IDC: iPad dipped to 40% of tablet shipments in Q1 2013

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Apple's iPad fell to 39.6 percent of total worldwide tablet shipments in the first quarter of calendar 2013, according to the latest market data from research firm IDC.


The iPad posted year over year growth of 65.3 percent to reach 19.5 million tablets. But Apple still saw its share of the total tablet market drop from nearly 60 percent a year ago to under 40 percent at the start of 2013.

According to IDC, Apple's shipments just didn't grow as fast as the rest of the booming tablet market. On average, the total market grew 142.4 percent, led by Asus which grew it shipments by 350 percent year over year.

Though its market share fell, Apple still exceeded IDC's expectations for the quarter. The firm had projected shipments of 18.7 million units for the three-month frame.

Apple still shipped more than double that of the second-place tablet maker, Samsung, which saw its shipments grow 282.6 percent year over year. The South Korean electronics maker shipped 8.8 million tablets in the quarter, earning it a 17.9 percent slice of the market.

Asus came in third, shipping just 2.7 million units and garnering 5.5 percent. In third was Amazon, which makes the family of Kindle Fire touchscreen tablets, taking 3.7 percent with 1.8 million units shipped.

Finally, in fifth was Microsoft, which is attempting to break in to the tablet market with the Surface. It earned 0.9 million shipments and a 1.8 percent market share.

"Sustained demand for the iPad mini and increasingly strong commercial shipments led to a better-than expected first quarter for Apple," said Tom Mainelli, Research Director, Tablets at IDC. "In addition, by moving the iPad launch to the fourth quarter of 2012, Apple seems to have avoided the typical first-quarter slowdown that traditionally occurred when consumers held off buying in January and February in anticipation of a new product launch in March."


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    igrivigriv Posts: 1,177member
    What is ASUS shipping? I haven't heard much about their devices (transformers, I guess)
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    Is this not thanks to Window's latest operating system and the machines that's been shipping on?
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    BuffyzDeadBuffyzDead Posts: 358member



    I see what you did there.


    The Old  > Shipments < Instead Of > Sold To Actual Customers < chart.

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    gwmacgwmac Posts: 1,807member
    Who are the "others"? Just curious which companies out of that group had any significant sales since they seem to comprise a large chunk of the sales. I am imagining very cheap Chinese brands.
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    nzfannzfan Posts: 1member
    15.5 million 'others'? Seems like an awfully large number to just slough off without offering a breakdown as to who makes up this group. If Amazon is giving, er, selling less than 2 million, it just doesn't seem possible for there to be that many small sellers contributing over 15 million units.
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    nasseraenasserae Posts: 3,167member

    So.. Where can I find the reports where Samsung, Asus, and MS reported their shipment numbers?!


    Oh yeah.. they don't exist.

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    kozchriskozchris Posts: 209member
    B. S. I seriously doubt that many people are settling for a non- iPad.
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    michael scripmichael scrip Posts: 1,916member
    I would be interested in seeing a specific breakdown of tablets by price. For instance... tablets that cost $329 and above.

    People buying a $99 Chinese tablets are being counted in Android's numbers... but I really doubt those people were even considering a much more expensive iPad.

    Apple's share of the [I]total[/I] tablet market fell... but I'm pretty sure they still control the lucrative [I]mid to high-end[/I] tablet market.
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    fotoformatfotoformat Posts: 302member

    Amazon and Microsoft shipments combined attaining those of ASUS (who? what?).


    Bezos and Bozo Ballmer must be popping the champagne corks tonight. LOL


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    Originally Posted by kozchris View Post

    B. S. I seriously doubt that many people are settling for a non- iPad.


    I seriously believe that ever more people USE iPads (seeing as none of the reports of use show the iPad falling below 90%), despite all this channel stuffing from everyone else.

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    winstein2010winstein2010 Posts: 401member

    ASUS makes the Google Nexus 7

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    I am waiting to buy New ipads both mini and regular size one! Holiday season (Christmas) will keep ipad mini availability under pressure! 


    That time we see apple stock over 600 and news media will be doing the opposite of what they are doing right now. They will be in bed with Tim Cook and Apple lol

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    pedromartinspedromartins Posts: 1,333member

    This chart is hilarious! How can they publish this and not be nuked?


    9 million Samsung's tablets?? Whaaat? Where???


    I can believe Asus because of Nexus 7, but all others?


    Someone was drunk.

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    tribalogicaltribalogical Posts: 1,182member
    Typical IDC paid PR crap. First, they consistently point to Apple 'failing' while Apple is actually booming.

    Then we note once again, they mislead with "units shipped" not "units sold". So yeah. When measuring true 'market share', shipped is not equal to sold. So let me spell those numbers out for ya:


    [EDIT] Added note: Since Apple does actually sell pretty much everything they ship in the tablet space (they keep a very short inventory lead), it does mean that Apple increased real sales by nearly 65% year on year… And yet, according to another (somewhat questionable) IDC report, Apple retained just under a 50% global share of sold units… so an increase in competition, but not nearly as wide a swing as the numbers in this article would imply? ThIngs aren't really adding up in "the world according to IDC".
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    richlrichl Posts: 2,213member
    This chart is hilarious! How can they publish this and not be nuked?

    9 million Samsung's tablets?? Whaaat? Where???

    I can believe Asus because of Nexus 7, but all others?

    Someone was drunk.

    Doesn't Samsung make the Nexus 10?

    I've also seen Samsung give away tablets with their more expensive TVs and cameras.
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    pedromartinspedromartins Posts: 1,333member


    Originally Posted by RichL View Post

    Doesn't Samsung make the Nexus 10?

    I've also seen Samsung give away tablets with their more expensive TVs and cameras.

    No one buys the Nexus 10, at least no one with a working brain.

    Never saw one in the wild and most likely will never see it.


    Even the Nexus 7 is not that good...

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    bengreggbengregg Posts: 7member
    Seriously, IDC has always had it out for Apple. The fact is, their research is funded by subscriptions paid for by all the very same PC manufacturers whose profits are now being decimated by Apple. So IDC's incentive for twisting and stretching the numbers is the hope that if they can make their bread and butter customers look good, perhaps they can buy them some time to figure out how to compete with Apple by making the reality "appear" better than it really is. However, the REALITY is that, just as we saw with netbooks, the only way all of these so-called "competitors" know how to compete is in a race to the bottom as they stumble over themselves rushing to "ship" product as close to cost (or below) as they dare. This may help them gain market share in the short term (while "shipped" product builds up in warehouses waiting for "customers" who may or may not ever appear), but in the end, only Apple makes profits--which in itself is pretty amazing when you consider that everyone else is basically giving their shit away!
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    mudman2mudman2 Posts: 54member
    IDC again, will ya just stop publishing this gabbage
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    focherfocher Posts: 688member
    Total unsubstantiated bullshit.
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    tribalogicaltribalogical Posts: 1,182member
    Oh, and if IDC is to be believed in the second chart, Apple dropped from a 60% global market share to a 40% market share in a single quarter (the drop occurring between Q's 2 & 3 in 2012), where they remain today.

    Who stepped in and 'stole' that 20% of market share away in a single quarter? How is that even remotely imaginable?

    Even with IDC saying: "the number of units shipped equals market share"? Bwaaa hahahaha!

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