Apple's iOS 8.0.1 update breaks cellular connectivity, Touch ID support for many users



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    I don't get people who jump on an update the second it's released. Would it kill you to wait a day or two? Let a couple million others be guinea pigs. Is it worth the risk grabbing the update RIGHT AWAY when you havent heard a word of feedback about it? Just common sense. Wait 24 hrs. It won't kill you.


    If that's the attitude you had as the CEO of Apple, you would be fired instantly and never get a job in the tech industry again.


    Grow up.

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    It's called Tim Cook.


    Cause Tim Cook personally wrote the code for the 8.01 update, right? Or personally reviewed it? What the **** does he have to do with a 0.01 update? Shouldn't he trust his software guys? Your line or reasoning is non-existent. 


    Please just STFU with your shitty, shitty trolling. Apple is more successful at this moment than any time in their history, and you can chalk that up to Tim Cook. A fucking software glitch (like millions in the past under Jobs) doesnt change that. Stop being a condescending, hateful prick to what is probably the best CEO alive today. Every single one of your posts is completely full of shit, but I guess your irrational, childish, baseless vendetta against Cook is what gets you up in the morning, so have fun with that. What do you want from Apple that Tim Cook is not providing you? It's easy to tear accomplished people down when you've accomplished nothing in your life, like you. 

    Slurpy, you are really a complete idiot. It is tiresome to read the level of personal abuse that you descend to. You are a bottom-feeder. So make an effort to stop being an asshole and learn to be civilized.


    There's no way a rational person can close their eyes to this issue. It shouts from the rooftops that Apple QA fails regularly in major ways. The customers have a right to quality that Apple is simply not delivering. But its worse than that. Apple wants to get into the cardless payment sector in a big way and to do that we need to be able to trust them in areas of security and software validation .. the fact that this fiasco happened at all does not give cause to trust in Apple on security and other issues relating to their obviously deficient QA framework. Get a life !



    Well said.


    The utter idiocy that Slurpy is displaying in his foul-mouthed ramblings has become an embarrassment to AppleInsider.

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