Rumor: Big-screen 'iPhone 6' coming Sept. 2014, Apple to focus on one-handed use

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Yet another rumor claims Apple is planning to launch a new iPhone with an even larger display late next year, and that the company may promote the so-called "iPhone 6" as the first big-screen phone able to be operated with just one hand.


The details come from Japanese magazine Mac Fan, which were summarized on Tuesday by Macotakara. The report claims Apple's next-generation iPhone may sport a 1,920-by-1,080-pixel 5-inch display packing in 440 pixels per inch.

It was claimed that Apple plans to make both sides of the screen as "thin as possible." That could allow the company to promote the "iPhone 6" as the first "phablet" able to be operated with one hand.

The appeal of one-hand operation was already something Apple already focused on when it released the iPhone 5, sporting a larger 4-inch display, in 2012. That was an increase from the 3.5-inch display size found on all previous iPhone models.

The magazine that serves as the source of the latest rumor isn't known for leaking information about Apple products, and thus does not have an established track record. But there have been multiple claims that Apple may be planning to release a larger screened version of the iPhone in 2014.

Most notably, well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities said in September that Apple is apparently planning to release a new handset with a screen size between 4.5 and 5 inches. He said that the company is unlikely to release anything larger than 5 inches due to the company's "unwavering principle of one-hand use."

So-called big-screen "phablets" have become increasingly popular in the smartphone market, with Samsung leading the way in terms of selection. The Korean firm's recently released Galaxy Note III features a 5.7-inch display, while the Galaxy Mega comes close to being a small tablet with a 6.3-inch screen.


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    Finally. It's about time that Apple enters the big screen game. The current 4" is ridiculous. I am holding onto my 3gs until bigger phone appears.
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    Just hope my 4s lasts that I see little compelling reason to upgrade to the 5 or 5s at the moment.
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    If I can use it with one hand and put it in a normal sized pocket then I'm fine with it. If not, it might as well be trash. Those super screen phones are for women and their purses.
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    dugbugdugbug Posts: 283member

    If they do enlarge the phone, I can see it lose a significant amount of the top where the earpiece is as there is more room to spread out the electronics.  I think the lower half would stay the same given touchid has increased the importance of the home button.


    If they do this I hope they retain the 5S screen / form factor.  It fits in the shirt pocket, etc.

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    iqatedoiqatedo Posts: 1,776member

    As someone who can grip a full-sized iPad edge to edge with one hand but whose eyes are wavering, a larger screen is something I'd probably welcome. The overall utility of the current devices is excellent however and so I hope that larger iPhones maintain that. For example, my iPhone is also my sports data acquisition system, a bike computer for example and I'd not want that to become impractical. A diagonal of five inches might be perfect (and house a much bigger battery).

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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    What does thinness have to do with one-handed operation? If a device is to wide/tall you won't be able to use it with one hand no matter how thin it is. And I would imagine for most phone users battery life matters more than anything else. I question the validity of some of these rumors especially considering they're coming out right after the 5S was released. I mean there's no way Apple would be leaking stuff like this because it very well could have an impact on 5S sales.

    Something else I'm curious about....all the people complaining about iOS 7 and suggesting Apple is just following a "flat design" trend....are they also going to complain that Apple is just following a "phablet" trend? Or is it OK for Apple to follow something as long as that something is something they agree with?
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    a year out.   a 'fan' magazine that doesn't cite a source.

    Not a 5" but a 6"


    Sounds like a wish list, not unlike what some posts are on this site.;-)


    I can't wait for AI to site a post on AI as a source for an article

    ("According to Poster with the handle 'PedroTheMule,' Apple is likely to to release a 43 Core Mac Mini in March, just in time for his birthday....")

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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 5,042member

    These Apple product predictions of are more like the Armageddon predictions.


    How many times do we need nuts cases who read tea leaves and bible verse saying the end of the earth will happen on this day, only to have that day come and pass and we are still here, only to have them revises the date to a new day in the future.

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    When big iPhone comes , is when we say bye bye to Samsung .
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    Look at the G2.


    If you let something like that fall, wouldn't the phone become quickly destroyed? As HTC showed, there are other ways to make a great phone with a bigger screen.

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    andysolandysol Posts: 2,506member
    I'm all for it. And there is little doubt in my mind they will increase it somehow- What I don't know (yes- I know I dont know either) is if they will offer two sizes. Like a 4" and 4.8". If they only do one size id expect something moderate- like 4.3". Two would be my preference as options would be a great thing and personally id love a 4.8.

    Also- every other product line has size options. 9.7 or 7.8 iPad, 13 or 15 rMBP, 11 or 13 Air, 21 or 27 iMac etc

    Time will tell.
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    Ai quoted their forums in the article about iWork...
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    technotechno Posts: 737member
    What was the first thing Jobs did when he returned to Apple? He stripped the product line down and streamlined everything. Apple was too spread out. Please Tim, don't go back to that period of a watered down brand.
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    Apple is so late to this. People don't want small 5" screens anymore we've moved to 6" screens where you can't even carry it!

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    technotechno Posts: 737member

    I guess I am in the minority on this or at least with the early morning crowd. I think a larger screen is a horrible idea. Not only does it look ridiculous when i see people with these huge phones held up to their heads, it is going to blur and confuse the distinction of product line.

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    "the first big-screen phone able to be operated with just one hand."

    I've played with the Note series of phones in stores and had no issues using it with one hand. I guess if you're female or have small hands I could see an issue.

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    technotechno Posts: 737member

    Originally Posted by crazy_mac_lover View Post

    When big iPhone comes , is when we say bye bye to Samsung .

    Really? What do they always say to those on top, "Don't punch down."

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    Originally Posted by techno View Post

    What was the first thing Jobs did when he returned to Apple? He stripped the product line down and streamlined everything. Apple was too spread out. Please Tim, don't go back to that period of a watered down brand.



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    I wonder how they plan on accomplishing this. If you remove the side bezels, you have an additional half-inch screen width. Add a quarter inch to each side, making the phone's overall width a half inch wider, you can now have one full inch of additional screen size. To make up for the additional bulk of added width, they would need to make the vertical bezels shorter, the overall product yet thinner and lighter than the 5/5S.

    I think I just described the iPhone 6's form factor pretty accurately.
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    Well it can't be just taller, that would make it too hard for smaller hands to reach the top of the screen.  It won't be a 5 inch phone.  I am thinking 4.3 with a thin bezel like the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

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