Apple's Schiller 'unfollows' Tony Fadell and Nest after Google acquisition



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    The term, ``I,'' never fit at NeXT but it was a common theme during the merger from whining Apple employees wanting their sabbaticals before Steve pulled the plug on the program.


    All of us wore several hats at NeXT and Apple. It's the difference between a spoiled brat and an adult. Fadell was never cut out to be Apple, never mind, NeXT material. The fact the guy was first hired solely as a contractor, after having worked in the past for Apple's subsidiary, General Magic, should have been a clue they found him narcissistic and needed to prove himself enough to warrant a stock structure.


    Funny, then, that it was Steve's lead engineer, a NeXT guy, who hired him. Fadell didn't want to join Apple. Rubinstein gave him an ultimatum which led Fadell to take the job. By the way... if Fadell hadn't taken the job it's very likely that the iPod would have died on the vine.

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    Really, AppleInsider?

    You know, just because a worthless "story" that tangentially involves Apple appears on The Verge, does not mean it's worth copying.

    Come on. This is really weak.

    They are tracking users and viewership. If you keep it all Apple all the time, you get one set of users. If you toss it up with some trolling to draw in folks who aren't just interested in Apple, then they come in and troll, and the threads get longer. Then you can show the numbers to money folks.

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