Apple CEO Tim Cook 'outed' as gay by CNBC co-achor



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    His sexual preference is none of our business. Stop talking about it. Next topic!
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    danoxdanox Posts: 387member

    Dumb ass just wanted to say it on Air, a complete Ass.

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    And this will stop me from buying Apple products? NO
    Owning and Apple product will not make you gay. LOL
    Ya know, If people want to be outed let them say it.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,616member
    eponymous wrote: »
    Tim Cook was already "outed" by Gawker 2 years ago.  

    That's 3 years ago.
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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    mstone wrote: »
    There are many degrees of sexual persuasion and sex drive. Some gays are flamingly homosexual while others are simply non-macho. I suppose gays are more adept at identifying other gays by the slightest of mannerisms but personally I never got any gay vibes from Cook having only seen him in professional appearances. Is there any credible evidence of Cook and a partner? As far as I'm concerned, until there is or he says something, I will just consider him non-sexual because he doesn't present himself as either homosexual or heterosexual, just male.
    All Apple executives are very private - I mean how many people know Jony Ive has been married for 27 years and has twin sons? I think when famous people choose to keep their private life private the media should respect that. I think it's quite unfortunate that the media and some gays are so hell bent on outing people. It's none of their business. :no:
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    atashiatashi Posts: 59member

    Originally Posted by Andysol View Post

    Now if Cook decided he wants to be a woman and starts wearing female clothes and schedules a gender change, then I'll worry.


    Just curious about this comment.


    Why is gay ok but trans is a reason to worry? Is it because women are not as good as CEOs? Or because he might not work as hard after having his salary cut by 30% or so? Or is it just that trans is too wierd, but gay is mostly sort of acceptable now?

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,154member

    I really doubt Tim Cook gives a shit who has "outed" him as gay- it's been taken as fact for a while now, there's been magazine covers about it, and Cook hasn't bothered to give the issue a second of his time or attention. Good for him. He's treating it like the useless noise that it is. 

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    This is great news! Every gay man I know is super creative and has a great sense of style. I'm buying more Apple stock!
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    popnfreshpopnfresh Posts: 139member
    What's all the fuss about? Tim Cook has been out of the closet for years.

    Must be a slow news day.
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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    popnfresh wrote: »
    What's all the fuss about? Tim Cook has been out of the closet for years.

    Must be a slow news day.
    Tim Cook has never publicly said "I am gay" so in that sense he isn't out of the closet.
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    sipsip Posts: 210member

    The problem is that most American males see themselves as macho -- gun-toting Rambo wannabees. Haven't they noticed that a lot of gay men tend to buff up their bodies in daily gym visits, and many of them could probably take on the role of Rambo.


    I'm sure Steve Jobs knew of Cook's sexual orientation when he nominated him for the CEO job. That's all that counts as far as Apple is concerned.

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    This CNBC co-anchor Simon Hobbs is a snob. He talks with that English accent and thinks he's superior.  Why does this cable network hire these

    type of people? Mandy Drury is another beauty too. She hates Apple and shows it every chance she gets. Apple is a great company and Tim Cook

    is doing a wonderful job running it. Get ready for all these new products and the i-phone 6 to hit the market and then we will be talking about Tim Cook again. Every person is allowed to live their own lives with respect and dignity.  

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    onhkaonhka Posts: 1,025member

    Whether or not anyone is, or has openly declared (outed) that, "they are gay", our reaction, response or commentary to such, if any, should never be more than, "So What"!

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    hmmmm.............I always thought T Cook was just a bitter mean ole Dyke
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member
    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

    Being a workaholic lifelong bachelor is not a commendable way to live.

    Why? It is generally believed that Jesus was dedicated to the work of teaching and also never married.

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    froodfrood Posts: 771member

    Apple CEO 'outed' as gay?


    This might be the *one* time 'This wouldn't have happened if Steve were CEO' applies, but then again, who knows and more importantly, who cares?


    Tim, if you're gay, you're doing a great job as CEO.  If you're straight, you're doing a great job as CEO.


    If he is gay, maybe he wants to keep it private because it is intensely personal.  Maybe it is more professional, as he does not want it impacting international business.  Maybe he just wants to be known as the CEO of Apple, not the gay CEO of Apple.


    He is a public figure so unfortunately he has to endure whatever speculation we all throw out there.  Or hopefully he's just ignoring it and continuing to direct his teams in the general direction of 'awesomeness'


    Have to give props to most of the AI community for their general positive attitude on this thread.

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    bigmikebigmike Posts: 252member
    Yawn. Who cares. As long as he does a good job running Apple.
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    Some people are gay, get over it. Seriously, why is this even relevant? He's an awesome CEO and his private life is called private for a reason: privacy. I'd actually think it was cool to have a gay CEO at Apple, that's something Google can't copy…
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    I wonder if the gulf oil spill would've happened if Browne hadn't resigned. Did the board pressure him?
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    hmmhmm Posts: 3,405member

    Originally Posted by Gatorguy View Post

    Agreed. IMO the only ones finding it to be a big deal are those that think it should be a big deal. We have a Gay Pride weekend going on in St Pete (FL) this weekend with a big over-the-top (and sometimes suggestive) parade, accompanied by all the trimmings like specialty vendor booths, official presentations and parties. They've made it a big deal.

    I suppose I don't really understand why your sexual-orientation should be cause for either celebration or ridicule. It is what it is. Then again the Irish do parade in Boston.

    Those kinds of things really originate from groups that feel persecuted in some way. If no one cared either way a few decades ago (or whenever gay pride parades started), you wouldn't continue to see them today.

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