First Look: Typo Bluetooth keyboard case for iPhone 5 and 5s [u]



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    crowleycrowley Posts: 10,453member
    You have a different experience to me, that's fine, and I won't dispute that.

    Based on my experience (and the other guy, earlier) I think something about the keyboard is going downhill and I'd like Apple to improve it, or offer some more options that I can pick from.

    That's all. No demanding, no whining, just a comment based on experience, and a reasonably expressed hope. No all caps, no exclamations. This is how adults talk.

    Now I'm going to bed. Good night.
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    crowley wrote: »
    Apple offer plenty of choices and configuration options. Shut up TS.

    Shut up crowley.
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    jameskatt2 wrote: »
    They should have allowed the iPhone to be installed UPSIDE DOWN.

    When held upside down, the home button is exposed. So TouchID can be done. And the Swipe-Up screen can be exposed via a swipe down movement instead. The only thing lost is the notifications screen - no big loss.

    Wouldn't work. Home screen never rotates. Plus the keyboard would cover the ear speaker for calls, camera, other sensors.

    It would still be a swipe up but I think I know what you mean.
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