Microsoft exec takes swing at Apple, calls iWork 'watered down,' iPad 'entertainment device'



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    How many M$ executives does it take ro screw in a lightbulb?

    None. They just declare darkness ro be the best thing ever. Way better than an Apple lightbulb.
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    mhiklmhikl Posts: 471member

    The sound of 'bitter' has no grander sense to the ear than to the tongue.


    Of course it is (watered down!-imagine), compared to the labyrinth, behemoth that is office.


    But free is free and for other than some large corp or business, iWorks has it well defined. Me thinks poor MS knows its nose is but a hair above the water line of relevance. Must be a terrible state to be in. Maybe Apple should throw its old adversary a bone and allow MS Office to sell at the AppleStore and nix the usual 30%. Charity brings it own reward, I guess.


    I have a soft spot for panhandlers.

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    What else ARE you gonna say when your milkshake is being drunk besides "I didn't like that flavor anyway"?
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    anant wrote: »
    ... while owners of boxed editions and those who purchased the apps through the Mac App Store can upgrade for no fee. 
    Is this true? My computer had iWork '09 installed from the boxed edition. When I upgraded it from Mac App Store, I received 3 bills, charging me $19.99 each for Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Should I ask for a refund? Has anyone with boxed versions of iWork been able to upgrade these for no free?

    Yes! Both iWork and iLife plus GarageBand and iMovie successfully upgraded at no charge across 5 Macs.
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    Originally Posted by JONOROM View Post

    Yes Frank, we know you make trucks.

    Best post of the month! :)

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    jupiteronejupiterone Posts: 1,564member
    A senior Microsoft executive on Wednesday fired out a post on the company's official blog deriding Apple's recent special event, saying the iPad with iWork is no equal to Surface 2 and Office.

    Well that's good, because that would have been a horrible insult to the iPad.
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    Originally Posted by DarkVader View Post


     It's not nearly as powerful as the dungheap that is M$ Office.  Apple could fix that, but they haven't been trying. 


    So, you want it to be a powerful dungheap? And then you'll complain about what a powerful dungheap it is?

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    Apple's decision to drop fees for iWork was insignificant

    Maybe, but time will tell.



    adding that the suite of apps never got much traction.

    True, one wouldn't necessarily consider iWork as a professional office suite like MS Office. But iWorks gained traction in areas where MS Office is just too bloated. No one will seriously consider Microsoft Works because it doesn't open Office documents, it doesn't have a spell checker (yes Windows does not come with a dictionary, you have to buy Office to get system wide spell checker), and it's a very crippled software. I bought it, I used it, and I regretted it.



    Using the software on an iPad is even more difficult due to the lack of precision input and true multitasking, he said.

    That's just funny, he's insinuating that the iPad is "more difficult" to use than Microsoft's Surface, which is truly laughable.



    The ability to use apps and documents side by side, allowing the comparisons, analysis and synthesis that happens frequently during content creation.

    This is why we have laptops. I don't think MS gets it yet, they're confused on the differences between a laptop and a tablet. People buy tablets because tablets are quick and easy to whip-out and use. Microsoft seems to always fall back to the cubicle on the job kind scenario. I would like to see how Microsoft envisions comparing two side by side 8.5x11 documents on a 9.7" screen.



    What I really would like to see is Apple finally slapping on some balls and encroaching on Microsoft's territory, aka Microsoft Server, Microsoft Windows Enterprise, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Office. Microsoft has had a monopoly in those areas forever, and I would love to see some serious competition, specifically from Apple. Apple did a fabulous job in 2001 with OS X Server, XServe and Xserve RAID, but then they dropped it all except for OS X Server which doesn't get any Apple love, except for enterprise iOS apps.

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    Oh dear, oh dear. What a bunch of losers Apple customers are!


    Why, oh why, do they insist on buying simple software that is designed for use by 'real people', not IT professionals with years of experience negotiating the intricacies and complexities of Microsoft products? Why do these slack Apple customers want to do things like real work or having family lives, rather than marvelling at all the unused features of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and generating revenue for their IT technicians?

