Apple promises to 'brighten everyone's day' at Sept. 10 iPhone announcement



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    I can only hope the cameras are better, because frankly, they are not very good in iPhone 5. My girlfriend's Android phone has a significantly better camera.

    Oh? Model of the phone so we can compare specs? Because you're probably wrong.

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    iStore in India says that they are expecting only one phone to be launched in India. The 5C is supposedly exclusive to China Mobile, and will be a TD-LTE phone to be launched when the network is ready. It will not be launched elsewhere. Hence the "C".

    However, they also expect that Apple will drop prices of the flagship phone to $350 without contract for the base model, which will just be 8GB. The availability of this model will be severely restricted in the US and other developed markets, and it will be made more easily available in India.

    If this is true, all rumors will be wrong, and Apple would effectively be avoiding cannibalization by simply having just one model but at much cheaper price.

    Also, Apple is not going to fragment its market by creating two classes of devices, especially when one class misses important functionality like a fingerprint sensor. That functionality is crucial to help Apple break into several large businesses. If a globally launched 5C ends up taking a large chunk of iPhone sales, that will hamper Apple's efforts to leverage the AuthenTec technology to enter several new businesses. A China-only 5C however is not an issue since its exclusive to China. There are multiple regulatory issues for Apple to resolve before they start mobile payments and the like in China.

    Apple decided against launching in India because an unlocked 5C from India could find its way to other markets via smuggling and unofficial channels. China offers enough of tech differentiation via TD-LTE to mitigate this risk.
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    qo_qo_ Posts: 37member
    "it's likely that the new iPhones will become available on Friday, Sept. 20.

    Apple's new mobile operating system, iOS 7, will likely see availability a few days before that, perhaps on Wednesday, Sept. 25. "

    Since when is 25 < 20? Maybe the author meant Wednesday, Sept 17th? Or maybe the author meant to say "a few days AFTER that?"
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