Apple Pay's success has rivals scrambling to catch up, could make PayPal an acquisition target



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    I was about to suggest that you two (@SolipsismY and @Dick Applebaum) get a room....

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    chris_cachris_ca Posts: 2,543member
    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post

    * There are several reasons that iBeacons do not seem appropriate for the Apple Watch:

    1. to recognize iBeacons, the device needs to continuously (or periodically?) run the BLE radio (in the background?)

    2. experience shows that this can place a considerable drain on a small iPhone battery -- likely, even more on the smaller Apple Watch battery

    BLE uses very, very little energy, from as low as .01 watt compared to 1 watt for standard BT (which is one of the main reasons for development).

    All these fitness devices (Fitbit, Misfit, heart rate monitors, etc.) use it and run on a little 2025/2032 watch battery for +6 months.

    I’ve had a Polar heart rate monitor with the original battery since July and it just now is getting low. This is using it at least 10 hrs a week.


    Many iBeacons work off watch batteries and can run continuously for months/years.

    See this ->

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    crowley wrote: »
    Since you're one frickin' data point in the whole payments universe, that's all that matters.

    Got it. Now, go away.
    The frick, dude?

    S/he asked a question, that's all. Why so much hostility?

    Speak for yourself.
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    solipsismy wrote: »
    SolIn your research on the topic, have you found any video demos of Apple Pay using the Apple Watch?

    No, but I also haven't found any video of the sun rising tomorrow despite my assurance that it will happen. :p

    @SolipsismY:  I was attempting to bring a, sometimes contentions, dialog back to a more civil discussion,

    Someone on the Apple Developer Forums mentioned a demo of Apple Pay on Apple Watch.

    My experience on Apple Developer Forms is that you have to be careful not to push too hard -- or you just get ignored.

    I wanted to ask the poster for some specifics of the demo he mentioned ... or at least a link ...

    But I did my own homework, re-watched the September announcement, including Eddie Cue's iPhone 6 Apple Pay demo -- later followed by the entire Apple Watch Announcement. Apple Pay on Apple Watch was mentioned, but not demoed.

    Then, i surfed for alternate sources of an Apple Watch Apple Pay demo ... no luck!

    As a last resort, since yu are quite knowledgeable on the subject -- I asked, here, if you had seen any such demo ...

    I spent over an hour researching the subject.

    I am offended by your flippant response.

    I'm not aware of any Apple Watch Apple Pay demo. I don't believe there has been one yet; just the one with the iPhone.
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    "No need to be rude", dude? Lol. Look at your own post.

    When you felt offended, you resorted to rudeness. Just as I did.
    How was I rude?
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