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    anant wrote: »
    Is this true? My computer had iWork '09 installed from the boxed edition. When I upgraded it from Mac App Store, I received 3 bills, charging me $19.99 each for Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Should I ask for a refund? Has anyone with boxed versions of iWork been able to upgrade these for no free?
    I had iWork 07 I think and it upgraded for free once I had upgraded to mavericks.
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    I am encouraged by the new features for iWorks and iLife. The Web UI version of iWorks is looking very promising, as well.
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    Hm, that's funny. Maybe Mr. Microsoft exec can explain to me why I just uninstalled Office 2011 from my Mac as soon as the new iWork apps became available. The only thing missing from iCloud to blow Office 365 away is custom domain names for email. I hope Apple really considers this, as for me it is the only thing missing. I sent the feedback requesting this already.

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    Microsoft is scared. I can smell the fear.
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    The fact that somebody that high up in Microsoft writes that way really shows that at Microsoft, buffoonish incompetence reaches down from the very top: Steve Ballmer

    What did they do with those coffins they paraded around for the iPhone? Maybe they can use it to bury the $900 million unsold inventory of Surfaces.
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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    What did they do with those coffins they paraded around for the iPhone? Maybe they can use it to bury the $900 million unsold inventory of Surfaces.


    Then they would be Below the Surfaces.

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    This from the makers of Zuni and Surface.  Enough said.

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    I think Microsoft could dry up and blow away and I think nobody would mind.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    when I see Apple drop the price of their struggling, lightweight productivity apps, I don't see a shot across our bow, I see an attempt to play catch up


    It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it - Upton Sinclair

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    jfanningjfanning Posts: 3,398member
    nsa8690 wrote: »
    He mentioned Surface is the "most productive tablet" on the market today. He meant the most boring tablet on the market. Because of Windows 8. Moreover, Surface is not a tablet, Surface is kind of small ultra-book. Let him compare Windows 8 to Mavericks "Apple's new OS". Windows 8 has lack of design and there is no consistency. I wanna from him to show give facts that Surface is more powerful than iPad in terms of hardware and Software. Senior Microsoft forgot to mention how are Microsoft programs are expensive. For example, Windows 8 price for $400 - $450 in Australia. Yesterday I download Mavericks for free..

    How is the surface not a tablet? You can't compare it to OSX anymore than you can compare iOS to Window 8 Pro. You may be getting confused with the Surface and Surface pro.

    Also, hardly anyone pays the retail price of Windows 8, they will get the OEM version, or a VLK or KMS edition. I downloaded Mavericks for free yesterday as well, although the Mac I installed it on was significantly more expensive than the PC I installed Windows 8.1 on (also free)
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    If only Microsoft would spend more time understanding how and why consumers use different types of computers, devices and services, rather than trying to cram Windows and Office down the throat of every human being on the planet...


    Yes, there is room for entertainment devices in the world!  And yes, many iPads are used that way! And, yes, people using computing devices at home don't always want or need all the horsepower - or even the same apps - they have at work!   They sometimes want different experiences - like playing a game with their child instead of firing up Excel...   Imagine that!


    Microsoft's approach ignores reality and tries to push the same platform everywhere.  As a result, Windows tablet hybrids are too complex for simple tasks and too simple for complex tasks...  And they feel like work...  You know, most folks really CAN navigate a couple of different types of devices and a couple of different interfaces...  Really!


    What is amazing is that Microsoft perpetually confuses its self-interested strategy of 'Windows Everywhere' with experiences that are actually meaningful with consumers...  As a company, they're actually not self-aware in this regard...  Instead, condescendingly, they really believe that stupid consumers have been hoodwinked by 'entertainment' or 'fashion'...


    They are as blind as ever...  Microsoft understands business, but they don't understand LIFE...  Sadly, Ballmer's departure is not going to change that...

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