Apple CEO Tim Cook 'outed' as gay by CNBC co-achor



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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,926member
    rogifan wrote: »
    Tim Cook has never publicly said "I am gay" so in that sense he isn't out of the closet.

    I never publicly said I was straight so am i in the closet? :)
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    ;)  Here's my homage to my favorite spelling error:


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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    jungmark wrote: »
    I never publicly said I was straight so am i in the closet? :)
    Oh come on now that's just stupid. The majority of the worlds population is not gay. Nobody expects heterosexuals to "come out". Of course with the media and pop culture obsession with gays one would think they're a larger percentage of the population than they are.
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    mstone wrote: »
    There are many degrees of sexual persuasion and sex drive. Some gays are flamingly homosexual while others are simply non-macho. I suppose gays are more adept at identifying other gays by the slightest of mannerisms but personally I never got any gay vibes from Cook having only seen him in professional appearances. Is there any credible evidence of Cook and a partner? As far as I'm concerned, until there is or he says something, I will just consider him non-sexual because he doesn't present himself as either homosexual or heterosexual, just male.

    But there's also really macho manly men that are homosexual, I also know effeminate men that are straighter than a arrow. It's not always obvious.
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    ericblrericblr Posts: 172member
    I couldn't care less who the man goes home to at night. Honestly why do some people seem so fixated on this? The man is doing a bang up job as CEO. That's really all that matters. Let him have his private life.
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    mstone wrote: »
    Why? It is generally believed that Jesus was dedicated to the work of teaching and also never married.

    Or if you're Derek Jeter :lol:
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    Apple Insider is the only Junk publication that chose to include this in their postings.  I follow quite a few and am shocked that your rag is in need of the "daily news etc" type of reporting.  I signed up tonight just to make this point.  Other publications have the restraint/insight to ignore this type of nonsense.  Your publication is just perpetuating the crap of getting eyeballs on a somewhat suspect online resource.   Shame on you.

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    marvfoxmarvfox Posts: 2,275member

    If there is a Jesus?

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    clayp711clayp711 Posts: 11member
    His homosexuality would explain the company's extreme endorsement as the largest supporter of PRODUCT(RED)
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    This is interesting to me, because I thought he WAS openly gay. I need to reconsider my news sources and/or pay closer attention to what exactly they are saying.
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    You can NOT "make" people accept gay relationships.

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    Tim Cook appears to be a good man and a very good CEO. His sexual preferences are his business and his business alone. The press needs to let people enjoy their private lives.

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    Thank you Appleinsider for helping to turn this BS into front page F'ing "news"! This makes you as irresponsible, or even more so, than the bonehead who started it.
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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    clayp711 wrote: »
    His homosexuality would explain the company's extreme endorsement as the largest supporter of PRODUCT(RED)

    Shut the **** up.
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    wigbywigby Posts: 692member
    I like to think of Tim Cook's sexual orientation as a new Apple product. We all know about it but he will not say anymore on it other than "we have intense interest in this area."
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    I'm disappointed in that he doesn't dare to come out publicly. He has nothing to worry about, his life, financially, is set. Why doesn't he show himself as a potential role model? Especially when they want to make it seem Apple is such a value-abundant company...

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    r2d2r2d2 Posts: 95member

    I find it fascinating that most of the post here are knee jerk reactions without actually considering what the topic of discussion was. Everyone writing, "SO?" or "Who cares?" or "... doesn't affect his ability to do his job!" are arguing James Stewart's position and not slamming him as they believe they are.


    It seems that Mr. Stewart was under the wrong impression that it was common knowledge that TC was gay (which I mistakenly thought too) and was trying to compliment him for being both open and very effective at his job. It's kind of like being surprised at peoples reaction after calling Hillary Clinton a woman (oh, stop!). She is a woman and she is effective regardless of political beliefs. His whole point is one doesn't cancel out the other - so why should that matter?


    The people making a big deal out of this & should be ashamed are all of the media outlets that are reporting this as news and this includes AI. This whole "kerfuffle" is manufactured and would have gone unnoticed if not for them. Nothing said during that discussion was headline worthy. Nothing!


    But lets not pretend that staying quite and not talking about issues such as this is the best course of action. Progress of any kind will never be made without first having honest and sometimes uncomfortable discussions. Ignorance and education are inversely proportional.

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    sacto joesacto joe Posts: 895member
    I keep thinking about the reaction of people if he stated unequivocably that he's NOT gay. A lot of people would think he was lying....
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    Originally Posted by clayp711 View Post

    His homosexuality would explain the company's extreme endorsement as the largest supporter of PRODUCT(RED)


    Do you really find support of charitable causes to be so inexplicable?

    Why do you need to find an explanation for this one type of cause?

    On what basis do you say this is an "extreme" endorsement? It isn't.  At all.

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    uh......REALLY.......???? you mean there were people who actually did not know he was gay?....i find that VERY hard to as a daisy.........REally??
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