Samsung crows about its 'golden history' of making gold colored phones



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    Poor Samsung...soooo insecure.

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    Read the reader comments in the Samsung Tomorrow link, people are bashing Samsung pretty relentlessly, PR fail.

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    jameskatt2 wrote: »
    You bit.  As has everyone else.

    Did I?

    That must have been why I typed 'who else'.
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    Before having an iPhone, my daughter had a Samsung "Gold" (dumb) phone. At first, it was niece, but after some months, plastic reapeared underneath, which was horrible ...

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    Originally Posted by emerica View Post

    well I think it's a bit naive to criticize Samsung on this one, for Christ sake people it's a color! You don't see Mercedes suing Toyota for every black or white car they make. And to want apple to do so would be absurd. Samsung is mocking apple to an even larger extent but the boys in Cupertino can't go that low, Samsung must be a pain in the ass though for those bad ass executives at apple image


    You may need to read the article again

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    What is more enjoyable is this article and it's glorious replies. It's like you're married and your partners been dissed. You seriously need to get in the real world and except all companies copy good ideas. iPhone copied, OS copied by google, Android OS and BBM copied by Apple. Smart watch idea copied by Samsung, iOS 7 clone of Android.

    Great companies and we're the beneficiaries, chillax people
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    Apple invented gold for smartphones, not feature phones. So Apple did not copy Samsung.

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    From 2001:-



    and from 2008



    Strange thing is the same dodgy looking characters flashing a lot of cash were the ones who bought them.

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    Technically those "Dark Brown" phones could be called gold:

    Well, then Microsoft's Brown Zune was technically golden too. People avoided it like a turd on the sidewalk anyway.
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    Samsung releases every variation of every product imaginable, but the iPhone has been black and white from the beginning. That's why no one noticed when Samsung did it but everyone noticed when Apple did.


    Sorry Samsung, if you were a bit more selective and discerning in your products people might start to notice your choices more.

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    Kenny "Samsung" Bania
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    Originally Posted by akqies View Post

    1) Samsung is the equivalent of the idiot on forums that posts "FIRST!"


    Ha. Ha. This sums it up nicely.

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    Rumours were out about Apples gold iPhone well before it was officially announced. Samesung saw this and hurried out their POS plastic gold coloured phone just to try and beat them. Big!
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    Oh Samsung, people will be lining up in droves to buy your 64 bit brass phone, with a 32 bit OS and a 2 bit experience... NOT!

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    1. Is the entire editorial riddled with inaccurate claims such as the claim that Midas was a god? Midas was the king of Phrygia who was inflicted with the now infamous curse of "the Midas Touch" if I recall correctly.

    2. Such inaccurate claims from Samsung may explain the lack of logic and reason by Android users.

    3. Is the smartphone war now such an infantile war to Samsung? I understand they want to toot their horn but this just seems like another reactive stunt.
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    Wow, why all the hostility. This kind of "flattery" started w/ Japan post war who, with a conscience,copied American products.
    Now, as a clear FAN of Apple I have owned every iPhone including 5s( took it back after 2 days, purchased 1year into my contract)
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    (cont) I am bored with small screen and getting older. I am tired of this small screen and would like more multi tasking within programs! Can't do on Apples IOS so the note 3 seems like a viable option, but after being so accustomed to iPhones build quality it's a tough step for me.
    At the end of the day we should be able to look back at our comments and know that we were respectful of others and there opinions.
    Something we Americans need more of.
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    The fact they have to defend themselves about copying says a lot about their reputation..
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