Samsung crows about its 'golden history' of making gold colored phones

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In a post to its official global blog on Friday, Samsung addressed critics' claims that it aped Apple's iPhone 5s by releasing a gold Galaxy S4, rattling off a list of eight similarly colored legacy models dating back to 2004.

S4 Gold
Source: Samsung Mobile Arabia's Facebook page.

While the new champagne-hued iPhone 5s was not specifically mentioned in the Samsung Tomorrow [EDITORIAL], allusions are made to Apple's hot-selling handset, not the least of which being the Twitter tag "#8before10" that leads to the post. For clarification, Samsung started sales of the Galaxy S4 Gold Edition on Sept. 8, two days before Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 5s.

On 8th Sept 2013, the 1st Samsung #GalaxyS4 Gold Edition was already sold. The 8th comes before the 10th;) #8before10

? SamsungMobileArabia (@SamsungMobileME)

"About a month ago on August 27th, Samsung launched the GALAXY S4 Gold edition in the United Arab Emirates (These were available in stores starting September 8th). It?s since also been released in Kuwait and Qatar," writes author "A."

Driving home the point is a descending list of eight gold-clad Samsung handsets, the first dating back to 2004. The record is "definitely not a complete list of gold-colored products made by Samsung," A mentions in a footnote.

That may be true, but it also isn't a list of products limited to those actually available to the public according to another footnote which states, "Not all phones above were commercially available, and those released may have only been open to certain markets." In addition, the author is quite liberal with their definition of "gold," as seen in examples 2 and 3, embedded below.

Looks legit: Samsung's SHW-A330S in "Luxury Gold" (left) and SHC-Z00S in "Dark Brown.? | Source: Samsung Korea

A bit of artistic license is allowable, considering the post is an [EDITORIAL], though it is unclear if the contents is to be taken seriously, or merely as a bit of light ribbing amongst competitors. The overall tone, however, smacks of confrontation veiled in forced humor.

"By now you probably know that aliens work with Samsung, well so do some gods ? Midas, to name one," the anonymous writer says. "Everybody loves gold, which is why we sometimes make phones in that color. (Or sometimes even with actual gold for the body!)."

A quick refresher on Greek mythology: Midas was a man who prayed to the gods for the gift of a "gold touch," whereby anything he laid his hands upon would be turned into the precious metal. In at least one version of the tale, King Midas, once imbued with the power, learned the blessing was, in fact, a curse that caused him to die of hunger. Gold has few nutrients.

Perhaps more unfortunate than the incorrect aside on ancient mythos is Samsung's apparent the disproportionate media attention paid to the iPhone 5s compared to the gold S4. By pointing out that it was first to come out with a gold phone, the company not only throws a spotlight on the gold S4's inability to attract the kind of hype enjoyed by the like-colored 5s, but also brings Apple's marketing prowess to the fore.

Gold iPhone 5s

The post also makes no mention of demand for the golden Galaxy, or any of the products highlighted in the list of eight, for that matter. Samsung is laying bare a decade's worth of unsuccessful attempts to build a massively popular gold phone, while indirectly pointing out Apple's ability to generate voracious demand for such a device in mere days.

Callow choices notwithstanding, Samsung has managed to get people talking about its "Golden History" in light of, or more accurately because of, Apple's iPhone 5s, as evidenced by this very opinion piece. The plan is either an ingenious gambit, or a thinly shrouded act of desperation.


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    Are they taking cues from MS? What's with metallic brown? That's certainly not gold and it's certainly not attractive.


    This signifies the primary differences between Apple and Samsung (and often iOS/OS X and Android/Windows fans). Samsung thinks it's about sticking a color on it somehow makes it on-par when it's about actually making something desirable.

    What's most pathetic is they are patting themselves on the back for essentially saying, "We spent years making gold colored products no one cared about."
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    Where's the page of Sammy's Golden Shower?
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    gtrgtr Posts: 3,231member

    Clickbait article.

    Let's see who else bites...
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    So? They sold the first one on the 8th, two days before Apple's announcement on the 10th. Funny thing is, the whole world expected Apple to make their new iPhone announcement at least two months beforehand, and given the number of leaks about the gold iPhone, Samsung simply hurried up and built a model and sold it to beat Apple to the punch. Seems like they tried doing the same thing with the Galaxy Gear watch. If they really had a gold model in the works, wouldn't that have been revealed when the Galaxy S4 was announced? The facts speak for themselves and given the amount of flack Samsung is catching over copying Apple, they try to justify it with a PR blitz. Fail.
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    This is comedy gold
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    Okay, fine, Samsung is winning, whatever that means. But it's annoying when they act like teenage girls with their advertising and corporate messaging, like a bunch of 12-year old whining little bitches complaining about how "Aubrey stole Jessica's boyfriend and then she told Steven that he was going to the Bieber concert with Ashley who then went to One Direction with Aidan instead!"
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    drblankdrblank Posts: 3,385member
    3rd parties were gold plating iPhones before anyone actually sold a gold phone. Jeez. It's just a plating. Everyone loses their minds over a freaking color?
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    no good samsung good.
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    1) Samsung is the equivalent of the idiot on forums that posts "FIRST!"

    2) Even if being "FIRST!" actually meant something the 10th was only to consumers. Apple sold to carriers and retail outlets throughout the world long before that, with shipments and promotional material being received by them at least days before the 10th. Who and where did this [I]one[/I] gold S4 get sold on the 8th?
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,110member
    Fool's Gold is more like it, :)
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    Uh, if you look closely… those are the phones Samesong aped - from Nokia to Motorola - only in golden turd.

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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    Why is Samsung being so touchy? Apple never accused them of copying iPhone 5S gold design. Also Apple never claimed they were the first to make a gold colored phone.
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    They may have been gold, but they sure are tacky. Additionally, gold phones have been made since phones have existed.
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    Originally Posted by GTR View Post


    Clickbait article.

    Let's see who else bites...


    You bit.  As has everyone else.

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    The problem with Samsung is that all their "gold" were simply Gold-painted Plastic.

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    Meh. They won't admit it. So what?

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    Here, Samesung, have a cookie!

    Like a little child. Pathetic.
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    Originally Posted by akqies View Post

    1) Samsung is the equivalent of the idiot on forums that posts "FIRST!"


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    well I think it's a bit naive to criticize Samsung on this one, for Christ sake people it's a color! You don't see Mercedes suing Toyota for every black or white car they make. And to want apple to do so would be absurd. Samsung is mocking apple to an even larger extent but the boys in Cupertino can't go that low, Samsung must be a pain in the ass though for those bad ass executives at apple :smokey:
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