty "highend" phones that only someone that doesn't know what they are doing can like.), right? You do realize that developers prefer iOS to android, and the discrepancy is only growing, right?


    Every single android device out there, even those based on A-15 ARM, are absolutely trounced by the iPhone in real world tests. The iPhone 5 beats the Galaxy s3 in pretty much every single test, some of them (especially graphics) by a factor of 3. Add to this the fact of Android/java, iOS/cocoa+native Apps, more quality Apps on iOS, and what do we get?

    We get that only ignorants will leave the iOS ecosystem, if they can justify buying Highend models. We get that only stupid people will buy the galaxy S3 when even better android phones in every aspect are out there, we get that only someone stupid or ignorant would write what you did write.

    Apple is doing just fine. In fact, they never did better. From an engineering point of view, from a design POV, the difference between the iPhone and others was never as great as it is. The problem is that stupid people are allowed to post their opinions as facts, such as yourself.

    (developer interest)
    (developer interest)
    (performance, a must read for trolls like you that understand 0 about it)
    (screens, iphone 5 vs S3)
    (cameras, iphone 5 vs S3 vs One x)

    Are you going man up and say that your opinion is irrelevant, because you understand nothing?
    Have a nice day.

    I like my Samsung Note 2 a lot more then my husband's iPhone 5. Feature wise the Note defiantly surpasses the iPhone, that doesn't matter though it's what makes you the consumer happier. Throwing a bunch of links to reviews Isn't going to change any minds.
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